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1576 SIXTY-EIGHTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. CHS. 315, 330-332. 1925. Fepéuag 3;,111;%- CHAP. 315.—~An Act For the relief of Flora M. Herrick [P""°‘°·N°‘ ml Be it enacted byAthe Senate gnd House of lg;p£mfn1ta,ti;;§s eg the Flm M· H*?"‘°k,, United States of merioa in ongress assent e _ a e ecre- §r§§1iz;?°iii»liS will di tary of the Treaspliiy is hereby authorized and diiectecg tlc tpayqout °° ° ‘°"‘ f one s in e Treasury not otherwise appropr1a e o ora &.al1Ie1iiiick,yof Turners Falls, Massachusetts, mother of Edward T. Herrick late radioman, second class, United States Navy, who lost his life in line of duty from the United States steamship Tacoma on January 21, 1924, while engaged in a gallant attempt · to maintain radio connections, the sum of $432, the same being the amount of six months’ gratuity pay due her as the dependent mother €§'{,'§°t;,,,,_ of the said Edward T. Herrick, deceased: Prouided, That the said Flora M. Herrick shall establish to the satisfaction of the Secretary · of the Treasury the fact that she was actually dependent upon her late son for support at the time of his death. Approved, February 24. 1925. F°}°§l°{{ CHAP. 330.-An Act For the relief of Isidor Steger. [Pmm'N0` ml] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatyves of the Ilgigggffzggad cob United States o{ Amemba in Congress assembled, That the date mesa. of discharge of sidor Stelger, chief machinist’s mate, United States Fleet Naval Reserve, sha be considered as June 26, 1917, instead of June 22, 1917, for the purpose of rectifying an error, and for all purposes connected with continuous service in the Navy of the United States, and that the Secretary of the Navy be, and he _1s hereby, authorized and directed to cause the records of the said Isidor Steger in the Navy Department to be corrected to conform "°“°‘i“ °°“‘°"°"· with this authorization, to the end that the said Isidor Steger shall be entitled to all pay, benefits and emoluments conferred by law or regulation for continuous service in the Nav of the mted States y Approved, February 25, 1925.

 CHAP. 331.-An Act For the relief of Michael Curran.

_ Be it enacted by the Senate and H onse of Representati»ves_of the

0,,,. United States of America in C0 ress assembled, That 111 the
  • ¤¢¤¤d· administration of the pension lawsnlgiichael Curran shall hereafter

_ be_ held and considered to have been honorably discharged from the §{,"'{,‘;‘;,;,,,,,,,t,, military service of the United States as a member of Company I, One hundred and fourteenth Ohio Volunteer Infantry: Provided, That no pay, bopngy, grlpension shall be held to have accrued p1‘101‘ o epassageo t is 1 . Approved, February 25, 1925. __liiH_ gl, CHAP. 382.-An Act Authorizing the owners of the steamship Malta MBR! [Pri to bring suit against the United States of America. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the bkgiilqsgiaknliksen Ka- United States of Ameriodin Congress assembled, That the claim of ufrsy bring Quit io, Kokusm Kxsen Kabusluki Keisha, owner of the Japanese steamer §‘{‘},‘§§'},‘_, §°£‘%*§‘§,,‘§ Malta Maru, against the United States for damages and loss alleged

 i¤ district to have been caused by the collision of said vessel with the United

' States Coast Guard cutter Tallapoosa off the port of Pensacola,