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}r@@5 »· v —TIf*LE 31.~——-¤§GA’2 ele Serretery er the Treasury, with mretier to the eatirtaetien

 are Seliiriter are the Treasury; em! shall, from time te time,

e··»ee·e.·. strergther, ~» and mlerelme their e§ciel bonds as me <eerel$ary··ef the Treagary may éirert. (R. S. Q 3680.) Wi ele. Trenéfer of duties of treasurer; te ether `E ellerrrs, etc}-·-The Secretary of the Treasury may, in his die erezieia. trarssfer may er all ei the clxztlses and frmctiens per· §e·erm·l=rl or autherized te be performed prier tc Kay 29, e»192§,

 resistant treeasmwers at Besten, lies York, Philadelphia,
   llmre, New Qrlemzs, Saint Louis, Sem Francisco, Cincinnati,
 {_‘l§€s:zgel, er their r>f§·;·e>s, to the Treasurer at the Enited
<e;m~< nr 2-the mints er essay eww et the~lUmtecl, States, under

well reles and regulatiens as he may prwcribe, or may utilize rrr nf me Federal reserve lmizke acting ae demsltariesder Ezra} egrezear of the Exalted States, for the purpose of performing

 er ell of such duties and fuhetlesrs, netwithsmading the

iirleéeslzlexze et eéetslrms @1 med 392 of {Title 12, or any ether gewielees ef! law. (Mnylw, 19%, c. 214, l§ 1, 41 Stat. l ll?. thepesit of merrey er bullion with Feéerhl reserve breaks.--lf :my“men~eys or bullion,. cimstltutlng part-} ofltheu seertfemls er other special hmdé prior te May M, 1920, wgeirell lay law tcbeykept in Treasury emces, shall be depcslled

  • Terrell may Federal reserve bank, ther; such mrmeys or bulliorr

· éeszll by Serb lien}: be kept separate and-/clistincif1'r0·mSthe

;e»~ee<, fxmrls, and securities- of the Federal reserve ban}: and

_P held in the jelnt custody ot the Federal reserve agexlt and me Felleral reservg bank. (May 29, 1920, e. 214, i 1, 41 %_§'i:lt.655.} ‘ " { _ - F ~ .

 $$8. Member bmkz as depcsitaries.—:·'b%’0thlng in sections 476

ee -59 et this title s§nll`be construed te deny the rightezvfl the l , smreelary of the Tréagury to use member —bai1&·dep0sitarles * er zmrgeriged by law. l (May‘29, 1926, cr 214-, { 1; 41 Stat, 655.) 479. Quarters bcc¤pied by ·subt_ren;m·ies; assignment te Federal reserve l§a¤ke.—-—-The Seeretery et the Treasury may swign may er nH the; reemsg yaultgequlpment, and mfes or egme in the lmlldlags used prior to Maj; 29,1926, by; the rnbjreémzrles tc any Federal reserve bank acting as fiscal agentd ” ‘ el me U1altecl‘Statcs. {May 29, i920, *2..214, Q 1, 41 Sfat. 655.} 488. Depgzfies in case efxsiéknesfcr nbsem:e;·--;In casé —otthe Slf‘l{lll€*$S _ er unavoidable absence ez any depesltary from his [ £zl%{·r·, he mer, wlt§‘ the gpprcval nf the Secretary er the Treas- -¤u·;—, eutlmrlze the chief hlerk, or some other clégrk employed tleserrln, to abt lu his place, rgncl itc discharge » all the cuties require;} by lar? at such assistant tregsurer or depéelteryu ·*l`he Miele} bond given `by the prmcipallpt the cBlc€*shéll

 liek! to carer and npply`1;0 the apts of*·the~`—per$0ii appointed

le act lnlhis Iélace in such cases: Such ··3cth;g .qmcei··_sh§ll. mereerer, ter the time Being, be subject to all the liabilities and penalties preserlmcl by` law ll for ihe eweiel mieeondixcl, in like eases, of thenssistlanit itreesurer or dep0·simry,’re·s:pect}vely,_ ferlwhem harem, (B; S.] 3613{May 29, 1920,; c. 214,} 1, e llmsm. ms.; — · ‘ > ’ k . ~ 481. Bend of ¤ge¤ts.··—=-Wberiever lt becomea necessrlrylfer the head of may (department or omce. te employ special llifents, other than eméers of the Army er' Navy, who may be rlznrgérlf with the disbursement Toi‘pul>lllc.rum1ey·s, mjxch, agente Shall, befere egxgerlizg hpqi; diary, give bond in such form and · · with such ‘ ew.l¤·:¢y as the head et the depurtzgsent or omee employing them may amprove. (R. S. Q 3314.) · ~ 482. `Celleciirs of publie mmeysb le pay ever.-—··All~ collec- , mrs and reéelwjérs of ;mhli;;·_mm1ey of ereryv description, wlfhln . the District et Gel1m1bie, shell, as eften as they may be di1‘&(*t€!§° la? the Secretary ct the; Treasury ar the Pesrmasfer General m to de, pay ever to the Treasurer efithe Un£i§e5_ Qtatés, at. 1he'Trem·mry, all public moneys celleéted by them er" in their `lmmlsj It slmll ®·fh£,(¥1ll`$' of the 8eeremry hand Postmaster General, reegeetlvely, be direct · such paiuiglents by ccllecfom

EY AEFD F£3»2·tNCE § 439 end reeeirere, at leeet ne eftetfee ence in eeeh week, end ee nrneh eftenest ee they may think proper, Q (R. S. § 361:5; May 2*%, 1920, c, 214, § 1, 41 Sint.  ; it ‘ 483. Marshals ané district ntterneyf paying f inte Treatem·y..———··A}l mnrnhnle, district attorneys, and ether p rec¤»ne than these mentiened in section ,482 et thin title, having palette money in pey tre the United Staten, may png the eexne te en? depnsitery cenetituteri by nr in pursuance of inn, nrkzieh meg be {designated by the Secretary nf the Treeenry, (B. S, § 3616.) K E f · 484. Deposit bwithnnt dwnetien.-—-T’he green eznennt of ntl meneys received {rem whatever eenree fer the nee of the t Ehitii States, except ne etherwine pmneee,t shell be pair} by the emeer er agent receiving the same inte the Treasury, nt as eerlyl n day as prnetienbie, withent any abatement er dednetion on account nf enléry, ieee, eests, charges expeneee, er claim of any descriptien whatever. But nething herein shell amect any provision ranting to the rerennw of the Peet Crniee Depnrtment. (RLS. §»38<1Tt) { l. rt 2 485. Receipts fren: private reesnngw sent eyer Government li¤es.¢——All· ineneys received fer the trnnsmieeien of prirnte dispétchés over any nm! ell telegrnph linm owned er epernterl ” by the United States, shell be pntddnte the Treasury ei the United Staten, ee required by section 484 of this titie. {ninr. 3, 1883, c, 143, 22 Stnt. 616.) ” ·_ 486} Private messages ever telephone fines centmllm, by, Treasury Department.--Privete messnges xney, with the p een-Q sent and authority. nt the Secretsfry et the Treesnrr, be treenemittetl ever any and ell telephone lines centrnlled by the " Treasury Depertment,' whenever it Seen net interfere with Government bnsinew, at ench W rates {end en ence termec ann conditléns as may from time te time be tired by the Secretary of the Treasury, tlge proceeds thereof to be neennnted fer end"` paid into `the Treneury et `the United States; {Apr. 1904, c.·17&,§1,—33 Stnt. 460.) In . °, , · _ — A t 487. Proceeds ef-salesfefcnggterial.-—-·All preeeede of snlee of _0ld ; materiel, condemned eteree"§“`e‘npplie~e,_ er other public preperty dof any kind, except the prncews of »· the snte _ er leasing eg marine hospitals, or of the sales of rerenne, enttere, · or of the sales of éemmissery steree to the e@cere end en· » listed men of the Army, " er of materials, ster?eeQ es: lv ennpltes ‘ -s61d to eillcers and soldiers of the Arne? er of the enle of cendemned Navy clothing, er of snles et rneteriale, steree; ver supplies to any exploring or surveying expedition antnnrined tb? law, er of sales {er which n`_ldiH'erent prerfeien fer the , `depcmtiein of the proceeds; is- made, shell be- depeeited nm ·

covered into the Treasury as mieeellaneens reeeipter en nceennf

{ of " proceeds of Government preperty," and shelf net be with- Qclrnwn or applied, except ine censequenee of n entiéeqnent

 epprnpriatlcm nmde·by— laser (R. S: {3613; Feb. 27; 1817,

Ec. @,51, 19"Ste;t.·249.} E _ V · ~ _ , » -. [

 488. Proceeds of sale of enrplns rtxttinge,—-—·—-The   de-—

tired from the enle of ·enrpl‘ne cuttings? of material fer eleth-· l j_ t ing nmnm‘!ectured by the Qnnrtermeeter Germ inf · the Army shall be deposited to the credit 0t_ that nppreprintinn ent ee which the meterinl was- purchased.- (Ang. @,,1916, c. 418, §1,:2e—sm:.e·ss.) n - r  » —» _, 489. Payment of expensm nf snlee frem praceede.-——-From ._ _ the proceeds of sales et eld materiel, énndenmed etnres, sup- , pliee, er other `pnhlie property of nny kind, before being de-I`} 'pmited inte the Trensnry, either ne mieeelleniemre receipts, en `ecceunt of "·preeee<;le‘ nf Gerernmenf °prnpertyr’* my te ‘the~ credit et the appropriations to which leech proceeds nre by t law &therized to be made, there may be paid the expenses ef such eeileérg ne npproved by the Geneml Aecéunting Otfiee, se ee te reqnire qnly the net proceeds oflsnch sales th be deposited `inté the Treasury, either ee `miecellnnecms ireeeipfs or th the