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E3? ‘ §’ITLEm8.~ALIENS E駧(,,, gg smh qugsticn Hllsmi the dégwsit with ttm `colle~c£m·' Qi msmans of a sun! su@ckzut ta cover such §¤e._ (Feb. 5f

$;f§._<·. $9, § 14,) 3Q SCRE . N '· ’ » {

zi!. Ipspectimn -9f wlicn phssesgers gg, arrival; temporary m$s4·.i‘ st:ates of any v&cl Eriuging aliens it shall be the duty

 gw ;$§·< >1»€_1f §111lH§§\‘¤iiG¤`§&0i&!S to   crlto smdé mmpgmm,

$»§—4;4¤;:e: to-thevéwcl and there {sweet all mach- aliens, qrsaid Qg;;é1;··¤;s¥i0¤ €>Hi¤i33S m3¥*¤fééi‘_¤ tmpqmxymmqvgl of smh

,gw¤ mr <éX=¤mil1¤ii0§ lin time place, putgugh

.“.:»m¤.»:—;;g·;=‘—· rempvui. sha!} not be cpusidatm a lqndingj nor shall iz z·s·ii··¤· gesseis, thentxjaasportgatiap lim, masteqg, agents, own- Qwé M- iggnsigszees of tig; vessel upon which" said aliens, are

·<> ah! Déff ’Gf‘tb€ United States fr0m`·a13y`of the

(,;§;;f;,.gm;;g which, iz;—case such aliens; remain onboard, would umm- siw pmvisioas of `this__ subchapter bind the said vcwelsg

 h=;;;;~`{;;»§?{¥itiO§T lines,   masters, agents, 9wnei·s,*917` qonsignees,

\w¤·y·.· réahoval is ·made_· t.0 premim 9wued_<>r`c01:tml1ed by the ·u§wI States, sai}- Yessqlw ·tI'&B8i)0l't&u¥)D mgsterg, » »zt2s`*!§¥SQ_<)°WI}€1`S; or and eaéli df shgll, so kmg ` hg {2t·tomi0n tgzcte insts,;bé relieved cffxwépousibility for the gm?-l;¤wpiug of such- alicas. Wheuevef at removal of axms insgaacle the éessélg-Or trausp0g·tati0¤·1incs whichbmught Ihvm ·:md the (>WB€l‘S,_ igéhiggl Mid of the ~e» y(—»<<a*] uixyn which they ax·i·iye shall pay all expenms-otsuch, re- » ¤;:»m1 :$nd -all expenses arising dixring subsequent déteution; .;>€§vz2#§iz1g.<icciSi0¤ on the nliemf éiigibilitl. CG enter the United `>1m1{—$ ;;m1` until they are eithef allowed tdland pr . ret;urx1ed td mz §·:1rc·· of `Athvliue _6r to the iessel_v§h_ich brought; them, such ,··x;¤¢;N·s {0 include those of .maiutcuancc, medical treatment

 in 2»wpit}1l ,0f elsewhere, ébmrial id the event of death, and

·— u·:m»zrr to the ve&l— in the event dt deportation} éiceptiug '¢·n§5:_ wh¢#1‘0·th€fj Erik tmdaljlhé t€t'1hS of of the IWOVYBOS inf ><4··»·ii¢&11 154 of .this`titIe.. Any refusal eirfailurcto comply sviktlli the provisions hereof _ shall be` punished ‘ .111 the mguuer sp¤···iii•¢d in that section. ‘ (Febf 5, 1917,-c. @,1 15, 39 Stét. (3x5. D- . · V ,‘ i I * I ~ ~·» _ k,,___€_____`__________M____Tr» `rhwmwnrw·<·kW;’m—~'j¤MM’— V 152- Physical and "méatsl éxhminatioug of nli¢¤· pnsscngem; _rcgulaticns,—i·——Th<$ phjsical ind mental ii! all nrrivi_u';Q; aliens shall be madg by medical 0§ce:s_. 01 the} United Sxuws Public ged/th Serviéehwhé shall. have had it l@.StA two

i:·sj_cxperiei1ée·in` brdcticé Qi their profeasicu sinceree·#>is·ing the dwmq ccf dontoii M Who'

,- , £}1)<·f all medical éxaminitiqnq dud certify, I6! tim infcrmab ma of the _0&¢ers nm the b0¤r&*<>£ 596dRl ih; quiry i1e_re1xmfter {hr, any All phféctl Mid ‘ <i¤·fe·ct$ or owned by mid 0@ers in any suéh zziivu; 0;, shou€e *c&c¤rs lst the Unitéd Statw P\"li€ I i•·u111 {Sqi·v1m ¥ tact available, ¢iyil_ of mt. lex thin

f~uF y<éar$’ professional expérienco   be emplujed In stmh

g¤·m¢—rgéncy for sinch terms QS! B6 PPE;

Miigr·il· by me~».€k>m amr Geiwml bf Immigration, QRBGEI

` YM direction crwith the approval ci SQC1‘€(8l’Y`Qf_L8b0l'· Mi gzliaxasv arrivimi at pods the Utiited ·BC&§B8_·Sh8u be GI- abt than two Each medial 0&¢1`§ Rtytzhé "i‘~·i·im1 of the Secretary of Léhcrg `amrtmdci‘ such_&dm111i¤£1‘&i a¥i*·•’> `i*egu1a£iong as M pracribé and under regu }*"i""°*" P?`€¥>¤¥¢d_ by $11l'8¢¤¤ 0I the Uuitgd Staia " ¥f¥ 2·?>li<: {legit); Service;. .0&cars of the United State! !‘¤¥·1i<;e‘1Iea1th Setvice- who' bmj had thi {aizzzzmsis of imnitj and dismal! kfects. ahall be im ‘?`FY y or employed gt; au; parts at emry deémétw by the Sacm ¥—· i‘y’0£ Labor, and meh `0@céi·s shall Witt —·.;‘_m>!e faémtiea .fi>r' the mteuticn ‘n.ud_ examination at [ali

 ivigxg alien; iq whom i;1§&ni£y._0‘x" Bwiaffil    

gui the sc1·?viccsL bf intewmtem _$hi111‘ bé prcjddéd for such ci ?°Y*¤ii}_2i£i0I1,_ Apy alien 'ceft.ld® fér deféd

AHB CITIZEHSIIIP if _ § 152 { · may appeal to the marc] ofbmedicol omeers of the United States Public Health Service, which shall be eonveeeu by the Surgeon; ’_ General o£1the’United States Public H€3i[}1’lS€f¥}Ct3,‘&ll4l said ’ alien may introduce before oooh board one expert mefficnl not- E

V ness at his own cost and expense? The inspeetion, other than
the physical end mental examination, of aliens; ineludisng tbose»

seelringadmission or readmission to or tlxegelwiviolege of passing through or residing in the-United States, and the €'I$rimiIl§,l$i(bll ot. aliens arrested ¥t’€·UDi{€d·Sf1lt€S under this section,·C0ndncted· by immigrant inspeetoro, exeept ns hereinafter provided in regard to boarclsof special inquiry. All aliens arriving at portsrot the United States ehall beexamined by at least two immigrant inspectors nt the discretion of the Secre-_ tary of Laborand under such-, regulations es he may ‘[l1'€’87€’}‘ib€.p 'Immigrant inspectors are hereby authorized and empowereil to . o board and search for yaliensf any yessel, roilwnycer, `or any other conyeyance, or vehicle in which they believe aliens are _ being bmpght intqdtbe ”l`_ United States; Sold lnepeetors shall have power toodminister oaths nndyto take arm consider evi-

dence touching _ the right oi any alien to enter, reenter, pass

tbrough,ror`reslde’in the`United "Statm, anckwlxere such action _may be. necesenry, to ·-make nw written record of snob evidence.; and any person"to·wl1om such an oath-has been administered, , by under. the provisions 'of this subchapter, who __ shall knowingly _ or willfully giveialse evidence or swear Ito any false statement _ an any may adeetingor in relationto thefright oi any alien ‘ to admtwon, or readmlxion to, or to pans° thron@; or to reside in the United States shall be deemed gniltyl of rperjnry and be o punished as provided by section 231 of ·'1‘i?tle·18. _ All aliens i coming to; the United States shell be required to state nnder t oath the purposes iorwhieh they come, the length of time

_ they intend to remain in· the Unitw whether or not

they ‘ intend. to abide —~inibthe United Stetes permanently Rm}? i citizens thereof, and bench other items of information

rqardingothemselyes as wlllgaid thehimigration omeialst in `

determining whether they belong to any of the excluded ¢;YI& ·ennmerated mctionsiiw and 137 or this title,. any r stoner .o »f· in charge i mall also have i power reqnire by mbpeenathetattendauce and testimny of

  1. — `witnewbetore said inspectors and the prodnction og books,

[ NWN and doenments touching tberlgbt of any allen. to enter, • reenter, reside in, or pam thro`ngh the United Staten, and toithat · 1 { end may invoke the aid oi eny court of the `United Stem; and M any court within the jnrisdletion of wbieh investigations_< ·t are being cendocted by an may; in the ·` event of neglect or refusals to to a enbpmna lmed by l commissioner of immigration. or inspector in charge or L orehisal to testify ‘y before midst immigrant inspector, no f order requiring Jsnch person to awear before! said i@igrnnt ¤ inspector," produce papers, and documents if _ démnntled; M and txtifyj and any iifailore to obey such order of"the_ court r` be punished by the court ns a contempt thereof; Any. per- 5 ,se·n,· lnolndingemployees, Jomelals, or agents of transportation

 ircempmes, who shall nssnnlt, resist, prevent, impede; or · inter!

- _ {ere with any immigration omcial or employee in the peryé `formance of his dnty under this snboliopter shall be deemed · guilty. of a Qn1l@mean0r, and on conviction thereof shall be ¥ punished by imprisonment for` •._ term of not more than one li yearyor by a one of notmore than $2,Q00;__or- both;`end nnye s person who shell use any deadly or dangerous weapon ln ifes hoisting any immigration emcial or employee in the perfornmnee Fg `ofihi dtltyshall be (deemed guilty of no felony and shall, on · tenement thereof, be punished by imprisonment for not more t tl1an`€en,years.) Every?alien_n*l§o may- not appear to the exl` t aminlng immigrant Inspector at the port of erriyal to cleui·ly" ,· and beyond a doubt entitled to land; slmllf betdetnined for ex-

 amination in relation thereto by n board ofyspecia} llll(]llll‘}".` In

t the event of ·rejection%*l;y the b_oarcl ot speeizll inqniry, `iu ar?