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2284 PROCLAMATIONS, 1922. p ot to exceed one-half of the other coal lands m Alaska,

 tg-nih]; offering of the unreserved lands for coal leasing in said

V°*· *°»P·1"“· ei-ill? D, WHEREAS b proclamation heretofore issued there has been reserved 1560 acres in &e Nenana field under authority of said act; sé}v(£iii?&°`i¤]{•°:•gséur: NOW, therefore, I, Warren G. Harding, President of the United

  • “N“““”“°°m· States of America, under and by virtue of said statute, dohereby

designate and reserve from use, location, sale or d1s¥s1tion the following described land in the Nenana coal field m the emtory of to wit: Alaska, Fairbanks Base and Meridian T. 12 S., R. 7 W., Sec. 21, SE} Sec. 22, S} Sec. 23, SW}, W-}, SE}. IN WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be aflixed. _ Done at the City of Washington this fourth day of August, m the year of our Lord one thousand mne hundred and twenty- [smm.] two, and of the Independence of the United States the one ` hundred and forty-seventh. Wamznu G Hannmc By the President: Crmmns E. Hucmcs Secretary of State. sqa¤mmm,m22, BY mm Pnnsmnwr or Tnn Uurrmi Srxms or Ammuoa. A PROCLAMATION. g"g,{°,'b$§F“*i°”°"‘ It has become a nationwide custom to observe October 9, anniversary of the great Chicago fire_of 1871, as National Fire Prevention Day; and in recognition of this excellent precedent, I am herewith directing the attention of all citizens, especially those in authority in the states and cities, to the desirability of continuing the observance this ear and making it as impressive as possible. It has long been a reproach to our coimtry that by reason of oor construction inadequate facilities for fire prevention, and an allptoo general careiessness about possible causes of conflagration, our hre waste reaches figures ylear after year which are not approached in any other country in the world. Mindful of the fire waste which is expressed in figures so huge as to be appalling, it may be emphasized that in a time when all communities need to conserve resources in hand and to romote production in every possible way, there ought to be especial eiiort to minimize such losses. To this end, S_.,f‘,§,,’§",‘Q,*,,{°}`,c§",,,‘§,,§’*§; Therefore, I, Warren G. Harding, President of the United States, 1922,** appeal to the public authorities of the country, by such measures as to them may seem most effective, and to citizens generally, to take steps for the observance of Monday, October 9, as Fire Prevention Da . I suggest the special desirabilit of impressing upon the teachers an<l7 pupils in the schools, and all worlirers in industrial establishments, the implortance of precautionary measures for avoidance of fires. By suc measures, earnestly undertaken and vigorously enforced, we shall contribute to a vast economy of the national resources and of the product of human effort ; as well as to a saving of many hundreds of human lives now needlessly sacrificed.