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1365 TITLE 4.2:.+2 ammint mapaid shall be added-thereto, and theresxfter an additichal penalty of 1 per cem,mi1‘ at the am0u11t_u¤mi<1 shall be added ca the lst day ot each calendar mcuth if such qhargc agi:} penalties shall remain unpaid: Pmvwed, Thatvthe penalty of 1 per centum perv month against delinquent accounts is hereby nwuccd td <me·hg1£ of 1 per ccutum per month, as to 311 insmllmmts which may `bwcme due after Decembef 5, 1924. (Aug. 13,1914, c. 247, § 6,238 Stat. 688;, Dec. 5,.1924, Q 4, 5.4, suhsec, H,43 Stat. 703.) __ _· ·. _ _ — 495. Shstting ¤§ water- fc; , ‘· mmpnyment of . operation charge.--—.§a water shall hq deliverm to the iuhds of guy waterright applicant br atrymm who shall bé in arrears fpr mbre than one cn1e¤du· year for the -myment of any charge for Gwrgupn mx maiuteiiaum (Aug. 13, 1914, —c.‘ 247, 5 3, as Staf688.) ·‘ 496. of aitry or water tight for nwnpayment-of qgératim éh•r¢c.··———I£ `qny watér-right applicant or eutryman shall be we yar in arrears in the payment of any charge for Y operation and maintenance and beimlties, or any pdtt thereof, his watgziright applicatimi, and if he be a homcsteéd entry- mzasa his entry also, shall bc. subjeét tc. cancellatioh, and `alfl paymergtstmade hy him forfeited to the reclamation; fund, but rm homestead (muy shall be` subject t0‘coutestjbecauée o—t ginclr arrears. (Aug; 13, 1914, c,_247, 5 6, 38 Stat. 688;) I — `_ “ -_ 197. Aéticn to recover abcntihu charge gud pcnnlty.=——Iu thédiscretiou bz the Secretary _0t the Interior suit or action may ubc bmught for the amouutg of operation or maintéhancp charges in default and penalties in 1ike_ma—m1er’ as provided. in _ ss:cti0;1`_ 481 of this chapter, __(Aug. 13, 1914, ‘c. 247, § 6, 38 Stat.68S.) t `_ _. “_" - ·. 498; Transfer, af mgnagcmenf and operation of w0;·ks_.t0 unter twqrs generally.-——W11eu thé payments required by this chapter are made for the major portion of thé lands irrigated from thQ"WRt€l'S-`0{ any pt the works hgerein provided gfof, then the mmzagcnhent and operation of such. irrigation wcrks shall pass to the `owmars of the lands irrigated thereby, to be maini _ tained gt their cxpeuselunxder such form of brgaxiizpltiou and '11!1d©1‘ such rules aud' regulations as maj be acceptaple to the S€¢1i<—>tary"0t the .Iutericr": Pro·z~£ded, '1#hat·the title to mid thé mamgcnmnt mid operation of the reservpibs and this works- 'mcema.7 for their pmtectioh and operation shall remain; `in the Government until otherwise provided by‘·Congreés.~ _(`Jux1e _17,1902,c.1093,·|6,328tat._3&.) * ,1 %· V 499. -B2•a·ctihh•ry myc: te transfer mm;geme¤t.—Whguever any legéily organized wutgr·users’- association or irriga- , tion shall so mqu&t, th©·8ecreta1fy of the Interior is autherim; in his_ discretlom tc transfer to such whtarvizseri nssodatimx or `irrigation diqtrtct the ave, bpergdou, and mainhtcmnce » qt 411 oi- sm? part lot the, p1·éjécf_wc:·ks, subject to such rules and regulaticxis as he may précrihc , (Aug. 13,, .1914, c. 247, {5,,88 Stst. 887.) 1 . _ . - _; ‘ $9. mt; af association ar district in take aver manage- ¤¤t.·¢-—-—~Whcnexim· twathirds ct tha. ·il‘l‘i§¤bl8· Arm wot any .pmjoc§;,` cr divisimn ct n -pmject,‘ shall hq ccvéred by waterright mmtmm bctweeh the water users aud the United States, wttiq pwject shall be mquii·ed,§ as a, cohdltiah brocedent to? receiyihg the 'hwehts at this chapter to take cvjer, thmxigb é lgally organism ·wate1··users’ asmdation hm-. irrtgétidn district, the cam, hpcrntiha, and qaintengnca ot _ all br any paft: at the'§1foJ¤€t works, subject to such rum nudp yegulatiohs as the Secretary maypaacribc. sm thewsftcr the Unitx Stqtm, in its relation to said projéct, shall deal with a water-usora’_ associatiim or irrightian district, End whm _ the water uécrs ‘ control ot é pmjcct, Qpgrgticn and charges for the year than curvent shall be ccvcrod mté thai hcnwtmkaticn accountt to be repaid as part of the construction ,repgyméuts.` (Dec. 5, 1924, 0.34,} 4, subsec. G, 43 Stat. 702.)

'UBLLC LAXDS § 512 ° 501, Disposition ef. pméts of project taken ever hy water users:4-—Wh,enever the water m·en·e take ever the care, operetieu, A and malutexxuncecef a project, or a divieicm of d- project, the total accurnulatctlnet predts, as determined by the Secretary, derived from the operation of project newer plente, leasing of _ pmject.grezlng and farm lends; end the eele or HSE. et term sites shall be credited ton-the construction charge of the project, dr a division thereof, hud thereafter the netjrrodte from each . sources may be used by- the water users tube credited annually, first, on account of `prejcct construction charge, second,} en . account of project operation end maintenance charge, and third, . as the water"·users may direct. Ne distrihetion tc individeel water users ehallbe made out of any such predts before all ggigations to the Government shall have beehetdllymld. ° (Dec. . 5,1 1924, c. 4, Q 4, subsec. I, 43 Stat. 703.) ‘ Q CONTRACTS WITH STATE IRRIGATION DISTRICTS FOB 1 · · ~ · . “PAYMENT aOFr(3I-IRARGES ‘ ' · , 511. Authorityte contract with irrigstiezr di8€l’i€t•····Il'i. carrying out the purposes of the reclawetlcn law, the Secretary of the Interior may enter intocontmct elth any legally organized f irrigation district whereby such irrigation district shall agree _ _ to pay the moneys required to be mid to the United States, and in such event water-right applications en the part- et landowners zmd entrymen, in the discretion of the.Sccrct~ary of the Interior, maybe dispensed with. W In the event ot such contract being made with an irrigation district, the Secretary of the Interior, in his discretiénf may contrnct that _ the. payreéets, both for the construction of irrigation werke and fereperetien `énd _ maintenance, on the part e£·‘the’distrl€t shell he made upen such dates as will best cdnferm to the district and texation laws of the respective.States under which Such ll'l’i§d€i¤¤ districts ,shal1 be £0rn1ed,_and it he `deem it advisable he may ccntract for such penalties er interest charges ut ceee et delinquency in payments as he may deem proper and eeesisteet ` · with such; State `layvs,_`notwiths·tanding,the provisions er sections 411,. 475, 47 8, 492, end 493 of this°_` cheptend. The Secretary et the Interior j may accept d partial payment of the ameent; due y from any district to the United Statw, providing such accent- ~ ance shall n0t_censtitute_ n waiver of the balaeeeremaining dee nor the interest er ‘ peneltlw, if any,. accruing upon halnnce: Provided; That B0 contract with dn irrigutieh, district ` under this and the tvrc tollewtni sections shall bebinding ee the United States until the pr¤·¤¢éd1¤§$ en the part et the dietrlct fer the autherizeticn of the execution ct the contract with the United `Stgtes shell · have been. `ccnhrmed by decree et a court of commtent jurisdlctien, er pending eppellete ectlen it ground for appeal be laid. (May 15, 19%, ;c..__190, _! 1, 42 Stét-Ml-). _` Y , · · ‘ SI2. Release jef Government liens after with nrige-» (len distrlctsr-e;Pete¤te_ end we tenrlght certldcetw which shalt be after May 15, 19*22, under the terms ei eectlens 541 te 546, inclusive, of this chapter, t‘el‘_;ldnds_ lying within any irri- .. gatlen district with_ which · the United States shell have coetracted, by which the jrrlgatlen district agrm to make the payment of all charges ter the building et lrrgatien works end _ tor oneratien and maintenance, shall net reserve to the United Sta%eTh. lien for the paymnt et such charges; eed where such a lien shall have been reserved in any patent er water-right certldchte issued under the reid sectiene, the Secretary et the Interior is hereby empowered te release synch lien. in such mam nersnd form as may be deemed edectlve ;· and the Secretary or the Interior is further empowered te e release liens in tavdf et the United States contained in vmteeright applications and to assent to the release of liens to secure reimbursement etmcneys due to the Unltm` Stntce pursuant to watexeright appli- · ations running lu intersect the \\’lllt3I’:1lS€*l’S’ essocietienlland