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2004 UNIVERSAL POSTAL UN ION——Novmmr.n 30, 1920. Pour Za Rourm1.mZe.· Pour Za Suisse: D. G. Mnnmnsco. Mnucorrr. Eve. Bouxnanrx. F. Boss. Pour Ze SaZ·vador.· Pour Za TohécosZo·vagu1k:: Isuanr. G. Funnrns. Dr. ();l`0KAR RB‘2roKA. Pour Ze Terruoire de Za Sarre: VAGLAV KUGERL DOUARCHE- Pour Za Tumlsies Pour Ze Royaume des Serbes Oroates GERARD JAPY. et Slmzénes: A. Bnnnanar. DRAG. Dnnrmrnvrrorr. pm"- la Tuyquiy S. P. TOUTOUNDJITCh. MEHMEWAH Dr. FRANYA Pavnrrcn. , ' Cosra Znyranovrron. PWM UTWWI?/· Pour Ze Royaume de Smm: AD°LF° A°°m°· PERA SANPAKITCH PREECHA_ Pour les EtGt8· de I787I€Z'lL€lG: Pour za Suéde: PEDRO-EMILI0 COLL. Jumus Jtmnm. £nE»OSSE`_ Tnomu Wmvnovrsr. ‘ Pour copie certinée conforms Le Sous-secrétaxire d’Eta.t. E. nn Panacxos. Approval ti rm- Having examined and considered the provisions of the aforeioing mma Convention signed at Madrid on the thirtieth day of November, . D. 1920, revisinv the Universal Postal Convention which was concluded in Rome on the twenty-sixth day of May, A. D. 1906; the same is by me, by virtue of the powers vested by law in the Postmaster Gener , hereby ratified and approved, by and with the advice and consent of the President of the nited States, except the provision of Article 3, Paragraph 3, and Article 25, Paragraph 1, last sentence, respectively, each of which reads as follows: rmgmpnsexcapred. "The high contracting parties undertake not to impose, on postal ,,,,,,,,,_ ,9·,3_ grounds, special obligations on packets emqlyoyed in regular mail services and maintained by a country of the nion, in exchange for advantages and privileges which may exist or be established in favor of any c ass of merchant ships, especially as regards the formalities and arrangements on entering or leaving port." .4¤¢.,p.1wv. "If one of the Offices concerned does not take any action on a roposal for arbitration within 12 months from the day following the gate of the first application, the International Bureau, on a request to that effect, may call on the defaulting Administration to appoint an arbitrator, or may aipgoint one officia y." In witness whereo , have caused the seal of the Post Omce Depart- {pent of the United States to be hereto aiiixed, this 31st day of Decemer, 1921. [sean] Wu.L. H. Hays, Postmaster General. Appmvsi by me I hereby approve the above mentioned Convention, with the excep- P'°’“’°“°‘ tion of the provisions of Articles 3 and 25, recited in the ratification of the Postmaster General, which are not approved and ratified by the Government of the United States, and in testimony thereof have caused the seal of the United States to be hereto aiiixed. [san,.] Wummv G. Hannmo By the President: Cmuzuzs E. Huozms Secretary of State. Wasmnzcrox, January 23, 1922.