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§ 821 * TITLE 39.-——~T11E I' 28, 1904, c. 1759. § 4, 33 Stat. 440: Apr. 24, 1920, c. 161, § 1, 41 Stat. 574; June 5, 1920,‘c. 254, 41 Stat. 1052.) - _ u _ . ' 821. Compensation and promotion, of printers, mechanics, etc.———l’rinters, mechanics, and Skilled laborers, `employees of the liiiited States Stamped Envelope Agency at _Dayton, Ohio, shall for the purpose of promotion and compensation be deemed ` a part of the clerical force. (Feb. 28, 1925, c. 368, § 4, 43 Stat. .1059.) , _ . .- ‘ . ` 822. Salaries at annual or monthly rate; division of time and computation of pay.·—¥Where the salary or compensation of any employee in the Postal Service. is at an annual or monthly rate‘,`the~ following rules shall be followed in computing the amount due: Aki annual salary or compensation shall he divided into twelve equal installments, one of which shall be the pay for each calendar month; and at making payment for a .fractiona.l parts of any calendar month there shall be paid such `proportion of ones of such installments, or of theamonnt of the monthly salary or compensation, as the number ot days in the fractional part of that month bears-. to the actual. number of days ia that month. (Mar. 4, 1911, c. 241, § 4, 36T Stat. 1339.) ·° ~ ·. . · _. . »823. Leaves of absence; sick lcave.eEmployees· ln, the Postal Service shall be granted fifteen .tlays’. leave of absence with pay exclusive of Sundays andholidays, each fiscal year, and sick leave with pay at the rate of ten days a year, exelusive of Sundays and holidays, to `he cumulative, but no sick leave with pay in excessbf thirty days shall granted during any one fiscal year." Sick leave shall be granted only upon satisfactory evidence of illness in accordance .Witl1 regulations to be prescribed by the Postmaster Gene_ral.` ° " _ The 1‘ifteenjdays’ leave. shall be credited at the rate ofone and oue,quarter days for each month of actual service. 5 Not. exceegling five days of the fifteen days' annual leave with pay, exclusive of Sundays and holidays, .`granted· to i·auway, postal clerks assigned to road duty each fiscal year may be. carried lover to the succeeding fiscal year. (June 27, 1884, c. 126, 23 Stat. 60; Oct. 1, 1890,4 c. 1260, 26 Stat. 648; May 27, 1908, .c. %. 35 Slat, 413; Aug. 24,· 1912, c;. 389,37 Stat; 346;J<une 5, 1920, c. 254, 40·.Stat. 1052; June 19, 1922, c. 227, §i.3, 42 Stat. 360; Feb, 28, 1925, c. 368, §§_,_7,_.·11,·43 Stat. 1003, 1064.)* » 824. Same; employees of mail-bag — and mail·-lock repair; shops.—·—'I‘he employees of the mail·lSag repair shop in 3Vash= ington, District or Columbia, and Chicago, Illinois, and the employees of the mailelock repair shop in -Washing_ton,_Dist1‘lct of `(f.elmnl.»ia, may he allowed thirty days` annual leave of abq sence. (Aug. 24, 1912, c. 389, 37` Stat. 546.) ’ ·° PR1l~l‘ See Title 44, Ptinmo Paxnrtno `· 1*RlSONs ‘ ANH .— See fI‘itle 10, Amar (United . Title 18, CRILUNAISCODS ann 4 Pm 7 See Title 34, Navi". _ rnoaarnol Bee Title 18, Caruuuz. Con: A Paoli! Bee Title 27, ’IN'1‘0XIOA’l’IE# Lx

·0sT.4L. .s1a1cv101s — 1286 825. Suits and prosecution; in State courts.-.&ll causes of action arising under the postal} laws may be sued; and all oifenders agdinst t,l1€_S8I1l€ may be prqdsecuted, ibefore the justices of the peace, magistrites, or ctherajudicial courts of the seferal States and ° Territories having éouipgtent j;u·isdicti¤;>n‘ _by the lhws thereof, to the trial of claims and demands of as great value, and of prosecutibns where the punishments; are of as_g;·eat e!tent;_ax1d sucli justices, magistrates, or judiciary shall take coguizgnce thereof, and proceed to judgment and execution as in other, crises.) (B. S. 5 3833.). · 9 . _ 826. Ascergtsinment of revenues derived frcm and gmt of carrying gud handling several clasgu of sail matter; datement of annually; payment at c0st.——The Postmnstér General ' is authorized to continue the woék ot ascertaihing the revenues derivedfrom and thecost of cairrying·and» handling the several classes of mail matter and of performing the Spéciai services, and to state the results annually is A far "as practicable and pay the cost thereof out of the appropriationfcr inland transipdrthtioq by railroad ’1·0utes. ‘(Fcp. 2§, 19%, c. {$68; § 214, 43 ·Stat. 1069.) ‘ · _ · ‘ · · _, 8_27. Motor-vehicle truck routes pad motungxgirests mates.-—— To pr0m0te_the conservation of @11 products and to facilitate thevcollegtion and delivery tliereof from prcdugrexj to c¢msumt·s· `aud the delivery to producers ofarticles pecessgrg in 1:11% pm- · duction of such food prcdxicts, the Postmaster Gexicrai is hereby "authorized to conduct- experiments iu_ the operation Q! motorvehicles truck routes, to be selectéd-by him. 'Tbc P0stmast•.»r~ General is further m1th{>rizcd`t03c<m'd~¤ét eyicriments in the operation of country motor express routes; which shall bc"‘primar·_ , ily operated as a menus of expeditiug the transportation of .fourth-class mail between pi·6dt1ciug' and consuuiibg Ioééalittns ‘ and shall not displace or supplant may exiséting methods .01* ‘ mail transportation 0i·_dclivex·y, Those two kzlasses oi experiments ‘·shz111 be conducted under such rules and regulations, including modifications in rates of p0stag¢‘ {md in packing a11d· wrapping requirements, as the Postmaster General nitty xprescribe. . _ , tl “’ __ I ·Mai1 other than that of the fourth, class shall not lm disf patched onfexpcrimentaxl motor-vébicle truck routw ori on ei-, 9 perimental country motor express routes unless the ·_same· can whe expedited thereby fn delivery At destination. ’ · · x Separate accounts shpll sbe keiit of tlxé amount of all tim .mail of all classm carried on `such lfbixtcs. The I’0stmnster -Gc¤cx·al_ shall report to Goxfgress the result of sixch experiments at the tbeginpihg of the next tegular sessié;1. (Feb. 28, 1919, . c. 69, {.1, 40 Stat, 1198.). ” TING . Arm Docuumzvrs. · » »PR180NERS 1 V . States Dwciplinari Barracks}: Baxunur. Psocznvsn. ` at SYSTEM nw Ckriamnt. Puovxntms. trims htrou; ~