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1019 Q zmme '31..-#¥HONE meat, subject tolcrelmbursement from time te time, or on completieu of the work, from the depertmeet #0: bureau for which

  • tl;e stores; were tpmcured. l (June .12,. 1906, c. 3018, 34. Stat, ·

$0221. A§pr0p;’i;ti¤¤ fer Cadet and Geedetié Survey; purchases f:·em.--i'I’h»¤ Qecretary ei Commerce is auqmmea Ito. — pairchase, from the appropriation for the United States Qoaet {gud Geedetic- Survey, pyovisions; clothing, and small stores for ma enlisted men, and toed supplies ter held parties working t in remote localities; such provisions, clothing, small steyes, and feed isuppllx t0_ sold to the employeesfct {said survey edd me appmpriatien teimbursed. _ (Marx 3, X 1901, ::,853, § 1, 31: Stat, 1_144;·Febl {$,1903,-`c. 552,% 4,-32 Stat._826.) _ it 652. Appreprigtieu for B¤i·ehuw of Fisheries; irurchnqee; mm.-—'l3he Secretery o£_`Qcmme1~ce may purchase, to the e;tent · · or mt to exceed $5,000, fiom the appropriations —£o1·' the Bureau of Fisheries, clbthizig ded email stores for the crewe oi v®sele,· to be sold to tlne employees ez said service `arid the apptoinrim mms reimbm·sed.' (July 1, 1918, /c. 113; 5 1, 40 Stat; 694;) . " `— l [ 653L for sdpplieel ·~for-jcedrts, and iudicigl @ers.-·-—H0ney .epi>reps:fated"for supblies for the United- States! courts and jridiclel 0&cers, Q shell be eypended lu ‘ payment ter — such supplies only es shzill be purchaded, in' the discretion of the ~ .Att<>ruey General, for delivery at the Department lot Justice, · ter distrilmdcxi. (June 28. 1w2,.c. 1301-, $-1; `32 Stat. 476.) e l 664. Appepriaéoe for fariiituxe, and repqin fer public building; certain upehditurei prohibited.-4gExpenditures tor' traveline €If)¢}lSQS{ pdrsebsleteuce ot periods detailed to assist _. the iuspectenand a§ismut'ii1specter~o£ turhiture shell not be made from the appropriation fer “Fumitdre and repairs bf same, for lpdbllc bBi·1Qui1gS." (June 25, .1910,Nc. 384, .§` 1, 36 . Stat. 710.) . . _ e " ‘#· ·

 .685. expeweuxe. in eexceés of appropriations; fvoluutnry

service ferhiddm; apenrticnment of appgnpriatiem for done tiegeutf er ether general »·purpq•ei.~—--·N0 exeédtlve

 department ct. qtlnexj Govengmeut establishment ci? the United.

Steteeshell BXXJQIIGQ i¤_a_ny·e:1e fiscal year, may sum-ln exeees et zjiwrepiiaticms made by Congress I0;-_ tlnet ilecel year, or i!l’¢’01¥€`u1€.GOY€¥Dm8Il{%lB any c<mtmct_ or. other .· obligetloii for` the future payment of meney in excess of eiich appr0pi·iations» unless euch contract- dr obllghtion le authorized by l&vi._ N6: elaéll any dlepaitmelut mt any/e$cei· of the Govetnment accept voluntary service for the Government or employ ipersonal eeryiee in exeese of that authorized by lair, _ exceptl;1 cases. of sudden emergency involving the loss ot human llfe»· or the deetmctlen et ·pmperty.( All eppropfletlpns mede Lor cantingent expenses or ethe: general purposes, except eppreptial time made in ijuldllment ot contract `obligetlene expressly mitherlzed by law, my {mj objects tequlred or authorized by law 1 without reference to the euieuets axmually appreptiated there·· ’ fer, ee or before the beginning ot &ch dechl yeqr, be eo apportioned by medthly er other gxnecmem as to prevent exf peuditurm jid one pcrti_9¤_ of- the year. wlzl may necessitate dedcieecy er additional eppxpprldtfona te egxiete. the service of me. dml yu; ter which said `nppzjuprlatleue etc made; and all such uppcrtlomnenm ahill pe »,dl1ei·ed'tc uml shall not be waived cr medided except upon; happening ot eeme extrebré dinqxy emergency e1·,unusunrelrcumua¤ee which could not be autldmtw at the time at mms tech qppcrtlenmeutg but this previews shall not amly to the contlngmt ‘mprqm·latione ot the Senate er House ot Re;S1j¤e¤tetivei;·a¤d_ in case geld spl pertlenments are w·nii·@ ex: medlded was hmeln provided, the sam shall be welvm»ox‘_;n0dl¤ed in writing by the heed et such executive d mt er- ctleeru Gevemmmt utablls@t; " kwin; ee1etrdl»o£ the expenditure, and the thereto: emu Be reuyut rem ill me meme communi-· cated ‘t0 i¤ ecnnectlm yith for my •Acll·· _ _ tiexml npprwietlcm required cd accennt therebt. _ Any person

Y AND- 1·*11v.4”NCE §~ 67} violating any provision of this section shall be summarily re . `moved from office and may also be punished by u line of not less than $100 or by imprisonment for not less then one month. °(R._ S.‘_§ 3079; Mar. 3,1905, c. 14§4, § 4, 33 Stet. .1251; Feb. 27; _1906,'c.§10,§3,_34Stot,‘48.)~_ { · Q I .. · —- 666. Gratultonp xservices of members of QBcere’ Reserve ·'C0rps.—-Section 665 of this title shall not be oonstrued to pro; hibit the ’ Secretary of War from ecceptixig the gratuitous serw "ices of members of the O§cers?” Reserve Corps ot the Army in the furtherance of the enrollment, "organizstion, and training - of the·.QlHceré'» Reserm Corps, the Reserve 0mcers’ Training Corps, br the Enlisted Reserve Corpsiof Argny or in_consultntion upon matters relating to the military service. (May 12, 1917, c. 12,.40 Stat. 72:) · __ · . ` - 067. Contrpcts for fuel for public buildings in advance of ‘appmprigtion¤.——'Dhe ;Secretary_/of the Trxsnry - is nuthorized" to contrgct for the- purchase of fuel for public buildings under the control of the Treasury Department ln odvnnee ot the availability of- the appropriation for the p:1y;nent· thereof. Such contrnete, however, shall hot "excecdthe necessitiw of the current fiscal year. `(Feb. 17,; 1922, c. 55, 42 Stat. 388; Jan; 3, ,1923, `c. 22;.42 State 1109;.Apr,`4, 1924, c; 84,, Title I; 43 Stat. 83; Jan. 22, 1925, c. 87; Title I, 43 Stat.*781.)! ., J · 668. Contracts for fuel by Secretary of; War without regard tocurrent Baca! year.·——When, in the opinion of the Secretary of War, it is in the interest of the United States so to do, he `is authorized to enter `into contracts 'and ·to incur obligations for fuel in- eumelent qnontitfes to meet the reqnlreinwtgr for one year withoqt regard ·to the current §s@l `year, and pay- _n1ents_. for snppIies` delivered under such `contraéts may be made from funds appropriated for the Bscnryear in which the contract is made, or from {uncle appropriated or which may be appropriated for sinch seppli&‘ for the ensuing Hscal year. (June 30,1921; c, 33, Q 1, 42_Stat;·78.)e j `_ _ ` Q 669. Apportionment of oontingenbfund of {departments `to oEcea ond bureens.-—-·—In addition; to the apportionment reqnired `by section 665 ot this title, the head of `each executive deportmont shall,. on V or hefore the- beginning of each: decal year, apportion to each o&ce Yor bureau ofj his department »the _ maximum amount, to be egpended therefor" during the Hseal-U, _ yeer . out. of the contingent {und or funds appropriated for the éntlre yar for the departmen·t, end the amount; so apportioned; shall notlbe increased or diminished during the __ year forj which inode except upon the, . rvritten direction ot the heed .ot the department, in which there ehgll be fully expressed his _ rensone therefor; end there shall; not he purtyaeed out of any other `_ hind any hrtlcle for use in any omce br bureau or any executive department in Washington, District of Columbia, whichuconld he purchased out lot the Svproprintionp made for the regxlar contingent funds owner department or ot lte. offices y or bureaus. (Aug. 23,}912, c. .850; 87 Stat. 414.) ¥ " ‘ ‘ 670. Footing A of _ paraigraphh to detumine sional. npprog p pridtlad.-—»—'.l,‘he totnlnmount npproprloted in the various {mmgrnphs .o£— an appropriation Act- shall he .g1etermined by the correct footing up ot_:the specihc. sums or rata {appropriated in éaeh paragraph contnined therein nnlem otherwise expressly provided. (MeyA28, 1896,"c. 1, W Stat. 148.) _ _ 671; Appropriations for contingent expc@ of Congress; _ restrictions}-Approprtotions mode for contingent expenses ot ‘· the Homelof Repreeentatlvm or the Senate shell not be used . for the ppyment of personal services except upon » the express and spc¢¤c authorisation ot the Honse or Senate in whose behalf such bervlces are rendered. ~ Nor shall such epproprim tions be used for any expenses not intimately and directly connected with the routine legislative husinese ot either Jliouse ot and the General Accounting once shall apply the ot this seetion In the settlementot the accounts y ot expenditures from énld approprlationo incurred for services ·