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364 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 244. 1924. prescribed by the President, nor unless the period of actual military uty and instruction particiiplated in by each officer and enlisted man at each such assembly at w `ch he shall be credited as having been present shall be of at least one and one-half hours’ duration and the %aracter of training such as may be prescribed by the Secretary of ar. . n{§§ °§{.,.,,§l°"°“'° Sec. 3. That section 109 of the National.Defense Act of June 3, V°‘·3°·P-”°°·'*“’°”d‘ 1916, as amended, be, and the same is hereby, amended to read as °d` follows· ,,§,'f*’,,g,"f,“’,;,,,,§f§‘f,‘i,‘§Z “Sec. 109. Par ron nm Nnrroinr. "Guann orjr1cnas.—Under such ¤¤¤» regulatigns as the Sgzretaaggl of War may prescribe, cagtaglns, lieutenants, an warrant 0 cers onging to organizations o the National $§{‘§,,p_,8,_mmd_ Guard shall receive compensation at the rate of one-thirtieth of Mw 0, pp W 629 the monthly pay prescribed for them in sections 3 and 9 of ' ' the Pay Reaghustment Act of June 10, 1922, for each regular drill or other period of instruction authorized by the Secretary of War, not ezrceeding eight in any one calendar month and not exceeding sixty m one year, at which they shall have been oiicially present AM for the entire retxluired period of not less than one and one—hal hours. '° “""“'“‘ Officers above the grade of ciniptain shall receive not more than $500 a year, and officers below e grade of major, not belonging to organizations, shall receiye not more than four-thirtieths of the monthly base gay prescribed for them in section 3 of said Pay RB3:d]HSt1DGDt ct for satisfactory performance of their appropriate duties under such reiilations as the Secretary of War may prescribe.

v°P‘$'m,§j' In addition to pay ereinbefore provided, officers commanding orv¤1. 42. p. m. gamzations less   a brigade and having administrative functions

connected therewith, shall, whether or not such officers belo to such organizations, receive not more than a year for the fa§.§ful mmm mw performance of such administrative functions under such regulations · ns the Secretary of War may prescribe; and for the purpose of deternumng how much shall be paid to such officers so performing such functions, the Secretary of ar may, from time to time, divide Rowman them into classes and tix the_amount payable to the officers in each ‘ class. Pay under the provisions of t is section shall not accrue to any officer during a period when he shall be ent1tled under any pro— vision of law to the full rate of his base pa prescribed in section 3 or section 9, as the case may be, of the ga Read`ustment Ac . . Y l t Prom. omnuom of June_10, 1922: Provided, That sectwn 9 of an Act amending the etc.,lorca:hperminedi Act entitled An_Act to authorize the President to increase tem. "°*· ‘*°· P- °°7· pnrnmly the Military Establishment of the United St.ates’ a proved May 18, 1917, approved August 31, 1918, shall also appl)- io the purc use of uniforms, accouterments, and eefuicpment for cash y officers of the National Guard and Nationa uard Reserve whether in State or Federal service, on proper identification and

 rules and regulations as the Secretary of War may

,m§Q"· ‘f2· ¥’· ”°”· Src. 4.. That section 6 of the A t f M h 4 1923 A Haul;} ummm same is hereby, amended to read ascfollowsim i ’ be, and the €gc_,°é1i}‘€;&;0.égLr¤%; "S1:c. 6. That officers, warrant officers, and enlisted men of the M_ on mmm duty; National Guard injured in line of duty while at encampments ergo]- 39, pp. M M maneuvers, or other exercises, or at service schools, under the rn: VISIOIIS of sections 94, 97, and 99 of the National Defense Act of ri) une 313 191% asdamended; members of the officers’ reserve co s and of t e en_1ste reserve corps of the Army in]ured in line of [deity while on active duty under proper orders; persons herembefore described who may now be undergoing hosplital treatment for injuries so sus. ta1ned_s all be entitled, under suc regulations as the President may p,,,,m__ ,,,,,,,m,d_ prescribe, to medical and hospital treatment at Government expense and to a contmuatwn of the pay and allowances whether in money ori