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117 5*1 TLE 7.--—AGR1_¢ mto agricultural college or school`, and no legislature shall by the s‘(_»llEl‘lL1.C{Z expresls 0; implied disable ltsoli from so doing. (Mar. for 3 1887, c;°31;4, 5.8, 24 Stat. 441.) p . _ _ ·~ · . cul ,379. Relation of college to State, etc., nnaffcctcd.·-<·Nothing .188 in this chapter ehglbbe construed to impair or modify the legal 3 1¤g~le1ion existing between nn? of the colleges affected thereby of uml the government of the States or Territories in which ‘thoy· lll mp respectively located. (Mor. 2, 1887,-_ c. 314, —§__ 7, 24 Stat. 441,) or 380. Report- to Congress by Secrctary.#——Theo Secretary of our Agrimxltureishall make on mmuol report to Congress on the alni

·t·ooipte·e11doxpenxdltures and wo1*k_ of tho agricultural experi-‘ tm;

mont stations in all ot the States and Territories, and also Inc whotlnor the appropriation of any State or Territory has been Pm \\'l(ll1l€l(1§._8.Hd if so,. the reason therefor. _( Feb. 24, 1925. 0.308, mn og 5,`43 Stat. 972.) . * * ‘ » the 381. Expenditures by Secretary in administration ofpchap- rec ¢er.——+-The Secretary of Agriculture. is —heroby Vmithorized to if employ fsuch assistants, clerks, and other persons as ho may ..“° doom necessary, in the city of Washington and elsewhere, and to to incur such other expenses for owco fixtures and supplies, $9* emtionnry, traveling, freight, and express nchargese illustration Sd Bf the Experiment Btation Record, bulletins andrreporto, as he ml may find essentialln catrylnzout the objects ot thlq chapter. FW (Mor. 2, 1901, c. 805, 31 Stat?935.) . · M ` mf 382. Power to amend, repeal, etc., resorvcgl.e—Congress may · ot any time amend, suspend, or- oropenl any ond all ot the M' provisions ot t is chapter. (Feb. 24, 19%, o. 308, i 6, 43 Stat. Wl 383. Payment t• Gwgls Experiment Station authorised.-——. W The Secretary of Aviculture le hereby authorized and directed W to certify to the ot the Treasury for payment, and °' the Secretary of the Treasury unauthorized and directed to pay W all approdlntlom, to the Expe1*lment~.(_Station, `nutho1·—~ *1 ized by this chapter in ocmrdanoa with the Act ot tho General Ul Asseznbly oi Georgia, approved 29,. 1888; leotgbllshing 19 the Georgia Experlmont 8tdt1oo,ll§. hdTlltIie ttti Ktftfliif Kll§i"l§€’18Q"I908 f " (Georgia; laws, 1906, p. 1161) : Provided, That nothing herein . shaltbe construed on limiting theaothority ot the Secretary ot ·8¤ Agrioultune oven and 1·@pectlng~tho'supcrvlsion of the operntion :3 oi the sold Georgia Expetlmout Station as not forth in this *0 'chnpter. (Oct. 1, 1918, c. 178, 40 Stat. 998.) V · `

 384. Cord   of hgrleultunl literature; copies to be for-· W

nlshed by Se¢lt¢t•r!.·+-The Secretary of .A.grlc{1ltufe lim? fur- ‘— ( uieh to such institutions or lndlvidunlq os may one to boy up them copies ot the `card index of ogrlcultlnrn1_llterhture pre- M pared hg the Department ot Agrlcultore 1u·con¤oec1on‘ with; 31 its ndminlmretion ot this chapter. and charge tot. the same a price covertug the additional expeums involved ln the prep; ti; amtion ct these copies, the money received from ouch. salem oi to be deposited in the Treasury of the United States ns pxnlsoely gg louootm rmlpto. (Mn:. 4, 1915, c. 144, 38 Stat. 1109.) I . _ th Chapter- 135.--BUREAU OF "ANIMALWINDUSTRY. gg Sec. · ·‘. · -» l __ `

 Establishment Act bureau; `eppolntment of chlof; general duties. ’b!

.392. Sale or exchange ot animals not needed; disposition ot moneys.

&o3. Sale o!_ pathologlon Wand zoologlonl Qnpeclmens; disposition ot 9*

p_ o moneys. , ~ v‘ ._ » _ ~ _ . 4. ‘ B 394. Ovootlme ot employees engaged ln erltorcemont· not Mont Inspection p tk ` Section ,391. Establishment ot bureau; appointment of oi `ohief; general dl1tl8I•·····TilB¥3 shall . he ln tho., Department ot tl Agrlcultunre n · Bureau, pz Animal. Industry. o Tho of lm ·Al;!‘l¢lllt\ll‘é is authorized to nppoint nchief thereof, who shall (Z be o competent vetorinnxy‘osurgeon.-_ and whose duty lf s ° be to investigate ondreport upontho condition of domwttc ei h animals ot the UnitedStates, their protection and um; andnlnol tl ljlnqulre into and report the causes of contagious, intentions;. 31 and oommunicahlo diseases amen: them,. and the means for pn

3{JLTL'RE § 404 4prevem;ie¤ and cure of the same, and to cc»He<·t such inmation on these subjects as shell be valuable to the meritural ahd commercial i11t‘erests` of the ceuutry. (May 29, &4,`c. 60, § 1, 23 Stat. 31.) . e r I92. Sale ofexchrange of animals not needed; disposition m0r&eys.——The Seczretary of Agriculture is nutherized to sell A tlge open market or to eexehzmge [er. other breeding animals animal products to the best advantage, witpout the mma`! ndemnation proceedings £u1d·pub1ic auction, such animals or lmal products produced dr purchased _1mder the°eppx·0pria· e ns made by `COHgl‘€§S_fo1' the use of the“Bureau of Animal iustry es may net be needed in the work et that bureau: wided, Theat all moneys received from the sale of such apide or animal products, or- as a. bonus in the exchange of e same, shell be deposited in the Treasury hsemiseelleneous

eipts. (Aug. 10, 1912,ee. 234. 37 Stat. 274..) t

393. Sale of patholegicel and zeelagical speriguens; disposima of moneys.--The Secretary of Agriculture is authorized ·_ prepare and sell at cost such pathological and zoologieal aeimens as he may deem of scientiec or educational value to entists or others engaged in the work` of hygiene and sanitionz `Prmrlded, That all m<meysereceived.1rom the sale of · · ch specimens shall be dep0a1ted·i¤_ merreaauw as miscelmenus receipts. (Mar. 4, 1913, c.i145. 37 _Stat. 837.) 894. Overtime of `empleyeei ¤gag& in emferccmeat af eat Act.————gThe’ Secret-ai'? QI Amiculture ia authored, in his discretion, to NY QRVIQYBBI of the Bureapr ot nimal Industry employed in subject to" the orisiens of the Meat Inspection Aet cenhfiftxting sections. 71 pw, i¤cl¤8}¥¤. of Qhapter 4 et Title Food and Drugs Aet, for all ertime 'tv0rk‘ pe1·£ermeQ ate such etablishments, at auch rates he may determine. and te accept from auch eetabiishments herein auch overtime work weperfermed reimbursement . ter ny sums paid out by him for such eeemmeipwczk. _(Ju§y 24;

  • 19, c. 26, 41 Stat. 241.) . `

mapter 16.--J-BUREAU OF DAIBYING. ’ ‘ *3 1. Establishment et bqreau. 2. Chia! of bureau; appeintmeat sad Quttes. r . __

  1. 3. Traester at activities at- Department et °Agr§_culture te bzrreaxx;

amplaymeat of alerts, etc. i *,· r 4. Apprepriatione for Tsureau authorized. X U , ‘

 401. Establishment af bureau.——·-—·T~bere is estabshed lathe Department of Agriculture a bureau ee be known

n the Bureau ei Dairyiag. (May w, 1?2§,_ e. 208,95 1, 43* ilC.248.‘) ~ f· e·• e e 492. Chia! at bureau; appaintmmt and detieai-—-At Glue! et Y »e· Bureau of Dalryiag shall be sppeinted by the Seereetarf Eagrieultxxre, who shall be subject to the genera? directikm E the Secretary ot Agriculture. HQ shall devote his time to ne invatigatiea ot the dairy industry, and the msseminatien Ek intermati%_tp~r the promotion at the dairy industry. _(Ma·y _. D, 1924, c. S 2, 43 Stat.'»£43.) _ _ . e · 403. Tranafer at activities ar Department ef. .Agric¤ltm·e ta arena; peaapleymeat at clerks; cia.--For t the _‘ epurpm et xabling the Secretary or Agriculture and the Chief at the urearrot Dairying td earry out the purposes er-m1q_ehapte¤·,e ae` Secretary e¤fAgric\;1ture’ is hereby authorized to transfer » the Bureau ot Dairylng seein activities ot e the Departmeat e E Agriculture as he may jieeiénatee which relate primarily to no Qairy .iudestry.· and ta emp1e§`sueh’add§tibaal perses n the eiti 0; Washington and elsewhere. as may be ¤@sary. May M. 1924, c. 208, I 3, 43 Stat. 2%%) ` * ~ .— .404. Appreprlatiea fer bureau aeenerazea;-T-raw the purpose é E mit the provisions, at this eblapter and the actlrb ey et the Burmu I of Dairying, puen sums et money as Core-

 may·_ deem neeessarypare herebi autboriaed te be appre-
 _(May.’%,_1924, 1::2%, S 4, 43 Stat. 243.)