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2086 UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION-Novnmsrm 30, 1920. Pour Za Suede; Pour Za TumIs1Ze: Jem. Jem. Gémb JM- THORE WENNQVWL A. Baumer. Pour la Turgute. Pour la Suisse: Miumian-A1.1. MENG0·;·u_ Pour l’ Uruguay: F. Boss. A1>01.Fo Aoomo. A Q. . _ Pour les Etats- Umls de Venezuela: PW', za T lgmqum PEDBO—EMH.I0 001.1.. Dr. Oroxaiz RUEIUKA. Bimonné. Viouv Kvonmx A. Posse. Pour copie certiiiée conforme. Le Sousweerétatre d’Etat, · E. nn Pamoroe. -*,g$§¤"Ymm,“'° H ving examined and considered th revisions of the afo o` P fiugluprotocol to the Regulations signgdp at Madrid on the day of November, A. D. 1920, relative to the Universal Postal Convention of Madrid, signed the same day, the same is b me, by virtue of the powers vested by law in the Postmaster (general, hereby ratihed and approved bg and with the advice and consent of the President of the United tates. In witness whereof I have caused the seal of the Post Office Department of the United States to be hereto aiiixed this 31st day of December, A. D. 1921. [sman.] W11.1.. H. Hare, Postmaster General. !,,·*,P,g'°',, “ bi “’° I he by a prove the above—mentioned final rotocol to the L Regu1at§>ns, aiid in testimony thereof have causedp the seal of the United States to be hereto amxed [emu.,] Wnuum G. Hannmc By the President: Cnmuzs E. Hvomzs, Secretary of State. Wasmimrox, January 23, 1922.