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PROCLAMATIONS, 1920. 1805 BY Tm: Pnnsinmrr or run UNITED Srrxrns or Aumuoa °°‘°"°'°·m°· A PROCLAMATION WTIEREAS the Act of Congress entitled "An A t f th f °““°' S“*‘° Pm of the Custer,State Park Game Sanctuary in thin S(;1d»$660(?‘?|0l¥;g $9 i:mmm' S` Dakota, and for other PUTPOSBSU, approved June fifth, nineteen hun- am, plaéso. dred and twenty, (41 Stat., 986), prov1desj‘that the President of the United States IS hereby authorized to designate as the Custer State Park Game Sanctualiiiy such areas, not exceeding thirty thousand acres, of the Harney ational Forest, and adjominior in the vicinity of the_Custer State Park, in the State of South Da ota, as should, in his opinion, be set aside for the protection of game animals and birds and e recognized as a breeding dplace therefor," and N VZHEPBEASE tg tfltillltycing {ascribed lands within the Hamey a iona ores , u a o a, owitz In Township 2 South, Range 4 East, Black Hills Meridian, all of D°m*P**¤¤— those parts of Sections 22 and 27 lying east of the right-of-wa of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad, N% of Section 35, Sections 23, 24, 25, 26 and 36; Towns ip 2 South, Range 5 East, Black Hills Meridian, 8% of Sections 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, all of Sections 13 to 36 mclusive;1n Townshig 2 South, Range 6 East, Black Hills Meridian, S%Sci€Ct1ODS 7 and 30, W% Sepltipn 21,,1YV% Sl;:1ction§028}a11ii{ 33, all o tions 18, 9, 9,30,31 an 2;in owns 3 ut an e5 East, Black Hills Meridian, Sections 3, 4, 5 andp 6, beiglgess Sian thirty thousand acres, adjoin or are in the vicinity of the ter State °` Park in the State of South Dakota, and in myuojginion should be set asidebfor the prptectipln otf game animals and and be recognized as a reedin ace there or· ‘ NOW, 'l"E§Z¥llEFORE,·I, ,WOODROW WHJSON, President of the Se%°¤;:°@S0ig§g>{g§€_ United States of America, by virtue of the authority in me vested by ma. the aforesaid Act of Congress, do hereby make known and proclaim that all the lands of the United States, described as aforesaid, are hereby designated as the Custer State Park Game Sanctuagl and set aside for the protection of game animals and birds and sh be recognized m a breeding place therefor, and the hunting, trapping, killin , or capturing of any game animals and birds upon said lands is un%awful except ulndgg such reguhaglonsl as may be prescribed from f t fme b t . cretary o r icu ture. ull;} %Vfl`NESS{ WHEREOF, I have}hcr?é1nt3 set my hand and

l th· .al > the United States to >e a xe .

NDONE lixiethei District of Columbia this ninth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and [sem.,] twenty, and of the Irideipendence of the United States the one hundred and forty fth. W W oomzow ILSON By the President: Bamnaincn Connr Secretary of State. Br rm: Pruzsrm-:>rr or Tm: Uxrrnn Srxrias or Amzmca. A PROCLAMATION. WHEREAS, it appears that the public good will be promoted by F;;s,'*{”j$§_ “’*“°““ adding to the Arkansas National orest the northwest quarter of Preamble- Section six (6), Township two (2) South, Range thxrtg0(30) West, and the north half of Section one (1), Township two (2) uth, Range thi1ty·0ne (31) West, 5th Principal Meridian, Arkansas.