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LIST OF PUBLIC ACTS AND RESOLUTIONS. X111 Page. Engraving and Printing Bureau Director. Joint Resolution Authorizing the President to detail an oiiiiccr of the Corps of Engineers as Director of the Bureau of Engraving and Printin and for other purposes. May 31, 1924 . - .. 252 Colorado National gdorest. An Act To transfer certain lands of the United States from the Rocky4 Mountain National Park to the Colorado National Forest, Colorado. June 5 2, 192 ._. - 2 2 Blackfeet Indians allotments. An Act To provide for the disposal of homestead allotments og dloceascd allottecs within the Blackfoot Indian Reservation, Montana. Juno 2, 252 1 2 .. Cheyenne and Ara aha Indians, Okla., final roll. An Act T0 provide for tho addition of the names of ghostor Calf and Crooked Nose Woman to the final roll of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Indians, Se or jurisdiction, Oklahoma. June 2, 1924 ._...,., 253 Citizenship to Indians. An Act $I`o authorize the Secretary of the Interior to issue certificates of citizenship to Indians. June 2, 1924 ... ;--; ..., 253 Revenue Act of 1.924. An Act To reduce and equalize taxation, to provide revenue, and for other purposes. Junc 2, 1924 .. - ..,.. 253 Bridge, Niagara River and Black Rock Caml. An Act Granting the consent of Congress to tho gggitruction of a bridge across the Niagara River and Black Rock Canal. Juno 3, 355 Dam, Tallahatchie River. A11 Act Granting the consent of Congress to tho Panola.-Quitman Drainage District to construct, maintain, and operate a dam in Tallahatchie River. Juno 3, 1924 . - .. 355 Postal service, mail messengers, etc. An Act Authorizing the Postmaster General to contract for mail messenger service. June 3, 1924 . - 356 Plumas and Lassen National Forests, Calif. An Act To add-certain lands to the Plumaa and to the Lassen National Forests in California. Juno 3, 1924 - . 356 Red Lake I ndians, Minn. An Act Authorizing payment to certain Red Lake Indians, out oggge tribal trust funds, for garden plats surrendered for school-farm use. June 3, 357 Columbia Indian Reservation, Wash., lands. An Act To authorize acquisition of unroscrvod public lands in the Columbia or Moses Reservation, State of Washington, under Acts of March 28, 1912, and March 3, 1877, and for other June 3, 1924-- 357 Point of Woods Range Lights, Mich. An Act Authorizing the rotary of Commerce to exchange land formerly used as a site for the Point of Woods Range Lights, Michigan, for other lands in the vicinity. Juno 3, 1924- -...----.--...-...-..-.--.-.----.- 357 District of Columbia, Grand Army of the Republic. An Act For the incorporation of the Grand Army of the Republic. June 3, 1924 --... - ---.---...---.-.--..._..--...- 358 Distnkzt of Columbia, Inland Waterways Corporation. An Act To create the Inland Waterways Corporation for the purpose of carrying out the mandate and purpose of Congress as expressed in sections 201 and 500 of the Trausporation Act, and for other purposes. June 3, 1924 -------.--.----.--.--..---...----_-.---.--..- 360 National Defense Act, 1.916, amendments. An Act Providing for sundry matters affecting the Military Establishment. June 3, 1924 ..--..-.-.---..--.--.---...-.-..- 363 Wichita, etc., Indians Okla., claims. An Act Authorizing the Wichita and affiliated bands _ of Indians in Oklahoma to submit claims to the Court of Claims. June 4, 1924 ..-- 366 District of Columbia public school teachers, etc. An Act T0 amend the Act entitled "An Act to fix and mgulato the salaries of teachers, school officers, and other employees of the Board of Education of the District of Columbia," approved June 20, 1906, as amended, and for other purposes. June 4, 1924- .----..-.-.--.-----.-..---.--.----...--- 367 "Albanq," U. S. cruiser, silver service. An Act Authorizing the Secretary of the Navy, in lus discretion, to deliver to the custod§_ of the Albany Institute and Historical and Art Society of the city of Albany, New ork, the silver service which was presented to the United States cruiser Albany by citizens of Albany New York. June 4, 1924-- 375 Bridge, M onemgahela River. An Act Granting the consent of Congress to the commissioners of Fayette and Greene Counties, Penns lvania, to construct a bridge across the gggongahola River near Masontown, ¥’ayettc County, Pennsylvania. Juno 4, -..--.-.-.---... - --.--.-----------.-.-..--.------.-..-.-... 376 Eastern Band off Cherokee Indians N. C. An Act Providing for the final dis sition of the affairs o the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians of orth Carolina. game 4, 1924-- 376 Public lands, Shreveport, La. "An Act Granting certain public lands to the city of Shreveport, Louisiana, for reservoir urposes. June 4, 1924 ---.-.----------.-...---.-.. 382 Army real egtqte, sale, etc. An Act Xuthorizing the sale of real property no longer required for xpxhtargir gurposes. June 4, 1924 -----.-- - .-.---...-.-...--------.----..-.-. 382 Oklahcringziudicia ist:-iota. An Act To amend section 101 of the Judicial Code. June 5, 387 Wyoming judicial district. An Act T0 amend section 115 of the Act of March 3, 1911, entitled "An Act to codify, revise, and amend tho laws relating to the judiciary? June 5, 1924 _..., _ -.________,-_.,_.___,-._--.-._-__-,____-____,_____,_---,.- 388 Compensation to injured Government employees. An Act To amend an Act entitled "AJ1 Act to provide compensation for employees of the United States suicring injuries while in the performance of their duties, and for other purposcs," approved September 7, 1916. June 5, 1924 ,,__ - ._..._...,._.._...,... 389 Vetem·ns’ Bureau hospitals, etc. An Act To authorize an appropriation to enable the Director gf §l6;4United States Veferans’ Bureau to provide additional hospital facilities. June 389