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. CLAIMS AGREEMENT—GERMANY—AUcUsr 1o, 1922. 2203 _ The decisions of the commis- _Die Entscheidungen der Korn- “'““*Y °‘d°°“i°““· sion and those of the umpire (1n mission umd d1e es Unparte1— case there may be any) shall_be ischeu (falls solche vorkommen accepted as final and binding sollten) sollen als endgultig und upon the two Governments. fiir die beiden Regierungen bmdend angenommen werden. ARTICLE VII. Artikel VII. The present agreement shall Dieses Abkommen soil am sigfx§•j°“'° ‘”"°” come into force on the date of its Tage derUnterze1chnung1n Kraft signature. treten. _ _ IN Farm Wnnnnor, the above Zu Urkund dessen haben d1e S'¤”¤*°’°*- named plenipotentiaries have obengenannten Bevollmitchtigten signed the present agreement das vorhegende _Abkommen 1111- and have hereunto amxed their terzeichnet und 1hI`6 Siegel be1ge— seals. _ _ ffigt. _ _ Done 111 duplicate at Berlin Ausgefertigt _ in doppelter Urthis tenth day of August 1922. schrift in Berhn am 10. August 1922. [snare] [sean.] ALANSON B. HoUcm·oN. A1.ANsoN B. HOUGHTON. [san,.] [sun,.] Wmm. Wmru. [EXCHANGE or NOTES.] E""'“°¤°°‘“°““· [The German Chancellor to the American Ambassador at Berlin.] [ Translation.] Foreign Oilce. No. III A 2451. Berlin, August 10, 1922. Mr. Ambassador In reply to your kind note of June 23, 1922, I have the honor to state to your Excel- w{§,.°}° G°""’° Cha"` lency as ollowsz The German Government is in agreement with the draft of an agreement communicated to it in the note mentioned, now that some changes in the text have been agreed upon with your Excellency. I have the honor to transmit herewith the draft modified accordingly. From the numerous conferences which have taken place with your Excellency, the German Government believes itself justified in assuming that it is not the intention of the American Government to insist in the proceedings of the Commission upon all the claims contemplated in the Versailles Treaty without exception, that it in particu— lar does notinteml to raise claims such as those included in Paragraphs5 to 7 of nnex 1 of Article 244 of the Versailles Treaty (claims for reimbursement of military pensions paid by the American Government, and of allowances paid to American prisoners of war or their families and to the families of persons mobilised) or indeed claims going beyond the Treaty of August 25, 1921. The German Government would be grateful if your Excellency would confirm the correctness of this assumption. In the view of the German Government it would furthermore be in the interest of both Governments concemed that the work of the Commission be carried out as quickly as possible. In order to insure this it might be expedient to fix a period for the reporting of the claims to be considered by the Commission. The German Government,

  • therefore, proposes that the Fommission should consider only such claims as are

brought before it within at least six months after its first meeting as provided in Article Ill of the above—named agreement. I should be obliged to your Excellency for a statement as to whether the American Government is in agreement herewith. At the same time I take advantage of this occasion to renew to you, Mr. Ambassador, the assurance of my most distinguished consideration. Wrnm. 42150°—v0L 42, rr 2——42