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1752 PROCLAMATIONS, 1919. under} tble sole exc1psivej1§·£s;lictiog1m<;flB;l;e United States and out o the 'urisdic on 0 any 0 e lgov . _

  • “°°”°‘* ’°' “¢“°‘ NOW, 'BHEREFORE, I WOO ROW_ WILSON, President of

me pm-Wm the United States, by virtuh of the power in me vested,_ do hereby declare proclaim, and make known that Roncador Cay, m the western part of the Caribbean Sea, be and the same is reserved for_l1ghthouse pmposes, such reservation being deemed necessary m the public interests, subject to such legislative action as the Congress of the United States ma take with respect thereto. IN WITNESS WIEEREOF, I h8V%£61'&1;1l`§ set my hand and ca d the seal of the United States to a e . gm this fifth da of June in the year of our Lord one thousand nine humhed and nineteen, and of the Independence of [sun.] the United States the one hundred and forty third. Woonnow Wn.soN By the President: WILLLAM PHILLIPS Ading Secretary ofStatc. ¥¤¤• ¤·*°¤°~ Br rmi Pimsmmer or run Uurrmn Srrarss or Aimarca A PBOCLAMATION H"‘“"°§¥ ““"°“" WHEREAS, it a pears that the public good will be romoted by mP:z=¥>¤¤$ adding certain land? to the Humboldt National Forest? in the State of Nevada and by excluding certain areas therefrom, and restoring _ the public lands m such excluded area in a manner authorized by v°"°*"‘ I"` the Act of Congress approved September thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, entitled‘ Kn Act To authorize the President to provide a mejlmd foril opening lands rwtored from reservation or withdrawal, an or other urposes"• yam Now, therefolfe, , WQCDROW President of the United ’ States of America, ably virtue of the power in me vested by the Act of Congress approv _ March third, eighteen hundred and ninety-one (26 Stat., 1095 , entitled "An Act To repeal timber-culture laws and vt1.s0,p·¤•· for other }{;.1rposes", and also by the Act of Congress approved Jimo fourth, eig teen hundred and mnety-seven (30 Stat., 11 at 34 and 36), Eiititéegd "An A? gSpcrgopnatron§i{pé· gundry civil blxpenbles of e vernmen or e ear en une thirtiet , e` teen hundred and ninety-eight, and gr other &purposes", do proclailih that the_boundar1es of the _ urnboldt Nation _ Forest are hereby changed to include the areas mdicated as additions on the diagram hereto xglinexed and Ifiglrrnirtg a part hereof and to exclude the areas indicated ereon as e ma rons. agi? {mm °°t °‘ The withdrawal made by this proclamation shall, as to all lands which are at this date legally appropriated under the public land laws or reserved for any public purpose, be subilect to, and shall not interfere with or defeat rights under suc appropriation, nor prevent the use for such_pu he urpose of lands so reserved, so long

csms·1;p1l;i;;;pmp¤auon is legally mamtained, or such reservation

nxeruseu lamb re- m · _ mxgggtigrriassae. _ And I do further proclaim and make known that in my judgment it is proper and necessary, m the mterest of equal op rtunity and good administration, that all of the excluded lands sugihct to disposition should be restored to homestead entry in advance of settlement or_ other forms of disposition, and pursuant to the authority geposed in me by the aforesaid Act_ of September thirtieth, nineteen undred and thirteen, I do hereby direct and provide that such lands,