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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS, Sess. II. Cris. 416,417. 1925. 1103 of the Attorney General of the United States, the recorder of deeds maylfrom tiripeil to tigine fix the zréumber and compensation of all other cmp oyees 0 is 0 ce: Prov' ed, That an ex enditure incurred *"°"*·’°·'· . by him in so doing shall not be a charge upgn thi; Public Treasury, reginiisgcmtion from but shall be paid out of the fees and emoluments of said office: And provided further, That the employees of said ofice shall not be in mN“”"’°' °‘ °'“°‘°"‘ excess of the number actually necessary for the proper conduct of ` said office of the recorder of deeds: Provided, however, That the P“Y°'°”"’°*’“”‘ compensation of the first deputy recorder of deeds and that of the second deputy recorder of deeds shall not be changed except by Act of Congress. Approved, March 3, 1925. CHAP. 417.-An Act To amend, revise, and reenact subchapter 3, sections Mlgiligzigm 546 and 547 of the Code of Law of the District of Columbia relating to the [Public No. 535.] recording of deeds of chattels. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, Sec. 546 That no bill of sale, mortgage, or deed of trust to secure C0l§,*g”*°* °‘ C°‘“m"i° a debt of any personal chattels whereof the vendor, mortgagor, or ouzimi ams ot donor shall remain in possession, shall be valid or eifectual to pass mtsiiid only ti mad the title therein, except as between the parties to such instruments v";,§;,§§‘j,°,§‘,l‘;1,'Q,f"D°°d“ and as to other persons having actual notice of it, unless the same vm. si, p. ms. be executed, acknowledged, and within ten days from the date of ’““‘°“d°d‘ such acknowledgement filed in the office of the Recorder of Deeds and the said filing if such instrument therein as aforesaid as to third persons not having-lnotice of it as aforesaid shall be operative only from (pho time wit 'n the said ten days when it is delivered to said recor er. And it shall not be necessary for the Recorder of Deeds to spread wf§§{’$,Y,§§(}{°“" ‘°' such instruments upon the records of his office, but the same shall be indexed in the manner as deeds to real estate are indexed, and said instruments shall be kept on file and shall be open to inspection by the public, and shall have the same force and legal effect as if they Fm were actually recorded in the books of said offioe. For filing and ' ingexing such aforesaid instruments the Recorder of Deeds shall co act $1 each. . Sec. 547. CONDITIONAL SALES.—N0 conditional sale of chattels in pigtiiiiiimu °°l°° °t virtue of which the property is delivered to the purchaser, but by ,,m‘}§,,§““§’§*}f,,,§,*§,"(§{ the terms of which the title is not to pass until the rice of said ;·;¤¤D¤;¤;,¤s*§;¤ R¤°°*<*¤’ chattels is fully paid, where the purchase price exceeds $100, shall be von. 'm,` p. im, valid as against third persons acquiring title to said property from *““°"d°“· said purchaser without notice of the terms of said sale, unlem the terms of said sale are reduced to writing and signed by the parties thereto and acknowledged by the purchaser and tiled in the office of the Recorder of Deeds of the District of Columbia, and said Writinv shall be indexed as if the purchaser were a mortgagor and the seller a mortgagee of such chattels, and shall be operative as to third persons without actual notice of it from the time of being Fw filed. And for filing and indexing such an instrument, the Recorder of Deeds shall collect $1. These Acts shall take effect thirty days after approval. Approved, lvlarch 3, 1925. 45822°——25'f-—-—-72