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1943 T1 ilfLE_ `17.·——-Ct WTITLE- 17.-Ca 15. Mechanical work to be done in United States.--$017 the printed book or periodical specihed in section 5, subsections (zi) _ and .(b) of this Actfiexcept the original- text of aiibook ot for-i eign o`rigin_ in a Iallguage or languagesother than English, the text ofall copies accorded protection under..tl1is—;Act, except as _ helowli provided,-‘ shall "be lprinted from `typeyset within fthe limits of the United- States, either by hand or by the aidof any kind of typesett-ing machine, or from plates; made Within. the limits of the United States from type set therein, or', if theteict he produced by lithographic process, or phototengraving process, then by a process wholly performed within the limits of the lTaited_States, and the printing of the text, and liindingof the mid book shall be- performed. within the limits of the United States; which reqnirements shall extend also to the illustrations within ia book consistingof printed text and illustrations } ‘· Section 5. subsections (a) and (lm) ot this Act’f’ mentioned in- the`. text, constitutes a. ·parfo! § 5 ofpthis title ot the Code, ’ · `

DPYRIUI1T»S §l5 DPYRIGHTS. . produced by lithographic process, or photo-engraving process, and also to separate lithographs or photo-engraving, except ·whei·e_ in either case the subjects represented are leeated in a foreign country and illustrate a, scientific work or reproduce a work of art: Provided, however, 'ljhat said requirements shall not-apply to works in raised characters for the use of the blind, orlto books ot.foreigu originiin a language erSIauguages_ other than, En_glis_h, or to books published abroad in the English language seeking ad interim protection under this Act,’ er to works printed or produced in the United States by any tether process`than· those above specified rin this seetieu. —_ (Mar. 4, 1000, e, 320, § 1.5, 35 Stat. 10’{8Y;`J_uly 3,1926, e. 7-13, 44_.Start.rS18.) i Section 15 or Title 11 amended.-+Sec. 15 io! Act et Mer. 4, 1909,

 320, 31 Stat; 1078, coustltutingsec. 15 et the Code, has been

r amended by Act otduly 3, 1026, c. 743,- 44. Stat. 818, te reed °‘ as above. The amendment addedthe words begixraiug with "er _ toworks prin`ted,".etc., uteud of section. ‘ _ I i"Act" should translated "'this title ot the Code? . ‘ .