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398 SIXTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. C11. 264. 1924. Indian whether of the N ava`o or other tribes within the State of New Liexico and the State oi Arizona? who whs not residing upon micsd '°'“°‘“ °‘ thI*`Putthe d°m°i” tiuiiiui to Jim; 30’d9 iitisements of sales of Indian ' or epa enonewsacrave SM muh lands, $2,000,]i·I¢iimbursable {prom payments bgdpurchasers of costs of sale, under such rules and regulations as the retary of the Interior §,Q'§’:§{ M HmI¥01I?Ii§1S:1£)1g§·0f one special attorney for the Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, to be designated by the Secretary of the Interior, and for necessary traveling expenses of said attorney, $3,000, or so much . _ thereof as the Secretary of the Interior may deem necessary. ·i—.-ii;. C iv uh ° d For a ent of salaries of emplo ees and other expenses of adver- P Ym Y 6,§“g°,;jb°,g“,g§m‘“p§’g tising and sale in connection with the further sales of unallotted

 lands and other tribal property belonging $:3 aniy iof }:hedFiv<-i1Civ£-

ized Tribes includin the advertising and eo the an wit in the °"°"“'““‘*,°,,,"*°*,,,,,‘ segregated ,coal andgasphalt area of the Choctaw and Chickasaw E-Q;-md .:07 Nations or of the surface thereof, as provided for the Act ap- ‘°'°` ‘ proved ’February 22, 1921, entitled “A.n Act authorizing the Secretary; og the Interior to olietri for sails of ésllie coal ang aspha theposits in segregate miner in e octaw an Chickasaw Nations, State of Oklahoma" (Forty-first Statutes at Largegipage 1107), and of the improvements thereon, which is hereby expre y authorized, and for other work necessary to a final settlement of the atfaigz offtlézl FivefCivi11;ized g1iib1e·s,§5,OO0& to be paid from the procee 0 es 0 suc tri a n s an property: €,"g,§"',,;g;,,,,,,,,,_ Promlied, That not to exceed $2,000 of such amount ma be used in - connection with the collection of rents of unallotted lancé and tribal sc§$},¥*“”*°* mw buildings: Provided fur¢her, That the Secretary of the Interior is ` hereby autheifized to lgontinue illurgig the eiésuing fiscal year the tribal and other schoo amon the hoctaw hickasaw C eek d Seminole Tribes from the trigal funds of those nations; wlithiii aliis discretion and under such rules and regulations as he may prescribe: Appmnumeue {gr: Pmcided further, That for the current fiscal year money may be so §",§§1“§’§§* °""’ expended from such tribal funds for equalization of allotments, peicsipilta and otgier payments l;uitho3ized1by£aziv to individual members o the respec ive tribes tri a an other n ian schools d `St;- specmemlariu. ing law, salaries and bontingent expenses of the govelrirliciiaroiixiha Chickasaw Nation and chief of the Choctaw Nation and one mining trustee for the Choctaw and Ch1ckasaw Nations at salaries at the rate heretofore paid and the chief of the Creek Nation at a salary not to exceed $60% per linrgum, and on? attgrney each for the Choctaw, Chickasaw and ree r`bes cmp oye under contra t d b th P¤rr¤¤¢¤¤¤i¤¤· President under exibting law: Provided further? Tihinitrglig expyenseg of in); of the zgbove-named officials shall not exceed $1,500 per annum · eac or c ie s and governor and each of said t `b l tt : ugggggggczysy i ¢ ¤ Provided further, That the Commissioner of Indiaiii aiitilaiiihnsiiidl dispense with the attorney for the Creek Tribe not later than September 1, 1924, and the Commissioner shall dispense with any other tribal attorneys at any time their services are no longer needed, _ and that no tribal money shall be available for the salaries $c,§0j}{§)‘\’f,idm*é$-· *° cr expenms of tribal school representatives: And provided further, That the Secretary of the Interior is hereby empowered, during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1925, to expend funds of the Choctaw Chickasaw, Creek, and Seminole Nations available for school pur: poses under existing law for such repairs, improvements, or new buildings as he may deem essential for the proper conduct of the H mmm in several schools of said tribes. _ caummgs _ For the purchase of lands for the homeless Indians in California including improvements thereon, for the use and occupancy of said