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2110 rancnr. rosr CONVENTION—-SIAM ARTICLE XII. $irS;•;g* ¤'°*°l¤¤ mba 1. Missent parcels shall be immediately returned to the dispatching ' office of exchange. Attention shall be called to the error by means of a bulletin of verification. _ mmbmty ’° d°“'°'· 2. If a parcel can not be delivered as addressed, or is refused, 1t must be returned without charge, directly to the dispatching office of exchange, at the expiration of thirty days from its receipt at the office of destination, and the country of origin may collect from the sender for the return of the parcel a sum equal to the postage when first mailed. °rQg§_;_¤‘;°,Q“'°‘"°°*°d 3. Parcels redirected from one country to the other, or parcels returned at the sender’s re uest, incur a sup lementary charge on .4¤u,p.zios. the basis of the rates fixed by Article V, which may be collected in advance or on delivery, as convenient. Parcels forwarded from one address to another in the country of destination are subject to such additional charges as the domestic regulations of that country _ H0 mobs prescribe. _ _ me eaiwei. 4. Articles which it has not been possible to dehver and which are liable to deterioration or corruption may, however, be sold immediately, without previous notice or legal ormality, for the benefit of the person entitled thereto, the particulars of the sale being reported by one Administration to the other. The proceeds of the sale shall be devoted to paying the char es on the parcel; the remainder, if any, shall be sent to the office 0% origin to be paid to the sender. If V for any reason a sale is impossible the spoilt or worthless articles are destroyed or handed over to the customs. ,f“g§’,,°‘§,§’t§°*b'f,'“cg’;’,; 5. With the reservation that the formalities prescribed for Admin- ¤¤l&r istrative reasons by the Administrations concerned be complied with, the customs duties on arcels which have to be sent back to the country of origin or redirected to a third country shall be canceled both in the United States and in Siam. ARTICLE XIII. l¤ff’@{“’°“’”“""“ Neither of the contracting Administrations will be responsible for the loss or damage of any parcel, consequently no indemnity can be claimed by the sender or addressee in either country. ARTICLE XIV. E¤¤¤¤&¤¤¤¤¤¤- 1. The sti ulations of the resent Convention ap l exclusively to the articles fierein mentioned? mailed in or destined) for Siam on the one side and the United States and its island possessions on the other side, and dispatched on the one side to Hongkong from the offices of San Francisco, Seattle, and such other offices in the United States as may be designated hereafter by the Postmaster General of the United States, and on the other side to the offices of San Francisco and Seattle by the office of Ban kok or such other offices as may be subsequently designated by thegDirector General of Posts and Telegraphs of Siam. ap_pum;i·m_ or do- 2. The internal legislation of both the United States and Siam shall ’”°“°‘°!°°°1“"°°‘ remain applicable as regards everything not provided for by the stipulations contained in the present Convention. §g•gii§><*¤i$gm€gL\w;; 3. T he Postal Administrations of the two contracting parties shall ‘§’,,m p°° communicate to each other from time to time the provisions of their laws or regulations applicable to the conveyance 0 parcels by parcel _ p post. e,§°g““*'·‘°“ °“’°°°*"» 4. They shall regulate the mode of transmission of parcels and fix all other measures of detail and order necessary for insuring the