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1856 GREAT nnimix .xxn xoarrncnx lltl·ZI.AND. &§§;,'g;f,,;;-}§§§g dresses in pencil are not allowed; but the address may be written with copying ink pencil on a surface previously damped.

  • "°"“"· 2. Every parcel shall be packed in a manner adequate for the

length of the journey and for the protection of the contents. Liquidsmc- 3. Any liquid or any substance which easily liquefies shall be packed in a double receptacle. Between the first receptacle (bottle, flask, Ogot, box, and the second (box of metal or of strong wo ) shall be eft a s ace which shall be filled with sawdust, bran, or some other abscrhent material in sufficient quantity to absorb all the liquid contents in the case of breakage. mgg§gg°f,*;c1*;Q;{§0b*sQ° VIII. Despatch Notes and Customs Declarations. wg? °°°°¤*P°“Y Pa" 1. Each parcel shall be accompanied by a Customs Declaration or by a Despatch Note and as many Customs Declarations as may be required. The Administrations shall inform each other of the number of Customs Declarations to be furnished for each country _ __ of destination. · . d°§,§I§§§Qs“?‘b“"Y'°’ 2. The Administrations accept no responsibility for the correctness of the Customs Declarations. ·‘~¤Vi¤° °'P°’°°'=· IX. Advice of Parcels. ,.,§§,,§f°] "‘"° "‘°' The uninsured parcels included in each Mail shall be advised on a parcel bill by the simple entry of their total number. Insured and returned parcels, however, shal be advised in the manner prescribed in Articles X and XV respectively. . Each despatching Office of Exchange shall number the arcel bills in the up er left [hand corner, commencing each ear `a fiesh series for each Silica of Exchange of destination. The last number of the yegr shall be shown on the parcel bill of the first despatch of the o owing year. The exact method of advising parcels sentgbyone Administration lin transit through the other together with any points of procedure in- connexion with the adviceof Parcels for which provision is not made above shall be settled by mutual arrangement between the contracting Administrations. ` Insurance. . [TLS}!/I‘d77»0€. ·‘·'¤°“¤‘“mi'*’d· 1. Parcels may be insured up to the sum of £20 or 100 dollars, but no parcel may be insured for an amount above the real value of its contents. M’¥’“°”’°‘°°· Until mutually agreed to the contrary, insurance shall apply only to arcels exchanged between the United States, Alaska, Hawaii, ami) Porto Rico (excluding the other__Island possessions of the United States) and Great Britain and Northern Ireland: — Fm- The administration of origin is entitled to collect from the sender of each insured parcel such insurance fees as may from time to time be prescribed b its regulations. m,}§§{gs‘“f,‘{‘§_°'p'°°‘°‘“ Every parceh containing coin, bullion, jewellery, or any other i recious article must be insured. If a parcel containing coin, bullion, jewellery or any other precious article is posted uninsured the Administration which delivers it shall treat it in accordance with its own regulations. Every parcel containing jewellery or any other precious article exceeding £100 ($500) in va ue must be packed in a box measuring not less than 2 feet 6 inches in length and girth combined. S°°"“°°““’°"· Insured parcels shall be enclosed in separate sacks from those in which ordinary parcel-post packages are contained and the labels