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1676 SIXTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II.' Ch. 340. 1922. P¤¤=*¤¤=· Th f S ah M. Cl l d, `d f Alexander B. Cleveland s°nhu'mmmd' late 0(iIC8oIi111l;>(:inyaI`{, Fifth Rir-ngiihlentlvllligiredl States Artillery, and pay · , W1 ow o enjamm . , .»...·.».».. has Pm ra*:.°s3%.P·" ¤*·.;¤“*· . B · ~ E Da., late c(ifnC·dI1ilipliny G? Sixteenllalh I§e%ment Wisgpnsin Voluptper inf d Co K, F` t nt isconsm oun er Cixi;.-K:y,g11d payuhlznrmiiypensiongi the ggtudldf $30 per month. ·'°""“°’*H"'· The name of Jeremiah Hays, late of Company K, Twelfth Regiment ?entucky Volilinteer Infantry, and pay him a PGIISIOD at the 50 t . °¤¤*°B·B*“¤¤¤· mllgliis li fné(£.1'l’l6 B. Billman, widow of Alfred late of Compan H, One hundred and twenty-eighth Regiment Ilennsyl— _ vania Iyolupteer Infangy, and Company A, Seventh Regiment Igennsylvama Vtgitmteer avalry, and pay her a pension at the rate $30 m n PL?,§,,“§,“,l$°}'$;f"‘ 0 The Iiicdlmeoof Lucretia Davy, widow of William A. Davy, late of Company B, First Regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $40 per month m lieu of that she is now §$§’_',{· 8,,,* rwailaufime of Nellie A. Storrs, widow of Hector W. Storrs, late of ` Company E, Twenty-second Regment Connecticut Volunteer Infantry, and pa her a pension at e rate of $30 per month.

 The name of Elizabeth Adams, widow of Jesse Adams late of

Company I, Twenty-second Regiment Kentucky Volunteer Infantry, and a her a on at the rate of $40 per month in lieu of that she is nop liecei pcm] w .

  • “"“°°°m“""· The nam¢~ln§FArviline Gilkison, widow of Henpy Gilkison, late of

Company E, Forty-fifth Regiment Kentucky olunteer Mounted lI§ifan§r5g ang pay her a pension at the rate of $40 per month m ` u t ts eisno receiving.

 6'Fliie najaine of OI8wWllll&IDS, helpless and dependent daughter of

Larkin Wilhams, late of Comfany A, Seventeenth Regiment Kentucky Vpgluuteer Infantry, an pay her a pension at the rate of $20 per mon .

 The name of Celia L. Johnson, widow of Merrill Johnson, late of

Captain Cla.rk’s Independent Cavalry Company Missouri Home Géuaids, alpdpay her a pension at the rate of $40 per month in lieu o t at s e IS now receivin . R'Gmb°°m The name of George R. (`grubaugh, late of Company F, Seventy- second_ Regiment Enrolled Missouri Volunteer Militia, and pay him a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that he is now recenvmg. E The name of Anna E. Short, widow of John H. Short, late of Company B, Eleventh Regiment, and Company H, _N1Dth Regiment, $3e§n1;s;.s<;1<;O\Ii:;>%1unteer Cavalry, and pay her a pension at the rate of “°"°’°'*”°¤- Tlile name of Flora Johnson, widow of Lyman Johnson, late of Company G, First Regiment Michigan Volunteer Light Artillery, and mmm mm payh er a pensfigp at tEe EET of $310 perfripnth. Huff I {C0 ‘ ‘ enameo aria . ,_w1 owo , te m any C, 'I`h1rteentgReg1mept gdichigan V<g1unt;11l"lInfantry·,‘an(il pay llier ¤· _ pension at e rate o 3 0 er m . S°”M`u°°°“'“°k‘ The name of Sarah J. §CCOI'1`l)1?Ck, widow of John McCormick, late of Company E,_S1xty~iirst Regiment Illinois Volunteer Infantry, _ smh and pay her a {pension at the rate of $30 er month. ‘ The name o Emelme Smith, widow ofp George W. Smith, late of Company A, Seventtteiilith Regig-mg Iowa Vpllunteer Infantry, and pa er a pension a e rate 0 3 ermon . S°°hy mm The name of Sophy Lilley, widow ofp Charles Lilley, late of Company H, Eighth Regiment New York Volunteer Heavy Artillery, and