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PROCLAMATIONS, 1924f 1955 Br THE Prrrtsrnnrrr or THE Uurrnn STATES A PROCLAMATION. VVHEREAS the Act of Congress directing the disposal of lands ,,$,§§f,',,_ §§f,’§‘} R°" within a specified part of the Crow Indian Reservation, in the State {Q¤*3¤§l>l¤·352 of Montana, approved April 27, 1904 (33 Stat., 352), among other 'p' ` things, provides: That when, in the judgment of the President, no more of the land herein ceded can be disposed of at said price, he may by proclamation, to be repeated at his discretion, sell from time to time the remaining land subject to the provisions of the homestead law or otherwise as he may deem most advantageous, at such price or rices, in such manner, upon such conditions, with such restrictions, and upon sucllr terms as he may deem best for all the interests concerned; AND WHEREAS certain lands in the Reservation were sold and entered in the manner provided for by Proclamations of .Septem— ,0Y,§’}3g°§5_"‘°°2°‘ V°l· ber 28, 1914 (38 Stat., 2029), and April 6, 1917 (40 Stat., 1653), Erhich dPE·oclamations fixed the terms under which. the lands might e a1 or; .=i)ND WHEREAS because of droughts and adverse weather conditions an extension of time for payments, until the 1921 anniversaries of the dates of the purchases and entries was allowed on certain conditions to certain purchasers and entrymen by Proclamation V°*·¤·v·17°¤*· dated Ma 5 1920 (41 Stat., 1793); AND VJHEREAS it appearin that there had been no substantial amelioration of conditions a furiirer extension of time for payments until the 1922 anniversaries of the dates of the purchases and entries was allowed on certain conditions to certain p1n·chasers and entry- _ men b Proclamation dated August 11, 1921 (42 Stat., 2246); V¢>l·42.p.224o. ANH WHEREAS it appearing that there had been no material improvement in the conditions a further extension of time for pay- ments until the 1923 anniversaries of the dates of the purchases and entries was allowed on certain conditions to certain urchasers and ent en b Proclamation dated July 10 1922 (42 gtat., 2281); V¤¤-42-v-m AFNID Wl%EREAS it alpipearing that while there had been some improvement in the con tions existing on the Reservation there were still many urchasers and entrymen_who were unable to make payments, a furtller extension of time unt1l the 1924 anniversaries of the urchases and entries was allowed on certain conditions to certain pur-riliasers and entrgmen by Proclamation dated December 18, 1923· "‘“* *’· lm AND WHEREA , it appears that conditions have not improved over those of last gear. NOW, THER FORE, I, Calvin Coolidge, President of the ,,,§,",,?",,d"‘}"° ,,§;*°g8·‘¥*tg{*’; United States of America, rbly virtue of the authority conferred ¤¤¤¤¢¤f¤r¤¤d»<i1¤¤¤¤. in me by the said Act of Ap 27, 1904, do hereby order and direct - that any purchaser or entryman of lands within said former Reservation who rs unable to pay the (purchase money due under his·purchase or entry made under the said Proclamation of September 28, 1914, “,K,°l,§_§·3}’· ”°2”* "°‘· or the said Proclamation of A(pri1 6, 1917, upon filing in the local land

 office an aflidavit corroborate by two persons setting out his inability

` to make the required ipayment and the reasons therefor shall be granted an extension o time until the 1925 anniversary of the date of his entry or purchase upon the payment to the Receiver of the district land office of interest at the rate of five per cent per annum on the amounts extended from the maturities therof to the expiration of the period of extension. The district land office will promptly °°“‘""°“‘ notify all purchasers and entrymen entitled to the extension of the manner in which it may be obtained. If the affidavit is not filed and the interest paid within thirty days from receipt of notice, or if, 45822 °—voL 43-PT 2—— 41