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1716 coNvENT1ioN—NnTnnRLANns EAST mnms. but may be annulled at the desire regeling bij onderlinge overeenof either Administration upon komst, maar mag na zes maanden six months previous notice given voorafdgaande kennisgevingk aan to the other. de an ere op verzoek van e der Administratien worden verbroken. ¤i¢¤•¤¤•¤· . Done in duplicate, and signed Gedaan in tweevoud, en geteeat Washiiiiton the ninth da of kend teWashington,den9en July, ` Juli, one ousanil nine hundred een duizend n%en honderd en an eighteen, and at Batavia the achttien, en te atavia den 3 en third ay of April, one thousand April een duizend negen honderd · nine hundred and eighteen. en achttien. P A.GS. Bunxpscfln, U ded Oh PC. V. K2; nd oetmaster e 0 the n o oats a States of America. Egepllmws J the glygaerlands (P o n san.) East Indies. . Pggsggfi by ¤=¤ The foregoing Parcel Post Convention between the United States of America and the Netherlands East Indies has been negotiated and oopitggiled with my advice and consent and is hereby approved and ra . In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed. · Woomzow WEBON. [emu,.] _ . By the President Faux L. Pom, Acting Secretary of State. Wasnmerou, July 18, 1.918.