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1920 PROCLAMATIONS, 1923. twenty-first, and December twenty-eighth, one thousand nine hundred and twenty-two, respectively, it is hereby ordered that the public lands in the excluded areas, sub`ect to valid rights and the provisions of existing withdrawals, shall be opened only to entry imder the homestea and desert-land laws by qualified ex-service men of the War with Germany, under the terms and conditions of · said resolutions and the regulations issued thereunder, for a period of ninety-one days, beginning with the sixty-third day from and after

,c_°° °‘° the date hereof, and thereafter any of said land remaining unentered

will be subject to appropriation under any public land law applicable thereto by the general public. Subsequent to the date hereof and prior to the date of restoration to general dis osition as herein provided, no rights may be acquired to the excludgd lands by settlement in_ advance of entry, or otherwise except strictly in accordance herewit . ·

 °”“°‘“°”· Prospective applicants ma , during the period of twenty days

preceding the date on which the lands shall become subject to entry, selection or location of the form desired under the provisions of this proclamation, execute their applications in the manner (provided by aw and present the same, accomganied by the require pa ents, to the roper United States land office in person, by mail, or otliliznrwise, _ and all) applications so filed, together with such as may be submitted at the hour fixed, shall be treated as thoulgh simultaneously filed and shall be disposed of in the manner prescribed by existing regulations. Under such regulations conflicts o equal rights will be determined by a drawin . IN WITDIESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and _ caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. . Done at the Cit of Washington this sixteenth daiy of June, in the year ofy our Lord one thousand nine hun red and twenty- [emu,.] three, and of the Independence of the United States of ‘ America the one hundred and forty-seventh. j A Wamum G Haxnmo i' By the President: Cmuzrms E. Hoouns X Secretary of State. xumnaim. Br rmt Pimsmmwr or rim Umrnn Sums or Amnmoa A PROCLAMATION “*““ F° N‘“°"°’ WHEREAS it a ears that the public ood will be romoted b F°rir“e¤•%mli°x` transferrin t0,the (l)sii·son National Forest, glew Mexico,Idertain land; ‘*”“’ °' N"' heretofore Iorming part of the Santa Fe National Forest, in the same State· Ans dimmrnse. Now, therefore, I, WARREN G. HARDING, Pr as ident of the United V°‘·"°· P·“· States of America, b virtue of the jipwer in me vested by the Act of C0 ress approved Jyune fourth, cig teen hundred_ and ninety-seven (3(lLStat., 11, at 34 and 36) entitle , "An Act Making appropriations for sundry civil ex enses of the Government for the fisca year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and ninety-eiglht, and for other p1u·- es", do proclaim that the boundaries of the Santa Fe National Flolest are h by changed and are now as shown upon the diagram hereto anneng and forming a part hereof; and that this proclama- Am, p.1919. tion and that changing the boundaries of the Carson National Forest, which I have also signed this day, are made and are intended to be, and shall be considered as one act to become effective simultaneously.