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SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 33. 1921. 101 For the maintenance of one automobile truck, $300. • In all, current and ordinary expenses, $235,475. MISCELLANEOUS rrnms AND INCIDENTAL EXPENSES. m°°°u°°°°°°' For commercial periodicals, stationery, and so forth, for the office Tt°°m°r’s°m°°' of the treasurer United States Military Academy, $300. L. hm 1 b For gas coal, oil, candles, and so forth, for operating the gas plant, mfg g' Dum mg' $25,000. For water pipe, glumbirxg, and repairs, $8,000. For material an labor or cleaning and policing public buildings, $6,620. For supplies for recitation rooms not otherwise provided for and for renewing and repairing furnitme in same, $1,000. _ Increase and expense of library, $7,200. L“"`"’· For contingent funds, to be expended under the direction of the *`·°°d°““° b°“"’· academic board: For instruments, books, repairs to apparatus, and other incidental expenses not otherwise rovided for, $500: Provided, {,"u‘j,'§’hg;m_ That all technical and scientific sup lies for the de artments of instruction of the Military Academy shall be purchased) by contract or otherwise, as the Secretary of War may deem best. Bud For the purchase and repair of instruments and maintenance of the umm"' band, $1,500. ‘ For repairs and improvements to the laundry machinery); and so L°““d'Y· forth, which may be expended without advertismg, and to immediately available, $15,325. For ·the repair and Ipurchase of cooking utensils, chairs, an.d_so "“*°“‘°°““· forth, cadét mess, whic may be expended without advertising, to be immediately available $3,000. Pom _ For the policing of barracks and batbhouses $25,000. , mwifmm For supp yinghght and plain furniture to cadets’ barracks, $15,000. ° For the pure ase and re air of cocoa matting for the aisleways in the stables of the riding hall, $300. mmm, wh I For maintaining the children’s school, and so forth, $6,500. Cad th S mw ' For new wooden steps, with handrail, from sidewalk to entrance to ° °°p ° cadet hospital, $250. For painting, two coats, walls, doors, and ceilings of rooms, third floor, cadet hospital, kitchen, dining room, hallway, and three squad rooms, $600. For repair of paint and calcimine ceiling of ward Wheaton, cadet hos ital, damaged by leak in roof, $250. · Flbr removing old air ducts in basement and repairing floor in cadet hos ital, $200. . Ficr repairing and renewing rain conductors around building at cadet hospital, $150. iu For painting walls, ceilings, and woodwork of interior of main and Sud"' Imp ’ annex buildings; ceilings and walls of ograting and dressing rooms to be white enamel or other durable su tance at soldiers} hospital, $2 500. _ _ S . lim- care, upkeep, and mounting of trophies at the United States °"°°"'°p°‘°“‘ Military Academy, $1,000. _ _ F For urchase and repair of fire-extinguishing apparatus, $2,000. "°p'°°°°“°“‘ In ag, miscellaneous items and incidental expenses, $122,195. nnmnmes aim oaormns. ,2,‘§§L{“"" ‘“° For cases, materials, and so forth, ordnance museum in head- ewquarters building, $1,500. _ _ _ _ For repairs to ordnance laboratory and other building to department of ordnance and gunnery, $150. . •