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1112 SIXTYSEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. IV. Ch. 24. 1923. ucF&I¢¤;§¤;m=;c¤;i,g>u}•=;=8¤;j BUREAU or ronmon Aim nounsric couumzcn. nimm, mama. Salaries: Director, $6,000; assistant directors—two at $4,000 each, °‘p°'°"""°‘ one $3,500, one $3,000; private secretary, $1,800; ten chiefs of d1v1- sions, at $2,500 each; assistant chief of division, $2,250; chief clerk, $2,250; expert on commerce and finance, $2,000; expert on coinmercial law in foreign countries, $4,000; commercial economist, $2,750; chiefs of sections-——o11e $2,500, one $2,000; translators——one $2,000, one $1,800, two at $1,400 each; ed1tor1al assistant, $2,000; clerks—fourteen of class four, twelve of class three, two at $1,500 each, twenty-two of class two, thirty-tive of class one, twenty at $1,000 each, fourteen at $900 each; two messengers, at $840 each; four assistant messengeps, gt $720 each; laborer, $660; two messenger _ be at $420 each• in a 1 232,510. C°mm°°1°l°t°°°hés’ Uiimmercial attaches: ’F or commercial attaches, to be appointed by the Secretary of Commerce, after examination to be held) under his direction to determine their competency and to be accredited through the State Department, whose duties shall be to investigate and report upon such conditions in the manufacturing industries and trade of foreign countries as may be of interest to the United States; cum, ew. and for the compensation of a clerk or clerks for each commercial attaché at the rate of not to exceed $2,500 per annum for each person so employed, traveling and subsistence expenses of officers for necessary janitor and messenger service rent outside of the District of ·*"**· P- ml- —Columbia, purchase of reports, books of reference, and periodicals, travel to and from the United States, and all other necessary expenses not included in the foregoing; such commercial attachés shall serve directly under the Secretary of Commerce and shall report directly _ mm, ,0 my to him, $225,000: Provided, That not to exceed two commercial atm Deparunent tachés employed under this appropriation may be recalled from their foreign posts gndlassigned for duty in the Department of Commerce without loss o sa a . EPr¤¤¤tipzc¤¤m¤r¤¤. Promoting commlejice, Europe and other areas: For all necessary `"°p°’° °‘ expenses, including investigations in Europe and other areas, pur- ·*""·P·““· chase of documents, plans, specifications, manuscri ts, and all other ublications for the promotion of the commerciai) interests of the United States, rent outside the District of Columbia, to further promote and develop the foreign and domestic commerce of the United _ States, $379,100, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary

’·,¤ me 1,,,, of Commerce: Provided, That not more than $25,000 of the foregoerm. ing sum may be used for personal services in Washington, District

,n*},S§,§;_‘,',;Q§,,f° dm? of Columbia: Provided further, That not more than four trade commissioners employed under this appropriation may be recalled from gieir foreign posts and assigned to duty in the Department of ommerce. ,,£*~§,%°,§_,"%,}_Q’,,§,’,°c‘j,{’°'°‘ District and Cooperative Omce Service: For aH expenses necessary Meinwnanveew- to operate and maintain district and cooperative offices, including personal services in the District of Columbia-and elsewhere, rent outside of the District of Columbia, traveling and subsistence ex- ‘"‘"·""m‘ penses of officers and employees, purchase of necessary furniture and equipment, stationery and supplies, typewriting, adding and computing machines, accessories and repairs, purchase of maps, documents, specifications, manuscripts, and all other publications necesairy foglgheoopfomotion of the commercial interests of the United _ ates, 0, . ,,,K'°’·§§,§§,g€,‘},“,;‘°,§’,_?$ Promoting commerce, South and Central America: To further ¤¤_},,A,:_¤¤¤¤<;=h1 promote and develop the commerce of the United States with South ’p' and Central America, includin the employment of experts and special agents in the District of Columbia and elsewhere, purchase of