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1722 SPECIAL chains CONVENTION-MEXICO. sem. 10, 1923.

 Special Chzims Convention between the United Statesand Mexico for

the settlement of claims of American citizens arisin%/rom revoluf acts in Mexicogfrom November 20, 1910, to ay_31, 1920. Signed at Mexico City, eptember 10, 1923; ratification admsed by the Senate, January 23, 1924; ratMed by the Pr _ ent, February 4, 1924,· ratyied by .Mexico, February 16, 924_{ ratijications exchanged at Mexico City, February 19, 1924; proclaimed, February 23, 1924. BY rim Pansmnur or run Umrnn Sryrns or Aimnrca. A PROCLAMATION. m,§m °d' Whereas a Convention between the United States of America and P’°**¤*b*°· the United Mexican States providing for the settlement and amicable adjustment of claims arising from losses or damages suffered by American citizens thro h revolutionary acts within the period from November 20, 1910, towtliay 31, 1920, mclusive, was concluded and signed lgtheir respective Plenipotentiaries at Mexico City on the 10th day of ptember, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-three, the original of which Convention, being in the English and Spanish languages is word for word as follows: Srrccur. Cranes CoNvmN·rroN. CoNvnNc1oN Esrncnu. nn Rn- OLAMACIONES. °°°*¤°“¤8 P°w¤** The United States of America Los Estados Unidos Mexiand the United Mexican States, canos y los Estados Unidos de desiring to settle and adjust América, deseosos de arreglar y amicab y claims arising from ajustar amigablemente las reclalosses or damages suilered by maciones provenientes de pér- American citizens throitigh revolu- didas o dahos sufridos por ciudationar§ acts within e period danos americanos por actos revofrom ovember20, 1910, to May lucionarios dentro del periodo 31, 1920, inclusive, have decided comprendido del 20 de noviembre to enter into a Convention for de 1910 al 31 de ma o de 1920, that purpose, and to this end inclusive, han resuelio celebrar have nominated as their P1enipo— una Convencion con tal fin, y al tentiariesz izgecto han nombrado como sus em otenciariosz riempnmnumee S The President of the United L E§PPr1`?idente de los Estados tates: 'ni os exicanos: George F. Summerlin Chaggé AAlberto J. Pani, Secretario de d'Ail`aires ad interim of e Estado y del Despacho de Rela- United States of America in ciones Exteriores. Mexico. El Presidente de los Estados The President of the United Unidos: Mexican States: A George F. Summerlin, En- Alberto J. Pani, Secretary of cargado de Ne ocios ad~interim State for Foreign Afialrs. de l<§éEstad0s l§nidos de América en xico. Who, after having communi- Quienes, después de haberse cated to each other their respec· comunicado mutuamente sus res-