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§ 125 TFTLE 7.,;,;;.4 for or 0mpl.~¤;.—<>d by amy corportation, company, society, or os~ so<i·i.1tio:1, within the scope of his employment or office, shall in owry {-mic be also doouxqd to be the uct, omission, or izzilure of such corporation, company, society, »or.associatiox1, m; vvoll that of the other porson, (Apr. 26, 1910, c. 191, § 12, SEG Stat. 3323.} W 125. Manufacture of adultorotedor misbranded articles prohibited; puiaishmont.-5-It shall be unlawfulfor any personto wmzufacture within any Territory ortho District of-Columbia Huy lllS@(‘€;l€fl<lG,_P21YlS groom, lead arsonate, or fungicide which o is zulultomtod or n1i5%amndod.Within,the meaning of this chap~ tor; and any person ._who shallviolate anny of the provisiongéof this see-tion shall be guilty of ·a misdemczmop, and shall, upon ocmviotimx thereof,. be fined juot to exoecd $200 fof the fixst o§onso, o and upon conviction fmte:1-chl..si1bseq1ient offéxmelbo maocl not to exceed $300, or sentenced ~t0 impx·isonim=mt._ for not tovoxcoéd one year, or both such -tl11el£1nd.impi·isonme¤t,. in the discretion of the. court., (Apr.·426,. 191O, c.`191,.§ 1,

3€3St:1t.33l.)° .   ~ ._   ~ * t    

· 126. °Transporttation orosale of yadultérsted- ormisbraudod atticlcs p}ohi<bited;.lpunighmc;1t;. exoeptiop;"articles for éxportee The introduction into any State or Torritory.`.or‘ the District of Columbia from any other State or Territory or the `Distticf- of Columbia, >OI‘— from any- foroigo couz1try,· or, shipment to t may foreign country, of any"insocticide,· ·01·»Pax·isAo gI'8€D,`·t)VI' lem! arsenato, or fungicide which tis édulteratod of misbmndod within 2-ho u1ozming;‘0f this chapter is hereby,prohibited; and amy person ivho shall Shijx or dellvérifor `sl1lp{uéi1t_from; any Smto or Torrit€§§5ly or the ~District of Coluiubiu 'to.a11y» other Smto or Territory or the District of Columbia, 01•` to a fo1jeign`c·o1{ntry, or who shall Qrecciire in any State . or Torritory or the District of conumma from., any. other State or fliorritory or the District of (Joluml>ia,· or foreign oouxitry, hud having so treceivea,. shall deliver, lu original unbroken pack-. ages, for or ot‘her»wise, or offéroto- de1iver, to kmy other person, any such V atticlv udulter;1te<t*or~ ··-· misbrapd¢d~o?withinV tho moaning of tl1is` chapter, or any person .who;sh&l1. soll or o§o:.for tsalej in the Disttiéti of Columbia or any Ierrltoiy of the llrlltéd States. l any suoh adultoratcd- or xqisbranded lusgciiogdo, or Paris green, or l€€1(1WdfS€ll$.lC€, l)I_fl1llglCldB,'-.0l‘ export or offer to export the same to_ Lany foreign- country, shall be guilty of oa ilIllSd£5Q€&Il01‘,, and $fox·_,·s£1chl_ odéhsé ..6ned not exceeding $200 for the first odense, andj upon com vtctiéiz for"eaol1 subsequent lomguso not oxqootllng $300, or be imprisoned `uot exoeodingl one year, or fbotlx, in the discrotloxi ot the court: oPro:v_·ided,. That ~no. artlélé- shall be doomod mlsbraudod or adult:-erated 'rwithiu, the,provisio1ts `l‘0f this chapter when intended. for exporf, to any foreign cquntxy and prepared orfp.·1ckod according to the speclllcations of directions ot the foreign purchaser; but lf said grticlos Tshall- ‘bc in fact sold or oEe1#ed for sale for domestic Tuso o1·_ com sumption, then. this provlso shall not exempt; said, article=from_ tho. operation of any of the other ‘pro.vlsloi1s.,of thisechapter. `(Api·,t26,`1910, c. 191. { 2, 36 Stat. 331.)} w o _ . 4 , t · l ,127. Gcneigl mics and oregulatioxml; colleétiam md·cxamii1a··· tion of_·sp¢cimo1m—;——-'1`ho ·Se<;reta¤y of tl;o~§l’re.asury,·the,_Secro-t tary Yo; Agrlcultureyaod the Séoxfetury of .·C0!llllZl§1'G8· shall make uniformi rulos and _'rog1il&tlohs for éartylxzg out tho pro~vi>;ions_ of this (311H[lt€f,'l§ClUdl1lg the collection lam} examination of specimens of l ¤scctic"idos, lZ’atls~ groom, lead arsonoteol ,.£l11d_fxi11glcl¢los lmamxgfucturod or odored for Solo Qin tho District of Columbia or in any. Territory of tho_U¤itod States, or .}\'ll_iC]l shall be oiored. for sale in uobrokeu paclgagu lxraxry s1.:.m2~ otlwr tl;a1;1Ytlx:1t"lu“which they shall hotel bow. 1‘&$D&¢e—

 tively m¤nuf;ict¤ro.d4 or— produced., or which shall be recolxgcdi

fromvzmy for0ig11_.<:ou¤try_ or. lntcmlod .foi·&__shlpm.o1:gKt» py foreign country, or which may Vbcfslxbmlttcd for examination

Q R1 C ULT URE c; ;~ by the director of the experiment station at my Stun, [Ury, 0; $123 District of Qylulnbia {meting umlzgr mc of {119 $€C1’€?T.H.l°y of AgYi{?u1tuY€)» U1" at any d€)Ii§i3&%€EC nr fw=g»; port through whichzsuchproduct is offered fo1·.inlel·smm xlliijpn V IILQIQQ, OY {OI" €X[lOI‘t or betwagu the Stiltpg any foreign port or gountry. (Apr. 26, 1914}% c, 1U1,”§ ;;_{ Stat. 331.) l ’

 128. Examinationslof specimens; notice to interested parill

and hearing; ccrtiicaiion ;t 9 districfattomey; plxblicatién W The ex-aminalion of specimens of iusectiitides, Paris greuns, kim » .:1IsQnau;es,Yai1d*_ funglcides»sh&11`.};e__ giade iIl,_tI}€lDQ{)2lf[lllt’l§¥’ {ll JF Agrigulluirc, by ·such_ bureau; br buréauslas mayebe •,Tix‘e §·ml by mglSecr`etary, for the purp0Sel,0f~ determining from ;-vm? /ex;1mi·l1ationi_xih“ether. sucllvurticlcs are`“adulterate<l or misbmnded within [hel gleanlng ct this chapter; and if it sim; l app(;¤;·xir•;>m qlly SU.ChllV€Xf1mil{&'ti0H that any or smh gpm- . mens are zldultalfaled cir ilxisbranded Within the meaning Qi

l1is·.qhaptar,_ the Secretary. of Agricuhure shall cause xlmlw

tlléreoftoébe giV€l1 tbl UIQ p&l'ty, fiom `\YhQl11' Siich Sillllblé wm qytgzjued. Any party so ¤0tiii¢d··Sh&ll be given ah 0pp0i·tm1f1»,- up be hcgxrd; under sixchfmles ‘ and irégulaticmén as may Q preséribcd Qs afpifesaid, aud if itKappearsztl1a.x: any of {line flpxyoyis-ions of this Ehaplcr hmle been viblhted by such pzm then lthe_ Secretary of ·Agricultm·e Shall at cme certify the facts t0”tl;e`p1r0pe1f»-United States districf aitcrney, will} q vcopy of results of theilamalysis édr the examiuatimi of such axjtlclé duly. auLhc`¤ticated` by the analyst o1·` 0Hli.·éi· muki xl such"éxamix1ation,; under, the (mth bf such 0§t;3€1’.` __AIter jml;;· l Y mchtvéf the»¢qurt,~ notice shalf bc'- given 4 By publication in sllch `m8B_B€f as may be pregcfibed by the rules mm regula- =.tion$ ‘uforesaid. (Apr. 26, 1910, c. 191, _§° 4, 36 Stat; 33:2.;

 129. District lhttoméy to ptosccuié vi¢Iiti0¤a.——·lt shall im

l the duty of each glistrictiattcrney to whqéa the Secretz;ry» <>i‘ ~ Agriélulturc shall report algy violation ofthis chapter, or m whom any difector-;0fexperimént station or agent qt any Stale, ‘ iTer1*if€n·yi¤t*thwDist1¢lct’l31f·€0lumbia;{* underiutherlkfwéf W l Sec‘1*e>t ary-. 0i•A.g1°iC\IlC\lI'E, shénll satiaimtoxfy evidénces _ —0£ &¤y suéh yii0lat;i031, to cause gppr0priatc· proceedings to he .— commenced and ptcsecutedlin the pr0p¢r`c0urts_ of the United l` StateS,` without delay, fqr the»e¤forceme¤t of the Deusltieé as p~1·0vided` in' this chapter; »(Ap1f.F26, 1910, ·c.—"l91, { 5, 36 Stat. l 130. When articles Qcgmedsdultgrztédl-+For the purpase Yugi

  • this “clmptér_‘an hrticlelshéll be deemed tb b€*-&d\u{él’&€§d·v-.

_ Paris 9f‘€6K.ég-·ID’ the casé Qt-qP&l'i8’t_§I€€D$ First, it it does _ nbt cdnlgain at least. 50 ccxstum ot mrsenicuam oxide; sécoual; if it rcouthius {arsenic in ivateriaohibla forms equivalent to more than 3% per lcentum of arscnicms `oxlég; wird, it npysubstuncc

 has bécn mixed   packeclwith it sq as to redgxcglmr lower

cr injhriouély smectlits quality or"¤tre¤gth· l f1,el¢é apmmxe.-»-·1¤ —the mw or new arsemmz 1 mma, xr li; ‘ c0ntal¤s”m0re than `50 per centum 01 water;¢se¢¤¤d, it it con- ¢ mins t0t¤.l" srs¤nicl equivalent to less t1;an 12$·§ per centmn nf ` arsenic Ioxid (As:0») ;` third,_1t Lit __(§Q!§t&iBS nrsghic in #w§t¢2r·l SQlUb1Q_‘i0lTlLl}S equivalent tk; .moré tl;ag*0.75~.pg1{ centuml of

 arsenic 0Xid_”(As¤Q.) ;»~_fo—m·t.h, if;111-y slubstnncgg have b€v¤_

_ mixed Bhd packedwith it as asyto reduce, lower, or injmsiously

 affeét its q1mlity1·0:T·strengthi _P·rqvided, howéwq That extra-

§·:1tei·\ may be added to lead arsetmte (gas d éscrlbe¢l in this`. ~ {mmgraph).‘i£_ the resulting mixture is labeled; lead grscuntc g<xmd» waterythe percentage ot expm wzateribci¤g`piz1inly and ,

 correctly s£atedV'0u~the label.   ,. L Q   __     . l   l_

ll Olhcr iaucqticides ¢rlfujrzgic£d»aa.e4In the fczée Of».if12§€l€t»i£?iela‘S · “ pr Itiugibldes, other t}.l§¤AP£}1’iS greép smdlgad arsenals: —1§`_il‘sf.f lit ·lts~strcugthior purity tall bélow me ptotcélged stémlardfmr quality ll¤dcr`wb1¢h’l lt is sold; second, lf, 8,I1X,§l]b£t&D€é° has l

Abeexi _Sub$titutedj wholly 91: in partfoi the &1‘uQI»é§.tI1iTI;d , if {UL?.