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2270 PRocLAMAT1oNs, 1922. Islands be extended from February 1, 1922 to Mag 1, 1922, and that the extension of the coastwise laws of the United tates to the aforesaid Virgin Islands be deferred from February 1, 1922 to May 1, 1922, do hereby declare and proclaim that the period for the esta lishment of adequate shippingvpervice of the aforesaid Virgin Islands be further extended from ay 1, 1922 to November 1, 1922. , m,'g;'{m,df AND INASMUCH as the extension of the coastwise laws of the lm. United States to the aforesaid Viiégin Islands, as provided in Section $_§’,‘;·I§f·22§’,*; 21 of the aforesaid act, is depen ent upon the establishment of an ade uate shipping service to such island possessions, I do hereby furtgierlproclaim and declare that the extension of the coastwise laws of the nited States to the Virgin Islands is deferred from May 1, 19ii1tivii°Nv°Essmb°r 1, I h h h d WHE ave ereunto set my an and caused the seal of the United States to be ailixed. DONE at the City of Washington this eighteenth day of May in the year of our Lor , One thousand nine hundred and [emu"] twenty-two, and of the Independence of the United States of America the one hundre and forty-sixth. WARREN G Hannme By the President: ` Cnaxms E. Huomis Secretary 1y' State.

 BY ·rn:m PRESIDENT or rms Unrrnn Sryms or Ammuca.

V A PROCLAMATION. “P°"°“Q · _ WHEREAS section ninety-one of the Act of Congress a d V0}-$$,%.159. April thirtietlf, nineteen hundred, entitled "An Act to prgixiigga V government for the Territory of Hawaii" (31 Stat., 141-159), as ‘°'·“"’P- **7- amendedlpy sieicigon Seven (of téhe Act approved May twenty-seventh, nineteen un e an ten 36 tat., 443 447) authorizes th t f of the title to certain Ipublic property ceded, and transfengdrtldlislig W 30 750 United States by the egublic 0 Hawaii under the joint resolution · ·P· · of annexation, approved uly seventh, eighteen hundred and ninety· ilight (30 Stat.,17 %0), and in the possession and use of the Territory of awaii, to said erritory; an WHEREAS, on the twentieth day of May, nineteen hundred and four, G. Carter, Governor of Hawaii, acting ursuant to the authority contained in section ninety-one of the got of April thirtieth, nineteen hundred, issued a proclamation settm aside certain lands therein described constituting a part of the old Iionolulu Post Office site, the buildings thereon and the furniture and fixtures therein contained, "for the uses and pur oses of the United States", and WHEREAS, the lands and) buildings, etc., described in said rocgmatilog are no longer needed for the uses and purposes oip the nite tates, and VVHEREAS, such lands and buildings, etc., are desired b the Government of the Territory of Hawaii to be used to properly house its departments and may be advantageously used for such purpose Tim cmd Hmmm by the people of the Territory of Hawaii, pts: eases me, em? Now, therefore, I, WARREN G. HARDING, President of the

 °° °h° TH- United States of America, by virtue of the ower vested in me by section seven of the Act of Co ess approved May twenty-seventh nineteen_hundred and ten (36§rat., 443, 447), do hereby transfer to the

Territory of Hawaii the title to the lands and buildings thereon and fixtures therein contained, referred to in the proclamation of the