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214 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 204. 1924. the United States and Great Britain concerning the use of boundary waters between the United States and Canada, and for other puroses, signed January 11, 1909, $33,000, to be disbursed under the g"°”*g-;· h ,1 direction of the Secretary of State: Prmnkled, That no part of this absgziiliroiiiwwagvhuiz- appropriation shall be expended for subsistence of the commission W"` or secretary, except for actual and necessary expenses, not in excess of $8 per day each, when absent from Washington and from his . . regular place of residence on official business: Provided furtlwr, R°°H°"`° Dm"°°‘ That a part of this appropriation may be expended for rent of offices for the commission in the District of Columbia in the event that the Public Buildings Commission is unable to supply suitable _ ofice space. eiri;°€$¤!§$s¤i°i°° S°i°°` crxacmn PAN Aunmcmr scmrrrxric concnnss ,,,E§‘§§‘§§§g§°;°,b§g1Z The unexpended balance of the Sppropriation of $20,000 for the °¤§*,$gfjg,“;,‘;,f’g’d8',54,_ expenses of the delegates of the mted States to the Third Pan American Scientific on to be held at the city of Lima, Peru, gress _ _ made by the Act making appropriations for the Departments of State and Justice and for the Judiciary, approved June 1, 1922, is hereby made available for the fiscal year 1925. rarmmvr cro mn covnnnimm or rimama .Ii°$ili1°payme£¤¢¤. To enable the Secretary of State to pay to the Government of Panama the thirteenth annual [payment, due on February 26, 1925, from the Government of the mted States to the Government of V°‘~”·¤-“Z‘*’~ §2ana(?)3 under article 14 of the treaty of November 18, 1903, 50, . PAYMENT TO mm eovmnmnzwr or conomsm $§$§¥€;,,_ To enable the_Secretary of State to gay to the Government of Vol up gm Colombia the third payment from the overnment of the United ‘ ‘ ‘ States to the Republic of Colombia under article 2 of the treaty of April 6, 1914, $5,000,000. ' 1N·rmzNA·r1oNA1. nssnaxcu comwcn. ,,,£¥§'é’S$,l,`§}r.;,clz°` To pay the annual share of the United States, as an adhering member of the International Research Council and of the Associated Umons, organized at Brussels, July 18-28, 1919 as follows: International Research Council, $240; International Astronomical Umon $1,440 ; International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, $540; lnternanonal Umon of Geode and Geophysics, $2,496; International Union of Mathematics, ?120; International Union of Scientific Radiotelegraphy, $192; in all, $5,028, to be expended under the d1rection of the Secretary of State. INTERNATIONAL Hrnaocnarnio BUREAU g,.§,§,*§{,“§?,,°§,},§F{’d'° Ifor the annual contribution of the United States toward the maintenance of the International Hydrographic Bureau, $3,860. roumcx HOSPITAL AT cam Tow}: C§,§’,,“’·§§',.§, H°“*’“’“· For annual contribution toward the support of the Somerset Hospital (a foreign hosp1tal), at Cape Town, $50, to be paid by the Secretary of State teigvon the assurance that suffering seamen and €)ltlZ€DS·0f the Un1 States will be admitted to the privileges of said hospital.