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SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS, Sess. II. CHS. 162, 163. 1925. 817 CHAP. 162.—An Act To amend section 7 of the Act of February 6, 1909, February 9.1925. entitled "An Act authorizing the sale of lands at the head of Cordova. Bay, in the Territory of Alaska, and for other purposes? *P“°h°· N°- {mi Be it emzcted by the Semzte and House of Re resentatices of the United States of America in Congress assembled; That section 7 of k£°”d°” Bm Am" the Act of February 6, 1909, entitled "An Act authorizing the sale 0,S*“° °“¤¤d$ aumd of lands at the head of Cordova Bay, in the Territory of Alaska, and l70l.35,p.599,amendfor other purposes," be amended to read as follows: °d‘ “ Sec. 7. That the corporation named in section 1 of this Act, or p,i).,2Y§§‘,°§§,‘f,i,€,§§§Y,}§,?S° its assigns, shall, within six months from the approval of the plan mentioned in the preceding section, pay to the proper receiver the full purchase price of the lands applied for; and within five years ;,,,i“§§’,§‘;§f§,}§,°§f,',$‘,§S“{f§l after the issuance of patent said corporation shall do all things necessary to render three hundred and twenty acres of the land purchased suitable and available for wharfage and town—site purposes in accordance with the plan thereof submitted as required in section 6 of Coustmctiouoydock, this Act, and shall within one year from the receipt of written notice §;§g,‘;,¤0’;‘{E§§;r§{)‘;m Sw from the Secretary of the Interior construct within said wharfage · ` and dock area a public dock, wharf, or pier, with suitable approaches on the land side and with not less than thirty-four feet of water at mean low tide leading to and gurlréoudnding the saigiie, so as to enable ocean Steamers to approach, oc , ischar e, an take on carvoes .. _ thereat; that patent for said lands shall regite that they are is§ied Common Ofpatm under the provisions of this Act and are subject to cancellation and F f. i the land therein granted to forfeiture as herein provided; and if said uoegbgligiiga dniims corporation or its assigns shall fail to comply with any of the terms and conditions of this Act, either before or after the issuance of patent, all interests, rights, or title which may have accrued or vested under this Act shall be forfeited to the United States, and the application under which they accrued, or the patent under which they _ vested, shall be canceled: Provided, That the Secretary of the In- $§g’§’§,"°;,m,,_,,,,, ,1. terior may, on satisfactory showing, reasonably extend the time l°W°d· within which any of the Acts enumerated in this Act may be performed? Approved, February 9, 1925. Feb 9,1925. CHAP. 163.-An Act Authorizing repayment of excess amounts paid by l¥£¤§?3387·l Ymqhasers of certain lots in the townsite of Sanish, formerly Fort Berthold iY“bH°· N°·380·} ndian Reservation, North Dakota. Be it enacted b the Semzte and House o Re esentatéves of the United States of?/America in Congress assgmblgdl, That the €C1`B· Re1;ggt}di¢ii¤ii0iii.Ix1b(§§i1 tary Of the Interior is hereb authorized to certify to the Score- S§,,‘§'§h“§§§§§g,€§”§§ tary of the Treasury the diffizrence between_the amounts paid by g’X{g;;;;1{gf§;;;,g;§ purchasers of the lots in the townsite of Samsh, within the former mneea. crt Berthold Indian Reservation, North Dakota, and the price fixed as result of reappraisalby the Secretary of the Interior of August 11, 1922, in all cases whether patents had or had not issued at the time of the reappraisal of the lots: Provided, That the purchasers or *’7·¤i#¤; _ I their legal representatives apply for repayment of such amounts .,,,2;{,‘§§l‘”’" °' °°°u` within two *ears from the passage of this Act. _ Sec. 2. U)pon receipt of the certidcate from the Secretary of the ;,,,}Q‘_P§‘,‘.§§'§{ §'{,stm°;,m“”°d_d Interior, the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized and directed to make payment to Such urchasers out of the funds held , _ ln trust for the Fort Berthold Indlians under the Act of Congress `°"’5’p"*°S‘ approved June 1, 1910, and issue his warrant in settlement thereof. Approved, February 9, 1925.