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2290 ‘PROCLAMATIONS, 1922. It is gratifying to know that in a time when public burdens have lain very heavy upon the peo(ple there has been everywhere a determined purpose to maintain e ucation unimpaired, m order that the coming eneration may be equipped, regardless of sacrifices m the presentfcior the increasing res onsibilities which 1t must bear. " Without vision the peoplg perish". Without education, there can be little vision. Of education it ma be said that "It is twice blest: it blesseth him' that `ves and that takes". It will be greatly worth the effort as an incident to the observance of Education Week, we can im ress this thought upon the young manhood and womanhood of iihe Nation and redirect their interest and patriotic zeal to the idea of making a proper contribution to educational work. It is regrettable that so few young men and women, equipped for such service, are nowadays disposed to give their time an talents to teaching. Education needs their youth, eagerness, zeal and enthusiasm. There is no school of discipline more effective than that in which the teacher goes to school. We could do no {Eater service than by convincing t ose young men and women who ve enjoyed educational opportunities, that they owe a 1'iehasonable slharedof their ti1qet;11nd}pnergie$V1tfpatleaching. h e strengt an securit 0 e ation wa rest in the intelligent body of its peopie. Our education shouldys implant conceptions of public duty and private obligation broad enough to envisage the problems of a greatly distraught world. More than anythirf else, men and women need the capacity to see with clear eye an to contemplate with open, unprejudiced mind, the issues of these times. On ly through a properly motivated and generously _ _ msfnired process of e ucation can this be accomplished. be§°3*$§*;f*g0D,;•g¤,§,{ nl vievsghthen, lpf iihgse ang many otlignconsidefigions, I lgegebly served_as American proc aim e wee o ecem er 3-9 as erican ucation ee , E°““°°° W°°k` Ecqntrgiending tphthe apppqpriate national, state and local authorities a ey give -611: cor 1 su port an coo eration to makin its observance inspu·ational and Ibeneficial. Cilvic organizations gand relggxous b0d1es may render special service by their cooperation; an particularly 1t IS recommended that parents enlist themselves ur be alf of closer understanding between the school and the home, m2*=.**a.i.“gisas£.»11a·z;:.*‘.&.a&2f¤.h¢2SS· » TNESS WHEREOF I have gereiqgptodset my hand and caused the seal of the United htates to e a xe . DONE at the City of Washinjgton, this 20th da of November, in the year of our Lor , One Thousand Nine Hundred and [smn.] 'l\venty-two, and of the Independence of the United States the One Hundred and Forty-seventh. WARREN G Han By the President: DWG Cmanas E. Hucmcs Secretary of State.