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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 553. 1925. 1311 after the date of lapse or cancellation: Provided That the a li- P*¤•>*4·>¤-. cant’s disability is the result of an injury or disease, or olfpan vdiriumiivaduigwcgom aggravation thereof, suffered or contracted in the active military or naval service during the World War: Provided further, That the dig§{§?f °°° °°°°uy applicant during 11is lifetime submits proof satisfactory to the director showing that he is not totally and permanently disabled. As a condition, however, to the acceptance of an application for pgifkmmummh the reinstatement of lapsed or canceled yearly renewable term insurance, where the requirements as to the physical condition of the applicant have not been complied with, or, for the reinstatement of United States Government life insurance (converted insurance), the applicant shall be required to pay all the back monthly premiums which would have become payable if such insurance had not lapsed, together with interest at the rate of 5 per centum per annum, compounded annually, on each premium from the`date said premium is due by the terms of the policy: Ami pro/vided further, That no ,,,1}§°§,‘f’1,,’§,,“,,f"'°'] "““ term insurance shall be reinstated after July 2, 1926." vom, ml mm Src. 16. A new section be added to Title IV of the World War mum. ° r ` Veterans’ Act, 1924, approved June 7, 1924, to be known as section .,df""""'°¤’ °m°”°` 407, and to read as follows: "Sec. 407. The director is authorized to make provisions by ,,m%?"§m§ regulation whereby trainees of the United States Veterans’ Bureau m°¤*· 6***- who have successfully completed their courses or such part of their courses as enables them to enter employment or business in line with their training shall be allowed to retain such equipment, supplies, and books as the director may by regulation prescribe." _ Sec. 17. Section 500 of the World War Veterans} Act, 1924, 5$1iiis¤i~a,¤m¤¤a- approved J nme 7, 1924, is hereby amended to read as follows: °d· “ Src. 500. Except in the event of legal proceedings under section ¤,:_$;“°c§‘f:,°¤8;°°$,°g‘ 19 of Title I of this Act, no claim agent or attorney} except the ew. ' recognized reipresentatives of the American Red Cross, the American M"' °‘ lm' Legion, the isabled American Veterans, and Veterans of Foreign Wars, and such other organizations as shall be approved by the director shall be reco ized in the presentation or ad`udication of claims under Titles II? III, and I of this Act and] payment to m{’,*jY'°* ¤¤"*°¤¤“¤· any attorney or agent for such assistance as may required_in the preparation and execution of the necessary papers m any application to the bureau shall not exceed $10 in any one case: ravided D1',,°',,, ,m'” ,,,,,,.,,, cm, however, That wherever a judgment or decree shall be rendered Qgcggm '¤ *¤°°'· in an action brought pursuant to section 19 of Title I of this Act the court, as a part o its judgment or decree, shall determine and allow reasonable fees for the attorneys of the successful party or parties and apportion same if proper, said fees not to excee 10 per centum of the amount recovered and to be paid by the bureau out of the payments to be made under the judgment or decree at a rate Plmjshm f Y not exceeding one-tenth of each of such payments until paid. Any 1iciting,recgi1wFin;ret (i: person who shall, directly or indirectly, solicit, contract for, charge, ‘”“““’°"‘°‘"°°“· or receive, or who shall attempt to solicit, contract for, charge, or receive any fee or compensation, except as herein provided, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and for each and every offense shall be punishable by a line of not more than $500 or by imprisonment at hard labor for not more than two years, or by both such line and im risonment." me D ,,,9 mem Sire. 18. Section 503 of the World War Veterans’ Act, 1924, edi ’ 7 approved June 7, 1924, is hereby amended to read as follows: Punishment M “ Sec. 503. That whoever shall obtain or receive any money, check, rmuauiemiy receiving compensation. insurance. or maintenance and support a lowance “‘°““’·°“‘ under the War Risk Insurance Act as amended, the Vocational Rehabilitation Act as amended, or the World War Veterans’ Act, 1924. and any amendments thereto without being entitled to the same, 45822°——-257--85