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SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. .Sess. II. Ch. 253. 1922. 751 first class; nine specialists, fifth class; additional pay for qualification in gunnery; additional pay for length of service; m all, $18,285. _ Miscellaneous: Trave allowance due enlisted men on discharge; ,,,'*Q{,°,{°_§‘,‘;,‘;;'{§°;,‘,’gj interest on deposits due enlisted men; warrant officer and two staff ' sergeants, for duty in the Cadet Corps headquarters; two master sergeants; staff sergeant; additional pay for length of service; in all, $15,418. . Civilians: Teacher of music, $2,000; two chief clerks at $1,800 each; iii.v}1’°§F ° designated clerks—one $1,500, six at $1,400 each, two at $1,200 each, six at °”P*°Y°°°· $1,000 each; four clerks and stenographers at $1,200 each; clerk and stenographer to superintendent, $1,500; clerk to the treasurer, $1,800; expert architecturahdraftsman, $2,500; two civilian mstructors of French and two civilian instructors of Spanish, to be employed under rules prescribed by the Secretary of War, at $2,000 each; two expert civilian instructors in fencing, broadsword exercises, and other military gymnastics, at $1,500 each; professional and expert assistant

 instructors in military gymnastics, fencing, boxing, wrestling,
 swimming—two at $2,000 each, one $1,500; librarian, $3,000;

assistant librarian, $1,500; custodian of gynmasium, $1,200; supermtendent of iles works, $1,500; chief engineer of power plant, $2,700; assistant c `ef engineer of power p ant, $1,100; three assistant engineers of power plant at $1,200 each; eight firemen at $780 each; two oilers at $720 each; draftsman, $1,200; mechanic and attendant, $1,200; mechanic assistant, $840; custodian of academy buildmgs, $1,000; electrician, $1,600; chief plumber, $1,600; assistant plumber, $900; plumber’s helper, $600; scavenger, $720; chapel organist and choumaster, $2,000; superintendent of post cemetery, $1,20t(£1:ngineer andljanitor of Memorgl Hafl;;l$9§2f1pHn6(i;ebr, $1,600; assis unter, $ ,100; `anitress emo $ ; master mechanic,P$1,800; clerk arid aphotdgrager, $1,300;’stenographe1s,

  • "’°"L2’°’”’ ““`2i‘%t°z».°°P’2'S$’0‘i»8' ’1i‘b""i“§‘560°’r»'$""°3§‘i*6

opera rs———one , , o a , eac one , o a each; overseer of waterworks, $720; enginedr of steam, electric, and refrigerating apparatus, $1,200; mechanic and attendant, $720; janntor, $600; ookbmder, $1,200; two book sewers at $540 each; skilled pressman, $1,100; charwoman, $480; messenger, $720; in all, mm $106,880: Provided, That the civilian instructors em loyed in the quanpis, em., or depgrtments of inioflerndlpnguages and tactics shall Ee entitled to °i‘"1‘°“"‘""'°“"" u IC uarters, ue , an i t. P In alli pay, Military Aca£my, $1,680,549. All the moneys hereinbefore appropriated for pay of the Military ,,,,£§',',}$‘§‘,°§§,,,,§,‘}{l Academy shall e disbursed and accounted for as pay of the Military Academy, and for that purpose shall constitute one und. MALNTENANGE, Unrmn srarms Murraar acanmrr. ¥**¤'¤¤¤¤°·· CURRENT AND ORDINARY nxrnnsnsz For the nses of the mem- §, - °°°j bers of the Board of Visitors, or so much thereof as may be neces- exim , $750. “§<;ntingenc5es for superintendent cpf tgp! acb:derriyih1$3,80g£dS i¤€tg:,¤_;¤;1s¤¤¢¤¤s.¤¤r¤· pairs an im rovements, nam y: `m r, , o , joists, R¤p•u¤' and rm. Wall strips, laths,Pshingles, slate, tin, sheet lead? zinc, screws, nails, *"°"‘”°“"’· locks, hinges, glass, paints, turpentine, oils, labor, and so forth, $55,000. I blgor fuel and apparatus, namely: Coal, wood, and so forth, including “*='· “•=*·*·¤*°~ a r, $65,000. For gas pipes, gas and electric fixtures, and so forth, $10,000. For uel for cadets’ mess hall, shops, and laundry, $15,000. For postage and telegrams, $1,200. P°°l‘F°·°‘°· For stationery, name y: Blank books, paper, and so forth, $3,500. S“*'°‘*°'Y·