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PROCLAMQATION S, 1922. 2261 Br rim Prznsrnimr or rim Umrmn Sums or Anmmoa A PROCLAMATION. Whereas, an Act of Congress, entitled the "Merchant Marine Act of 1920, " approved June 5, 1920, contains the following provisions: Sec. 21. That from and after February 1, 1922, the coastwise $‘,§,_"f,“’l·*;_¥%,§,,°f'*"°°’· laws of the United States shall extend to the island Territories and ' possessions of the United States not now covered thereby, and the card rs directed prior to the expiration of such year to have established adequate steamship service at reasonable rates to accommodate the commerce and the passenger travel of said islands and to maintain and operate such service until it can be taken over and operated and maintained upon satisfactory terms by private capital and enterprise: Provided, That if adequate shipping service is not established by February 1, 1922, the President shall extend the period herein allowed for the establishment of such service in the case of anfy island Territory or possession for such time as may be necemary or the establishment of adequate shi ing facilities therefor: Provided, further, That until Congress shailp have authorized the registry as vessels of the United tates of vessels owned by the Philippine Islands, the Government of the Philippine Islands is here y authorized to adopt, from time to time, and enforce regulations governing the transportation of merchandise and passepgers between orts or places in the Philippine Archipelago; A ¤“provi¢Zed£1.rt£er, That the foregoing provisions of this sectron sh not ta effect with reference to the Philippine Islands until the President of the United States after a full mvestigation of the local needs and conditions shall, by proclamation, declare that an ade uate shipping service has been established as herein provided and fix a date for the going into effect of the same. And whereas, an adequate shipping service to accommodate the V°'·”»P·°°"· commerce and passenger travel to the V¥in Islands has not been Established as provided by Section 21 o the "Merchant Marine ct o 1920 ": NOW THEREFORE, I Warren G. Harding, President of the foresiablrshlng United States of America, acting nmder and by virtue of the authority mSY.$€0”§;'Xy°$,°Yb2$_" conferred on me by Section 21 of said Act of Conggess, do hereby }",_*}'.;*;,i,{’,{,’,,,"{;,,_,,,_ declare and proclaim that the period for the estab hment of ade- ’ uate shipping service to the aforesaid Virgin Islands be extended grom Febru 1, 1922 to May 1, 1922. _ AND INAXSYMUCH as the extension of the coastwise laws of the ',§_¤,;¤;§;¤¤d_?:rrgg¤{*; United States to the aforesaid V? Islands, as provided in Section my 1,1922. 21 of the aforesaid Act, is depen ent upon the establishment of an P""·*’*"”l°*m7‘ ade uate shipping service to such island possessions, I do hereby furtiher roclaim and declare that the extension of the coastwise laws of the Uigikted States to the Virgin Islands is deferred from February 1, 1922 to a 1, 1922. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set may hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. _ DONE at the city of Washington this 1st day of February in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and twenty- [sun.] two, and of the lndependenceof theUnited States of America the one hundred and forty-sixth.W G Annnx . mc. By the President: Cnanms E. Hucmas Secretary of State.