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2188 PARCEL POST CONVENTION-—S·msrrs Sm·rr.mmm·s. Form 2. Fou 2. PARCEL POST. A parcel addremed as under has been posted here this day. ' Omoo I stamp. This certificate is given to inform the sender of the posting of a parcel and does got indicate that any liability in respect of such parcel attaches to the Postmaster enera . F°¤¤3· Foam 3. ”'?.$gi’ie'§£¤‘}i§,“0§t“R‘.l°”° Pmh mm ”“‘°¤§£§T.?;§,€¤E’%°¤5i°c°€}'“‘ for , ZZZZZZZZZZZZZIZZZZ I Parcel Bill No. daged . . .. , 1 . . per S. S .

  • * Sheet No.

Eiéiiy °,§§€’;‘;;" ’§;‘.§“$2.‘T‘ .‘*§’.‘}',:.*?i.°‘l £.%':.f&¥ ”$l§° ‘ N,;‘e.;’$£‘$?* Rsmm- 1 ___._ _.  !i_ i_.._ .i ‘ l l i i i I * ‘ 1 1 l T , l__ ___s____ i I Totals *

  • When more than one sheet is required for the entry of the parcels sent by the

mail, it will be sufficient if the undermentioned particulars are entered on the last sheet of the parcel bill. Total No. of parcels sent by mail to . Total weight of mail ,... lbs. . .,. Deduct weight of receptacles lbs. Number of boxes or other receptacles Net weight of parcels ... lbs. forming the mail _ Signature of despatching official at Signature of receiving ofHcial at .. post office. .. post office.