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INDEX. 2133 Indian Afairs Bureau, Interior Depart- P¤¢¤- Indian Afairs Bureau, Interior Depart- Pawment-Continued. mcnl——Continued. _ _ deficiency appropriation for bridge Fort Yuma Reservation, Ariz.; withacross &.nta Clara River, Shiv- drawal of lands on, for Powell witz Reservation, Utah 1348 town site and school farm, Cheyenne and Arapahoe Indians, Okla.; vacated .- 94 names of Chester Calf and allotment of areas vacated; other Crooked Nose Woman added to lands for farm to be set as1de._- - 94 final tribal rolls, etc .._. . .. 253 Indian schools; allowance of (per capita Chippewa Indians, Mich.; fees allowed cost of pupils increase 958 approved attorneys in claims Indians in Washington; claims of cerbeibre Court of Claims 137 tain tribes submitted to Court Chippewa Indians of Minnesota enti— _ of Claims . -_ .. 886 tledtoback annuitiestobepaid- 95 Kansas Indians, Okla.; alienation recredit to neral fund in settlement strictions, etc., on homestead for ll/Iaifinesota National Forest-- 1052 allotments of, continued ... 176 per capita payment from principal Kansas or Kaw Indians; claims of, to be fund ,,,.._ - . 798 adjudicated by Court of Claims- 1133 sum to be credited to general fund of- 816 Kaw Reservation, Okla.; reserved lands White Earth School teachers, to be may be leased for mimragapurpaid from tribal funds . 819 poses, for benefit of nsas Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians; ndians .. 111 claims of, to be adjudicated by Kiowa, etc., Indians, Okla.; purchase of Court of Claims .. 537 land for cemetery for .. 1003 Choctaw and Chickasaw townsite lands; Kiowa, etc., Reservations; allotment of amounts due deceased persons agency landstoJames F. Rowell, payable to heirs ...,.. 138 Kiowa tribal member .. 795 Clallams, Wash.; per capita payment Lac Courte Oreille Reservation, Wis.; to, in full for all claims 1102 allotments, etc., to certain In- Columbia and Colville Reservations, dians on, validated 92 Wash.; allottees of lands under Lac du Flambeau Chippewa Indians, trust patents, may sell, etc 133 Wis.; final roll, allotments, etc.; Columbia Reservation, Wash.; unre- for, authorized 132 served lands in former, opened l Menominee Reservation, Wis.; conto entry . 357 tracts with white men allowed Creek Indians; claims of, to be adju- for timber operations on ... 793 dicated by Court of Claims 139 Mille Lac Band of Chippewas, Minn.; Crows, Okla.; time extended for repay- pafrment to designated chiefs-, 818 ing revolving fund for benetit-..- 1301 Navajo ndians; money from sale of Delaware Indians, Okla.; claims of, to allotment of Pete Coberly to be be adjudicated by Court of deposited to credit of Tribe 91 Claims .. 812 Navajo Reservation, Ariz.; exchanges field service employees may be allowed for consolidating Indian areas quarters, fuel, and light, from in - .. 1115 any fund available 634 oil and gas mining leases for ten years previous expenditures for, approved- 634 of unallotted lands of reservafinal disposition of affairs of Eastern tions __._ 244 Band of Cherokees, N. C .. 376 Five Civilized Tribes and Osages Five Civilized Tribes, Okla.; allow- lands excegted 244 ances for street improvements, Omaha Indians, ebr.; per capita pay- etc., in town sites, from tribal ment of Court of Claims judgfunds 728 ment to .. 820 Flathead Reservation, Mont.; names Omaha Reservation, Nebr.; disposal of added to final roll of Indians on, all unallotted lands; reservations 726 etc .. 246 Osage Indian lands, etc., the property Fort Apache Reservation, Ariz.;amount of persons not of Indian blood authorized for road on, from may be sold, transferred, etc- -- 94 tribal funds .. 93 Osages, Okla.; pro rata payment quar- State contribution recwired -- - 93 terl to shares of members . 1008 for building, etc., at 'hite River Paiute In<iians,.Utah; lands set apart Agency .. 93 for settlement by ..,.. 246 Fort Berthold Indians, N. Dak.; pur- payment authorized to dispossessed chasers of lots in Sanish town families for lands taken on Nissite within former reservation to qually Reservation, Wash ,_ 111 receive excess over reappraisal payment for tuition of Indian pupils in prwe 817 State public schools, 1922 and Fort Berthold Reservation, N. Dak.; 1923, authorized ______________ 536 time extended for paying in- limitations, etc ___________________ 537 stallments for lands in . 139 per capita payment to Chippewa In- Fort Lapwai Sanatorium, Idaho; gir1s’ dians of Minnesota from princidormitory authorized at ... 533 sl fund _____________________ 1 Fort Peck Reservation, Mont.; pa rment Piute Ilidians, Nev.; drainage of lands for visit of delegation to i?Vash- within Newlands reclamation ingtou from .. 667 project _________________ _ ____ 595 45822°—voL 43—1>·r 2; 53