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SIXTY-EIGHTH Corveniass. sm,. II. cH. 462. 1925. 1143 made available from any appropriations made for such bureau or oiHce not to exceed the following respective sums: Office of the OHM °“°"¤°°“· Secretary, $600; Indian Service, $200; Bureau of Education, $1,250; Bureau of Reclamation, $1,500; Geological Survey, $2,000; Bureau §§6`gfines, $3,500; National Park Service, $500; General Land Office, The purchase of supplies and equipment or the procurement of in services for the Department of the Interior, the bureaus and offices thereof, including Howard University and the Columbia Institution for the Deaf, at the seat of government, as well as those located in the field outside the District of Columbia, may be made in opecn chgsgu m°'*°* 1***** market without compliance with sections 3709 and 3744 of the R.S.. .3'w9.3744. Revised Statutes of the United States, in the manner common among pp' mm business men, when the aggregate amount of the purchase or the service does not exceed $100 in any instance. For per diem at not exceeding $4 in lieu of subsistence to four 1¤sp¤<=¤>r¤’ expensesinspectors while traveling on duty, and for actual necessary expenses of transportation and incidental expenses of negotiation, inspection, and investigation, including telegraphing, temporary employment of stenographers, and other assistance outside of the _ District of Columbi $8,000: Provided, That the four inspectors shall not receive peradiem in lieu of subsistence for a longer period than thirty days at any one time at the seat of government. rmmmc aim mNn1Nc mgming ¤¤d b*¤d· For printing and binding for the Department of the Interior, m£g¤¤¤¤¤*¤¤d b¤· including all of its bureaus, offices, institutions, and services in Washington, District of Columbia, and elsewhere, except the Alaska Railroad, the National Park Service, the Geological Survey, the . Bureau of Mines, and the Patent Oiice, $119 000: Provided, That §Q‘j,Y"§g ,,,,,,,,,1 N,. the annual reports of the de artment and of, all its bureaus and P°*¤¤ mimestablishments, including the Bureau of Reclamation, shall not exceed a total of one thousand two hundred and fifty pages. msn Rmmd For the Alaska Railroad, not to exceed $6,300 of the amount appropriated herein for maintenance and operation of railroads in Alaska shall be available for printing and binding. Sw For the National Park Service: For printing an binding, $25,000. n,§""°"°1 Pm ` For the United States Geological Survey: For engraving the ceuicsieasumy. illustrations necessary for the annual report of the director and for the monographs, professional papers, bu letins, watepsupply papiers, and the report on mineral resources, and for prmting an bm ing the same publications, of which sum_ not more than $45,000 may be used for engraving, $102,300; for miscellaneous printing and bind· ° , $12,700; in all, $115,000. _ _ _ _ _ m%`or the Bureau of Mmes, including prmting, engraving of illus- Mlm Bmwtrations, and binding bulletins, technical papers, m1ners’ circulars, and other publications to carry out the purposes of the Act_ of Februa 25, 1913, not to exceed $37,500; for miscellaneous prmting andrliinding, not to exceed $10,000; not to exceed m all, $4 ,500: Pr _ Provided, That the unexlpended balance of $36,788.90 of the appro- UST? ,,,,,,,,.,],.;,.1 riation of $100,000 ma e by the Act approved February 25, 1919, _§g,'f¤°°*°F‘*$,‘f’°°“‘· lior experiments and investigations, and so forth, with reference to v'¤1.Ep. 1154. lignite coals and peat is made available to the extent of not more than $6.000 for publication of reports of such experiments and investigations, and any balance of the said original appropnation remaining unexpended or unobligated July 1, 1925, shall thereupon be carried to the surplus fund and covered into the_ Treasury. For the Patent Office: For printing the weekly issue of patents, *`¤°°¤*°“°'~ designs, trade-marks, prints, and labels, exclusive of illustrations;