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132 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 158. 1924. iI{[8Y1%9% CHAP. 158.-—An Act For the enrollment and allotment of members of the

 33 pit;-¥)‘l;:§;'b;:1;pI3:crgd of Lake Superior Cluppewas, in the State of Wisconsin,

Be it enacted by the Senate and H ouse 0 Re resentatioes 0 the pvigiii Jiu clililiigdiisii United States of _Ame*r·ica in Congress assgmblgd, That the Siacre- ,%;,,0,,, bam 1,,,,,, tary of the Interior be, and he hereby 1S, authorized and directed §igj,*;>6,{<> M ¤dd¤<i *0 to add to the existing rolls of the Lac du Flambeau Band of ` Chippewa Indians the names of all persons legally entitled to enrollment born prior to the approval of this Act, such roll to constitute the_ final roll of the Lac du F lambeau Band. In the preparation of this roll the said Secretary shall be assisted by a committee of two members of the said band, duly appointed at a general counmg{{5°{g*g;1*r*gne,{gn%I*;$ eil of the Lac du Flambeau Band called for that purpose. As bers. sgonlai practigblp after thin] approval pflthei roll the Secretary of t e n error a cause a otments 0 an within the Lac du Flambeau Indian Reservation to be made to the members of the band whose names appear on said additional roll (exclusive of the merchantable timber on such land) in conformity with the provi- %)’;’}_· $g;;P;,jf8;,6)";§; sions of the General Allotment Act of February 8, 1887 (Twenty- 859. fourth Statutes at Large, page 388), as amended, the trust patents mmap. _ to said allotments to contain the usual twenty-five year restriction ,mf;’§,f,’§§ " *“E'°°g"· clause as_ to alienation and taxation: Provided, That if there is not iuiiicgnglliipappropriatedhlalpdl on the reservation to give each mem er the _ acreage to w `c e or she is entitled, the ecreta em  »~e¤ is Sidi; »iIT$°F.3§.b€Z1’Sp’§§“tiit3h° iifds is €°“§1" SE pi?°“°“b1?‘; ,,,,m,,m,,,,,,,,,,,,ct,,,,_ o ro . e a en s or e a otments ber wld. made hereunder shall issue to the allottges as early as practicable after the merchantable timber thereon has been removed, and the right is hereby reserved to the United States to cut and market Tmbmemajmgm the merchantable timber on the lands so allotted, the proceeds to gum ,,,,0,,% be disposed of as herein provided. When the merchantable timber has been cut freind time égndls pp tsilllotted the title to such timber _ _ _ as remains on S2.1 an s a ereu on ass to the res ectiv _,§,§‘°“°°“’° °'°h"* allottees: Provided further, That the Plandp allotted or rgerved hereunder shall_be sub]ect to all the laws of the United States prolpbitgng the intro<gu3t%>n of intoxicants into the Indian country . llhtl o erwrse provide on ess. aahgdtigiigdiiiihiigiihi Sr:c._2. That the Secretaliy of gtlhe Interior be, and he hereby is, authorized to sell the merchantable timber on the lands allotted under the provisions of this Act, at the current market value at the time the sale is made, under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe, the net proceeds derived therefrom, together Pm mm distribution with any undistrrbuted proceeds derived from the sale of timber

,;¤{,?§§m;t,, mmm. heretofore cut_and sold from such lands, shall be distributed per

cap1t_a_and pa1d_ to the members of the band enrolled under the provisions of this Act where such members are or may hereafter T» ··¤ »¤~»·¤— as D‘§§`}1`$Y§%“§lhJ?£' $2 S§°‘?°"“’ya°f thi I“€§'i°' “’ if °°“‘*’°*"“‘* ,,.,tem_ _ a airs an care or eir own ‘ · in cases where members have not been adjud ed ccilnilpleiifdrit mb; the Secretary of the Interior, their shares sha§ be deposited to · their ind1v1dual cred1t as ind1v1dual Indian moneys are now PWM deposited and pxaid to them or used for their benefit under the Em, ,;,s,,,,,,m,,,, 0, SUPBTVISIOH of the Secretary of the Interior: Provided That of the

  • “¤<’S°¤ ·*°v¤S·¢·¢*¤· amount now on deposit and hereafter derived front: the sale of

tribal timber, at least $50,000 shall be distributed among the members enrolled under the provisions of this Act as early as LMS mmm} from prgcticable after the approval of the roll as herein provided. ,,u,,,m,,,,t, em nc. 3. That there be reserved from allotment or other disposition the following lands: For the village of Lac du F lambeau the southwest quarter of the southeast quarter and lots 3 and 4 of