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2296 PROCLAMATION S, 1923.

 BY run Pmszsmzanr or run Uivrrnn Srxras or Aimnrca

A PROCLAMATION $,@,f'¤**°¤*' F°'· WHEREAS, it appears that certain lands within the area described fmmuia in the Act of Congress approved March first, one thousand nine hun- V°l'°""“°°‘ dred and twenty-one (41 Stat., 1199), which have been found under the terms of said act to be chiefly valuable for the dproduction of timber or the rctecticn of stream flow, should be a ded to the Lemhi National Fgrest, in the State of Idaho; and WHEREAS, it a pears that certain lands heretofore forming part of said Forest slliould be excluded therefrom and the public lands subject to disposition therein restored in the manner authorized by V°*· **-1***- Public Resolution Number Twenty-nine of February fourteenth,

  • ""’·P·”8· ninetieen hrmdred and tweréty, as amended 21ystPublic Reicluglgg

num er 'I`hn·ty' -six, a prove anuary twenty- nineteen un and twenty-two (42 Sizat., 358); B°°”"“"°°¤°"°°d· Now, Therefore, I, WARREN G. HARDING, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the power in me vested by the v.,;,m,,,,m_ aforesaid Act of Con§ress, entitled, "An Act To add certain lands to the Lemhi National crest, Idahc", and also bg the Act of Congress approved June fourth, one thousand eight hun ed and ninety-seven (30 Stat., 11, at 34 and 36), do lproclarm that the boundaries of the Lemhi National Forest are here y changed to include the areas indicated as additions on the diagram hereto annexed and forming a. part hereof and to exclude the areas indicated thereon as eliminations. “};‘,9•{,f‘¤““·°*°··“°* The withdrawal made b this proclamation shall, as to all lands which are at this date legallgr approjariated under the (public land laws or reserved for any public [Lurpcse, e subject to, an shall not interfere with or defeat legal rig ts under such appropriation, nor prevent the use for such pub c purpose of lands so reserved, so long as such ppprepriation is egally maintained, or such reservation remains in orce. q,§,’;§"}‘§°§x},Q,';fc§ And do further and make known that pursuant to the g{¤3a¤fW¤¤¤ WN wr aforesaid Resolutions, rt is hereby ordered that the surveied public y°' lands m the excluded areas, subject to valid rights, shall e opened only to_entry rmder the homestead and desert—land laws by ualified ex—serv1ce men of the War with Germany, under the terms anlll conditicnslpffsaid resolutipns agd the regulaltions issued $ereunder, for a perio o ninety-one ays, e nin wit the sixt —t d da from and

,,,_*° “’° after the date hereof, and tgdlieafgar any of saidy land remhining unentered together with the rmsurve ed lands excluded hereb will

become subject to appropriation undydr any public land law a plircable @"§,?,,,m ,,,5,,, Mthereto by the general public: Provided, that the rights of tihe State Idgligy g,¤=;%s·><1- of Idaho under the (provisions of the Act of Congress a proved March ` ‘ third, one thousan eight hrmdred and ninety-three (27 Stat., 592) shall not be abridged in so far as any of the ex uded lands are affected thereby. _ Unsurveyed lands are not subject to the lprovisions of said act but, in the absence of a prior valid adverse rig t, the preference accorded the State of Idaho thereby, where the township has been surveyed and the plat thereof filed while the lands were reserved for forestry purposes, will attach immediately upon the restoration of such land to selection and entry under the general land laws of the United States, as herem provided, and continue for sixty days. Subsequent to the date hereo and prior to the said date of restoration to general disposition no rights may be acqhuired to the excluded lands by settlegient iphadvance of entry, or otherwise except strictly in accordance erewr . FHM ¤¤¤¤¢=¤¤¤# Pros ctive applicants ma , durin the 61'l0d of twent da m` precedrlrlfg the date on which the landsihall bldcome subject toyentgd