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§ 70 TITLE so pla ved, lmay be sold at a price notfless than _ their eost price, iwhen there exist for such sale sentimental reasons adequate. . 'in the. judgment of the `Secretarylof War or Qecretary ot the _ - Navy. _·(Mar.‘ 2, 1905, e. 1307,, 33_Stat. 841..) I . " ‘ · 70. Sale of ordnance property `to .·Navy and Marine Corps o§cera.-Articles. of ordnance property may be 'eold by the ·· [Chief of Ordnance to omcera of the, Navy and Marine Corps, l lfor their in the p¤hltc`service,_ in `— the same·"manne1·_ as these articles are now sold to omcers ‘0f . the Army; ~ (Mar. 3,` 1909,*e. 252, 35 Stat. 751.) ~—’ U . . _ ·_ , _ 7L Sale of ordnance `storés to Red` Croaa and; civilian em- _ ployees_;of Army.-+Sales of prdnance stores authorized to ; civilian employees of , the Army and the American National Red Cross under such regulations as rnay be prescribed by the Secretary ot War. (Mari 3, 1909, c. 252, 35 Stat. 750.) ·_ · 72{Sale .·of ordnance and stored to Cuba.-—The _ Secretary. of War isanthorixed to sell, at the prices ilxed andpuhliahed by the Chief ot Ordnance, to the Government- o£_G1iba such article; . maj quantities of ordnance and ordnance stores as. may be desired by that.Govermnen_t_ for the equipment of its troops and as may be approved by the President of the United States. (Aug. 29, 1916, c. 418, 1, 39 Stat. · _ _` , · · ’ ·_ 7 3; Disposal of of sales of aeryieeable ordnance. and\stores.—¢All moneys arising from disposition authorized —by__ law, and regulation of serviceable ordnance and ordnance . stores gpall constitute one fund on the books ot, the Treasury ` Department, which shall be" available. to replace ordnance and ordnance stores throughout the tlscal year in.'.which‘_ the 'disposition was elfected and throughout the following year. l (AE:.

 1904, c. 1485, 33 _Stat. 276.) `· __ . — , . “ ·

74. Disposal of proceeds of.-saleslof useless ordnance. material.-—The net proceeds of sales 'ot useless ordnance material by the Navy Department shall becoyered into the Treasury as " Miscellaneous receipts." (Jan. 22, 1923, c, 28, 42 Stat. 1142.) ` 75. Payment for transfers of ordnance or stores to bureaus or depax1ments.·+When authorized transfers or pales ot ord- , nance or ordnance 'storea are made to another .bl11‘€&H` of ‘· the War Department, or to another executive department ot the Goiernmélt, I payment therefor 'shall he made by- the proper disburslné omcer of (the bureau, omce, or. department concerned. .When· the transaction is between two bureaus of the War'Department, theeprice to be charged shall be the Icostn price of the stores, including the cost of inspection. When the transaction ia between the Ordnance Department and any bother executive departmentrof the Government, the price to be ehargedlahall include thecost price ot the storea and the costs. of inspection and tganaportation. _ (Aug. 24, 1912,,cQ 391, 37 Stat. 589.) » . _Q _ i ,, · » _ 76. Private use of machine for testing iron and steels-—The Secretary ot War is hereby authorized to`. cause the machine. built for testing iron and steel to·be set up and applied- to the testing et iron and steel for all peraona who may desire to use lt, anon the payment ot ai aixitable tee for each test; the table l of fees to be approved by the Secretary of War, and to be so i adjusted from time to time as to defray the actual qost ot the tests as near as may be. . (J due 20, 1878, cl 359, $1,20 Stat. `E3.) l 77. Teets of iron, etc., for lwuatrial purpose! regulated; reports to Congress.-—-The teets ot iron and steel; and other materials for- industrial shall be continued, and report thereof shall bemade to Congress: And provided further, That making teat$ for priyate éitizem the 0&£.’ef in charge mw fmuire payment in advance, and‘~may_ me the funds . so received in making auch private feats, making lull report thereot to the Chief of Ordnanee ;` and the Chief ot §Ordnance shall give attention to auch program ot tests as may be submitted by the A1nerican_ Society ot Givi1.Englneera, and the record of 'snch tests ahall he furnished wid society, . to be by them published at their own expense. (Har. 8, 1885, c. I 1, .% Statf 478.) \ _. _. .

.$-—W.d..B_. ‘_ ·· 1694 "‘ ` 78. Ganga, dies, ind tools for mamufneture of srnts.———The Secretary of War is nuthorined to prepare or cause to ·be‘\ prepared, to purchase or otherwise procure, . such gauges, dies, jigs, tools, éxtures, p and other speéiul slds and appliances, - including cspecificntions and detailed drawings; as may be ‘~ ueeesssi-y,1:_o¤· the- immediate manufacture, by the `Govem-

 sand by private manufacturers, of erms, ammunition,

and special equipment heeesshry to arm and equip the land. forces likely to. be required by the United States in tline ot war: Provided, That in the expenditure jot anyms approprli uted to curryout the pmposm of this section the laws preserib: ing competition lng the of supplies [by ‘·purehase‘ * shall, not govern`, whenever in the opinion ot the Secretary of. War suclf notion will be for the bat lnterwt of the public service. (June 3,.1918, c. 134, ·§ 1%, 39 Stat, 215.) . ' 79. Nitrate pl.auts.—'1*he President ot the United States is authorized and `empowered to make, or- cause to be made, such investigation as in his judgmnt is. neeesenry 'to determxne the-best, memset, me mestsvaxmue menus ros me production of nitratm and other productsjor munitions of war and usetul¤ in the mnnufacture#`_of fertilizers and other useful ‘ products, by weterpower oreny other poweris lnhis- judgment is- the best and CIIBQDQCY to M9: and is also hereby ° authorised end empowered to designate for the exclusive iwe of me United States,_`if» in his judgment such means is bat end cheapest, such. site or sites, upon any navigable or nonnuvipbls river or · riversjor upon the public lends, as in his opinion will be neées- __sary for carrying out the purposes oi this section; and is further authorized to construct, maintain, und 'opernte, ut or on —-any site or sites so designated, dams, locks, inrprovements to navigation,. power houses, and other plants and equipment or other means than water power as in his Judmeut is the‘·best‘ _ and cheapest, necessnry or convwientx for the seuerntion of. * electrical or other porter, and for the produetion of nitrates or ’ other products needed for munitions otwar and meful in the manufacture of fertilizers and other useful products. “ . . ” The President .1; suthorlsed to Lasse, purchase, or nequlre, by condemnation, gift, grunt, or deyisefsueh lends and rights ot way as may benecessnry for the. construction and operation of such. plents; and to who from any lands of the United ‘$f¤€¤S. for {G purchase or dcquire ·by `condemnetlou. materials,

 rnlnersls, and processes, patented or otherwise, neeesmry for

the construction and operation ot such plants and for the* _· 3 manufacture of such products, r _ · I .' The products of such plentswhnll be used by the President for jmllitury und naval purposes- to the extent thsfhe muy Q deem necessary, and nny surplus which he shell determine is not required shulybé sold and disposed of byhim under such _ regulations as he may prescribe. . ‘ · [ r The Pr@dent is authorised `and empowered to employ sueh omcers, egents, or agencies as mey in his discretion be necesmry to enable him_ to hurry out the purposes herein mecfiled. —.and to authorise and- require such oQcers, `sgents, or. agencies to perform any und all of the dutiw imposed upon him by the _ provisions hereot. ‘ - _ , · » . · ` The plant or plnnw provided for under this section shall he ’. constructed 'end operated solely by the Government and not ln conjunction with sny_ other industry or enterprise `car· _ _ rled on by private capital. (June 3,. 1916, c. 134, § 124, 39 l Stat. 215.) _ ` - 89. Procurement of yur materiel; mobilization of indus·e tries.~·———The President, as time of wer or' when wor is imminent. is empowered, through the head ot any department ot the Government sin, addition to the prewnt authorized methods ot purchase or procurement, to plgce on order wgth guy findividual, Arm, asocintion, eommny, corporation, or organised mnnufseturlnz for such product _ or material as may V u be required, and which is ot the `nsturennd kind woolly °‘ fw ~