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1524 SIXTY·EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 17. 1924. Mm L·R¤¤d· The name of Maria L. Reed, widow of Edwin W. Reed, late of gornpany ]%ISev§nty];Ii$;lpReg1meg.} and Company 1%; E1ghty-fifth e ment, ew or 0 imteer antry, an pay er a pension Pension incremd, at glie rate of $30 per month. M"°"°° S'm“m°‘ The name of Margaret S. Higgins, widow of William H. Higgins, gte eif Comcpany lg, Fourth Independent Bagztglion Ohio Volunteer ava ry an pay er a nsion at the rate 0 50 0 th l` gyslniiprni A Cm of that she is now receivpuiig. Per m Il m mu nm. p` The name of William A. Crampton, helpless and dependent son of Byron Crampton, late of Company I, Eighty-fourth Regiment gggiana Voltulptier Inliantry, and pay him a pension at the rate of Pensianinncnud- er mon t ro a legal y appointed ard`an. ‘l°°°i° A' D°`m‘ Tllie name of Jennuige A. Davis, former vviclgdlw oi John L. Johnson, late of Company H, Thirty-eighth Regiment Iowa Volimteer Infantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month in lieu gggsljnwwd of {gat she is npwEreceivir§% ' ‘ e name 0 va . ood widow of Theod Wood 1 te f goinpapey ¥I;fO11e huncilred anil eighty-ninth Regirihent NdwaY01?k 0 un r an gfilggezshigommtl month. ry, an pay er a pension at the rate of $30 per The name of Elisabeth Yooum, widow of Henry N. Yocum, late gf Comlpany Ii, Rggimimt, ang Compgny I, Ninth Regiment, ennsy vama 0 un r ava n t t t MMR Temphm of $50 per month in lieu of thdtyslie isingw idcdivgiilglon 5 B ra B ' The name of Ma H. Tem 1 ton widow of D xte E T I 1‘y_ pe_, er.emet0n, léltfgtg A, Batgahon,l'g‘wenty-ninth Regiment Hnited ounrnnryan aerapensi tt tefo Nm? Adm per month in lieu of that she is nldvvyreeeivig . on a 6 m 0 $5 ' The name of Nancyk€Adams, widow of illespie Adams, late of gppilpglny B, Ijourtzith gixpsnté gfgéinessee Vpllunteler Inffantry, and apensiona era 0 ` h ° mm Ewing. now receiving. - l mon 111. eu 0 t at she IS The name of Eliza Ewing, former widow of Oliver Town, late of P,mm_ Company D, One hundred and Ninety-fifth Regiment Ohio Volunde£¤m>§1¤h5%·mm on teer_ nfantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $50 per month m lieu of that she IS now receivin : Provided, That in the event of the death of Walter Town, helpdess and dependent son of said ..;::s:,·=;,;:.;:¤¤ ¤·= Elf£§§L“§.£h”3.($3I}$£.$?’Z?.Lz°*}.‘i~Z.€l*Z}£}z°}‘Z}·}}$lSii—‘£.$’€‘?$.i'Z§”“t°‘Z of the death of Eliaa Ewing, the name of said Walter Tdwn slhdllege ppiplegl opngisugiensiontrpgl, sutb]e<;t $§) the provgiops and gmmtiogs aws a e ra e 0 r m t ,_mE_H_n_ am Otp death of saiii num Ewing. pe on mm °° ° r ° The name of Jane E. Hart, widow of Albert T. Hart, late of Company H, fitrgt Regimgngéowa Volunlteer Caval?, and Spay her a ension a e ra e 0 per mont in lieu 0 that e is now receiving. R“°mM°""‘ The name of Rachel Morris widow f El` T M l te f C pany G, Tenth Regiment Illinois Voliihteeri Caval)rI;1Sdnd psy hg? a Pensions pscrgsiipiplgat the rate of $50 per month in lieu of that she is now Emma I0 D“‘°'“‘ The naine of Emma L. Dugent, wid f W`ll` D la f Company B, Thirteenth Regiment l;l;iv1y)landIV*;lIdntc;lzlti’·eIllifa1ilrcy, and Company D, Fourth_ Regiment United States Volunteer In- Fama Tee le fantry, and pay her a pension at the rate of $30 per month, D ‘ I {Th? rgime of Fgnnée Tegpllp, former widow of Benjamin Teeple, a 0 ompany _, econ egi e t M' h` V 1 t pemiouggmmd and pay her a pension at the rateHdf!$30 pirliltlhth? lm cer Cavalry, D,,,$§,§_*’ “° The name of Josephine M. Downes, widow of Chauncey B Downes late of Company F, Seventeenth Regiment Connecticut