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350 SIXTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 234. 1924. ¤'¤¤¤¤*¤ °’ *"*· d 'ted. As `t for the performance of such penal B°m°t°d°°°'M` bgiiiisis no l0I1gi;‘0ll: S'gCh bonds olizhzicgtes so deposited shall

  • °"""'°'m,,,,,,,·,,,, d m, be turned to th d itor: Pro·vzded' in case a person or

“'··-=-~°“““`““':’I"“°"° £°‘;"’ “"*’%“g;ss,“ ;‘l;;:’“”'.i'i$—ht”mry$°’ ‘§i“i“»%°§`?1s3‘“'s?i°§`£°° . . . th Act f a rov e a ¥g·£'•£·8’¥* eiititlgd “A‘i1 Act to amgrid an Act approved August eighteen hundred and ninetrfourélgntitded {An fctufor the proteof fpersons materi an a r or econstruction A to mb ofupiiblic vé;>rks,"’ shall efwith thet attat1:)y tig1eAage;;·ha ,,,,,,,,0, cl f ult performance o an con su ]ec said c e _ 'M aiipaiicatildn aim ailidavit thereiigjérovided, the obligee shall not deliver to the obligor the deposi bonds or notes nor ang surplus proceeds thereof nmtil the expiration of the time limi by said Acts for the institution of suit such person or and, in ‘• case suit shall be tinieahshallmfld said bonds tesrproceedssu) o ero eco avm unsrrmnw or www dicggan tiiereof: Provided further, That nothing herein cogtlined S’“‘°°“°‘ “°"°°°°‘ shall affect gro igxpair t•l;;;:1rioritywgf the claim it the Stages gas the n orn eposi oran rig orre gran by said Acts or by this section to the States fo}; default r¤¢¤¤¤i¤••¤¢ law- upon any obligation of said penal bond: Provided further, That all ‘“°‘"°°°‘ lnws incotiigistent with iliis sectilcinld are hereby as to eon· Judldal authority f to 3 ° t thing ”°° ”°°°t°°' cglnlained heirein shall affect the authority of courts ovbr the sggurity, wheresuchbondsaretakenassecurityinjudicialproceedings,orthe authority of any administrative oiicer of the United States to receive United States bonds for security in cases authorized by existing laws. The Secretary_ may prescribe and regulations necesary and proper for carrying this section into eifect. Eurommmc or m nmoxcmmnr or- mx urns. liens. _¤{',,_§’,;_,’$°·““”'·P·°‘°· 1030- Section 3207 of the Revised Statutes is amended to I-ond as o ows: Bm i¤ ¤¤¤¤¤¤ M- “S . 3207. In h the h bee fusal -

 ia. $2.., ... ({2,, ‘i“§i.‘?.’1?b`Z¢§L’. m§.?s.“ e“.§5§ an 825 22%;

°"“‘““" s¤·*:¤·:*.is’i:..P°S*·m¤’.:%·:.“z¤‘:.¥si°“s¥.:i¥:*°m.:‘scans is ireca 1 in ancery ma inc cou States, to enforce the lien of the Uriited States for tax 1(ipon anymreal estate, or to subject any real estate owned by the delinquent, or in which he has any right, title, or interest,_to the payment of such tax. wl;_¤m:d§¤;¤_·;·t§¤;_s in- All persons having iens upon or claiming any! interest in the real estate sought to be ap aforesaid, sha be made parties to A h roceedings,an roug t into court `d d th ' mgggmcmgion of xcchgncery therein. And tho Said oourt Sl1a8ll,I:1lt0Zlie£ie1}1Ixi(i1e;ti·e:i1t:et?• Y the parties have been duly notified of the roceedings, unless otherwise ordered by the court, proceed to adjudicate all matters involved therein, and finally determine the merits of all claims to and liens sin and csmgxgg upon the real estate in guewion, and, in all cases where a claim or 3i££°°°`Zi5i¤i: me interest of the United tates therein i established, shall decree a ¤¤¤¤¤- sale of such real estate, by the proper officer of the court, and n dig. tribution of the proceeds_of such sa e according to the findings of the court in respect to the interests of the parties and of the United States. rmom he · no “(b) Any person having a lien upon or an int rest ’ 11 gl §,§§,:°,‘;§§°,§,'Yf;;';,f‘¤¥§ estate, notice of which has been duly filed of itecorii in =i<;¤¤§t<;&1%}=8=g·p m_ tion in which the real estate is located, prior to the filing of notice Vol.-24,];.331- of the lien of the United States as provided by section 3186 of the Revised Statutes as amended, or any person purchasin the real estate at a sale to satisfy such prior lien or interest, may mais written