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LIST OF PRIVATE ACTS AND RESOLUTION OF CONGRESS. IX Page. Eldredge a·ng3Mas0n. An Act For the relief of Eldnedge and Mason, of Malone, New York. March 1798 4, 19 Jacob Dktch. An Act For the relief of Jacob Dietch. March 4, 1923 ... 1799 Estella W. Dougherty. An Act For the relief of Estelle. W. Dougherty. March 4, 1923 ... 1799 Army, credits to dnhbursing 0{lcers. An Act To allow credits in the accounts of certain disbursing officers of the Army o the United States. March 4, 1923 .. 1799 Alike Loeber. An Act For the relief of Alice Loeber. March 4, 1923 .. . . 1801 August Nelson. An Act For the relief of August Nelson. March 4, 1923 1801 Amervkzan Trust Company. An Act For the relief of the American Trust Company. March 4, 1923. 1802 Miles J. Davis. An Act Authorizing the issuance of patent to the legal representatives of Miles J. Davis, deceased. March 4, 1923 . ,.. . ... 1802 Robert E. Wgche. An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to sell and patent certain lands to Ro ert E. W che, a resident ofCaddo Parish, Louisiana. March 4, 1923 ... 1802 New York State Fair Cxommission. An Act For the rehef of the New York State Fair Commission. March 4, 1923 . ... 1 . 1803 Harriet B. Castle. An Act Granting six months’ pay to Harriet B. Castle. March 4, 1923 1803 Duquain, Ill. An Act To authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to sell a portion of the Federal building site in the city of Ducgioin, Illinois. March 4, 1923 .. 1803 Hugh Marshall Montgomery. An Act or the relief of Hugh Marshall Montgomery. March 4, 1923. 1803