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58 SIXTY—EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 81. 1924. For plate printing, l31u·eau of Engraving and Printing, $2,90. For materials arg miscellaneous expenses, Bureau of Engraving P in 9. . . unl51`orrii::y,lg;i1n2% so foxgiéocommissioned officers and pharmacists, blic Hea thervice . _ PuFor ay of other employees, Public Health Service, $9.75. _ For l)reight, transportation, and so forth, Public Health Service, 76.07. $ For maintenance, marine hospitals, Public Health Service, $29.33. For care of seamen, and so forth, Public Health Service, $34.28. For p? of pemonnel and maintenance of hospitals, Public Health Service 507.40. For iuarantine service, $3.77. _ · For geld investigations of public health, $2. For interstate quarantine service, $18.69. _ For control of biologic products, Public Health Service, $16,28. $1For expenses, division of venereal diseases, Public Health Service, .68. For medical and hospital services, Public Health Service, $1,069.85. For contingent expenses, office of director of the mint, $3.06. For sagries find expenses of collectors, and so forth, of internal revenue 91.8 . For salaries and expenses of collectors of internal revenue, $87.11. For collecting the war revenue $431.09. $ For enforcement of National Prohibition Act, internal revenue, 506.91. For enforcement of Narcotic and National Prohibition Acts, internal revenue, $1,100.85. For collecting the tax on estates, munitions, and so forth, $216.73. For restricting the sale of opium, and so forth, $10.01. For miscellaneous expenses, nternal Revenue Service, $63.27. . For refunding internal revenue collections, $2,442.62. $3/Por payment of judgments against internal revenue officers, 1.23. For punishment for violation of internal revenue laws, $206.70. For allowance or drawback (internal revenue), $736.01. For Coast Guard, $48,578.40. For repairs to Coast Guard cutters, $792.65. For furniture and repairs of same for public buildings, $40.46. For operating supplies for public buildings, $473.40. For post office, Searcy, Arkansas, $15. For post office, Warrenton, Virginia, $8. For repairs and preservation of public buildings, $128.41. For mechanical equipment for pulblic buildings, $126.05. For vaults and safes for public buildings, $4.60. For general expenses of public buildings, $63.59. was nnmmanznr. W¤rI>¤1¤=r¢¤¤¤¤t- For increase of compensation, Military Establishment. $40.927 .11. For Signal Service of the Army, $168.32. For Air Service, Army, $34,878.38. For Air Service, production, $1,639.70. For increase for aviation, Signal Corps, $6,462.40. For pay, and so forth, of the Army, $321,297 .25. For mileage to officers and contract surgeons, $1,317.29. For general appropriations, Quartermaster Corps, $287,70111. For clothing and camp and garrison equipage, $46.71. For transportation of the Army and its supplies, $3,486.69. For barracks and quarters, $22,293.03.