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SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. ou. ass. 1922. 927 PA};. 1560. Cotton and COEUOD W8St6· cotegu mm PAR. 1561. Cryolite, or kryolith. crytuzb. Psa. 1562. Metallic mineral substances in a crude state, and metals ,S,Y.R}g? mw ““p‘ unwrplughit, whether capable of being wrought or not, not specially provide or. PAR. 1563. Curry, and c owder. °"“"'· PAS. 1564. cutt efish toil? P °·**“¤°¤*·· Pan. 1565. Cyanide: Potassium cyanide, sodium cyanide, all °’“'“°°’· cyanide salts and cyanide mixtures, combinations, and compounds containing cyanide, not specially provided for. _ Glaziers’ and engravers’ diamonds, unset; miners’ mf;{‘,§°"'· °‘°·· ‘““’ iamon s. PAR. 1567. Drugs such asbarks, beans, berries, buds, bulbs, bulbous 1mC»i1°du$d§bl°s31'1if$Z roots, excrescences, fruits, flowers, dried fibers, dried insects, grains, herbs, leaves, lichens, mosses, logs, roots, stems, vegetables, seeds (aromatic, not garden seeds), seeds of morbid growth, weeds, and all other drutgls of vegetable or animal origin; all of the foregoing which are natur and uncompounded drugs and not edible, and not specially provided for, and are m a crude state, not advanced in value or condition by shredding, grinding, chipping, crushing, or any other process or treatment whatever beyond t at essential to the proper packing of the drugs and the revention of decay or deterioration pending PWM manufacture: Provided}? That no article containing alcohol shall be Alwholexclusicu. admitted free of duty under this paragraph. V bl _ Pm. 1568. Dyeing or tanning materials: Fustic wood, hemlock ¤,m°f$¤°°°gm,{°,,§1,’Q§,{'}‘ °' bark, logwood, mangrove bark, oak bark, quebracho wood, wattle bark, divi-divi, myrobalans fruit, sumac, valonia, nutgalls or gall nuts, and all artic es of vegetable origin used for dyeing, coloring, staining, or all the pregoing whether crude or advanced in value or condition y shredding, grinding, chippmg, crushing, or any _ sunilzgriu processfedall the foregoing not contaming alcohol and not ·“°"“°‘°‘°"”“"‘· speci y provi or. PAR. 1569. of birds, fish, and insects (except fish roe for food %§°.»q;... _ pur}ploses): P d, That the importation of eiggs of wild birds is ,,§{"“""“"’P’°***** pro 'bnted, except eggs of game birds imported or propagatirigl pu1·· poses under regulations prescribed by the Secretary o Agric ture, and specimens imported for scientific collections. bPA1z. 1570. Emery ore and corundum ore, and crude artificial E"‘°”·°‘°· a rasives. PAR. 1571. Enfleurage greases, floral essences and floral concretes: Fl, °"“¤'“°°'»°‘°· Pravakled, That no artic e mixed or componmded or containing alcohol nwmiuauna. shall be exem ted from duty under this paragra h. PA! 1572. llfans, common galm—leaf, lain and not ornamented or P‘“"‘°°“‘“·°‘°· decorated in any manner, an palm leaf) in its natural state not colored, dyed, or otherwise advanced or manufactured. Pla. 1573. Ferrous sul hate or copperas. °°”“”‘ PAR. 1574. Fibrin, in all forms. m"‘“j PAB. 1575. Fish imported tobeused for purposes other than human N°"°"“"°°“"· consumption. _ PAB. 1576. Fishskins, raw or salted. - gan. 1577. Hints, and Hint stones, unground. Fm; AR. 1578. oss` s. ' PAB. 1579. Furs and fur skins,n0t specially {provided for,undressed. PAB. 1580. Gloves made wholly or in chic value of leather made ‘l°v°°' from hides of cattle of the bovine species. _ Mmm, mms PAR. 1581. Goldbeaters’ molds and go1dbeaters’ skins. ew. _ ’ PAR. 1582. Grasses and fibers: Istle or Tamtpico fiber, jute, jute ‘“" butts, manila, sisal, henequen, sunn, and all 0 er textile grasses or Ebrous vegetable substances, not dressed or manufactured in any manner, and not specially provided for.