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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 477. 1925. 1227 To carry out the provisions contained in the District of Columbia f Opming $**°°*S»€*°·» Appropriation Act for the iiscal year 1914 which authorize the com- viiysliigilgim highmissioners to open, extend, or widen any street, avenue, road, or i;,Zksi,l§,?,;s?5°` highway, except Fourteenth Street extension and Piney Branch Road extension, to conform with the plan of the permanent system of highways in that portion of the District of Columbia outside of the cities of Washington and Georgetown there is appropriated _ such sum as is necessary for said purpose during the fiscal ear 1926, ,,;?§§$§',,u§§Ym D"‘ to be paid wholly out of the revenues of the District of Columbia: ,.,0,,80 Pwwided, That the authority given in the Act of 1914 is not hereby Authority not exin any way extended. mam'. Repairs: For current work of repairs of streets, avenues, and R°°”’”‘ alleys, including resurfacing and repairs to asphalt pavements with · the same or other not inferior material, and including the main- M¤*¤¤‘¤¤*¢l<¤· tenance of nonpassenger-carrying motor vehicles used in this work, St t mu $800,000, to be immediately available. This appropriation shall be menrtgii my p“° available for repairing pavements of street railways when neces- V°l‘ 2°’ p' 1°5‘ sary; the amounts thus expended shall be collected from such rail- · road companies as rovided by section 5 of "An Act providing a permanent form oi) government for the District of Columbia," approved June 11, 1878, and shall be deposited to the credit of the appropriation for the fiscal year in which they are collected. Chang, mblhm The authority given the commissioners in the District of Colum- V¤l·34,¤1§.1130. bia Appropriation Act approved March 2, 1907, to make such changes in the lines of the curb of Pennsylvania Avenue and its intersecting streets in connection with their resurfacing as the may consider necessary and advisable is made applicable to such other streets and avenues as may be improved under appropriations contained in this Act. Sidowuks cw _ For construction and repair of sidewalks and curbs around pub- ’ ' hc reservations and municipal and United States buildings, $15,000. Suburban mas, W For current work of repairs to suburban roads and suburban pairs, eee. streets, including maintenance of nonpassengencarrying motor vehicles, $297,500. _ BRIDGES amiga. For construction and repair of bridges, including maintenance of ,,,$?§§f'“°°i°°‘ "' nonpassenger-carrying motor vehicles. $28,688. Highway Bridge across Potomac River: For personal services in "***"'“Y B'*d¤°- accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, $9,360; labor, $1,600; power, miscellaneous supplies, and expenses of every kind necessarily incident to the operation and maintenance of the bridge and approaches. $7.640; in all, $18.600. _ nacostia River Bridge. For employees, miscellaneous supplies, A¤¤°°¤“¤ ******8*- cpd expenses of every kind necessary to operation and maintenance o the bridge. 4500. · Francis bSc§tt Key Bridge: For miscellaneous supplies and Biigdim scm my expenses of everv kind necessarily incident to the maintenance of the bridge and approaches, including personal services, $2,000. runes Ayn ranxrxcs T'°°"°° p°”m" For contingent expenses, including laborers, trimmers, nursery- C°“°‘°"°“°°“”“‘“‘ men, repairmen, teamsters, hire of carts, wagons, or motor trucks, trees, tree boxes, tree stakes, tree straps, tree labels, planting -and care of trees on city and suburban streets, care of trees, tree spaces, maintenance of noiipassenger-carrying motor vehicles, and miscellaneous items, $78,000.