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iii) TITLE 1.l.»—-—·-BA l H, ,,,·gt·rl ss e referee is fl eese in which he is dirertly or in- p s¥;r»·»sl5.· interested; or (2) pmehssed, while :1 referee, .direetly o ,,,» g.e;ireotly, es.? 1>1‘0i>e1‘ly of the esiste in benkruytey of S, easel; here referee; er (3) refused, while arefree or trustee, j as persrit ee. reasonable oppertusity for the inspection of the ( ,,,.,»..ssts relating to the affairs of, end the papers {md records tj sr. eeetes is his elmrge by parties in interest when directed 0 er me eesrt so to do. » ‘ ‘ _ ~ · g Em A persos shell set be preseeuted for any offense axis- a

 sealer this title unless the indictment is found or the in· d
  • `ir>xa is tiled is court within one year after the confirms- ,5

,3..;; of the effeuse. (July 1, 1898,.c. 541, § 29, B0 Stat. 554.)

 Rules,. forms, and orders.————Al1— neeexery rules, forms, 8

srs? eraiers ss to proeedure axzdfor cerrying— theaprovisions of .1 isa; title site force ahd eieet shell be prescribed, and may ` ee zmrerided from_ timeto time, by the Supreme Court of the { tsiziel States, (July 1, 1898, c. 541, § 30, 30 Stat. 554.) ‘ i a Computation of time.-——\¥'heoew·er time is enumerated by { ee;-r is tlristitle, or in any proceeding in bamkruotey, the

sss§a_»r=ef days shsllbe eomputed by egcluding the first and E

isrletiisg the lestkrmless the.last `fallorf st Sunday or holii ( ser. is wiiieh ereet the; dayr last iecltxdedshall be the next j {ley thereafter which is uot.11 Sayday- or a legal 'holiday. `( rjsigr .1. 0.541, § 31, 30 Stat. 554.) _. - — 4 “ .23:3. Transfer of » cases.-—In the eregt petitions . are "Hled _; sreinst the same person, `or against different members ofaa x

ez·tserslai;>, in different bourts of bankruptcy each. of which _;

ses jerisdi;·, the eases shall be I,·. b_y_ order of 4 eee warts reiiequishing jurisdiétiom to and be consolidated by 1

 gse of sselx courts which can proceed with the same for i

sire ereetest eozweixierwe of partles 1{ interest. (July 1, j E—~s*, rg. 541, § 32, 30"Stat. 554.) _ -* “I " 1 {lsspter 5.-QIDFICEKS, THEIR DUTIES, AND COMPEN-t 1 5.=\'fI()N.` A " " . ‘ ‘ “Z Z`“`€* S ‘ . - 1 ea. <`resii.o¤ of two omees. . . . _ rst. liefereos; erspolntment, removal, and districts of. ‘ `] ·s :. seme _; qeali·Sce,ti0as.`. iz;. ·>is:si.¥; oaths. 4 - sx $2iI23§*.§'1}i.1$!}€i‘. ._.~· I

    • 3. Seine; jprisdiction. ·» · __

zi?. :~is:m·; sorties. .» .' · ss. same; reoapeosatioo. D nes:. Same; reetempts before. . T-;. Some; recerds. _ . $1. Same; absence or disability. W 723. Traxsteesi nppoixitmeiit. ’· ’ Yi;. reuse; qseimcstioes. ·

 sssse; death or removal.

M. téeelet dtatiru. — .

 amsgwnsetioe et trustees, receivers, and marshals. `

H. .xe;~oests ood papers of trustees. ' ie. Reeds of referees and trestees. .t». lmties eo! clerks. · i. A- eso. wes of clerks sod marshals. " -;. imties et Attorney. General. . sr. ssstistlrzs of bankruptcy preceediogs. Section __6l. Creatiern of two. o&ces.·--Tire oiliees ot referee

 ?¥¥?il»H‘l.18I{e€ are ereated. (July 1,~ 1898, e. 541, §, 33, 30 Stat.

“ 3;§$;_) _ " · ' J, ’i S2. Referees; appointment, removal. md districts of.-——Clo11rts ef iaaskruptey shall, within the territorial limits of xrhiéli they “1‘¤·e;>e<;tireiy have jurisdiction., (1} appoint referees, eeel1’1‘or a mlm site two years, and may, in their diseretion, remove them’ }**‘(’}i¥.lS*3 their services are not needed er for other eeuse; and ll!} desi§`¤&t€. and frem time to time change, the limits of.tb.e` ‘ sastriets ot referees,.so thstteaneh county'. where the services ot ’ · - e referee ere aeeded.’may constitute at least one district,. .(.’Iply 1, 1898, 541,‘§ 34, 30 Stat. 555.), . ·— ° _ { 63.. Same; qualiéoatiroras.-—Indl*5»·ldeels shrill not be eligible to ,.¥¥1*],*0lI1{131£H{,V as-referees.u¤1ess they are, respeetively, '(1) com- ·

Fe Z\'>{£i»ZUPi"€}’Y ‘ § 67 ¤ete11t te perform the duties of that eiheei 2} met kcwldieg; any Hiee of prent er eemelument under the izméz ei the United Hates or of any State other than €{}IXl%}}i?5Si*;i}€.%fS of deed:~;,, ustiees of the peeeegmasters in eheeeery, er netaxies pumie; 3) not related by eonsangninity es: eaizzityf, eeishin the third legree as determiixed by the eemxmm law, te any of the jedgxee »f the courts ei bankmptey, or of the jguetieee eejeeigee of the eppellate courts of the districts whereiziitlsegce may he appeintetl ; md (4) residents ef, e1·_ have their et§e·e~:< ie, the territorial listriets fm: which they are te be .eppeinted. Qulgr 1, 1§~1t>S, e. i41, »§ 35, 30 Stat. 555.) ‘ _ V 64. Same; 0aths.=—Ilefer<·es shall take the same swath ei eteee as that prescribed fer judges of United States warts. (Ji11y 1, .898, c. 5-11, § 36, 30 Stat; 555.) . 65._Same;·numbe;.—»S1xclx number of referees. shell he ae minted as may be necessary to assist in expeciitieuely treesaeb ngthe bankruptcy business pending in the vafiees eenrts ef mnkruptey. (July 1, 1898, c. 541,, § 37, 30‘Stat. 555.) 66. ~Same; jurisdiction.-T·Re~ferees respectively are , invested,

ubject_ always to a` review by the judge, erithin the limits

>§$ their. `distriete as eesmeneeeq from time te time, with prisdietieu to (1)`A consider a,l1'petlti<ms referred ee them by "

he clerks and make the adjndicatiens or dismiss the petitions;

[2) exercise the powegs vested in eemts of bankraetey fe: the { uhninietering dt oaths to and the epzanxinatien of persons- as witnessesand for requiring the preduetien et documents ”in·prezeedings before them, except me peveer efeexnmitment; (3) » znereise the pewers of the judge fexf the taking pesseesien and releasing of the property of the bavnkrnpte in the event et the$ issuance by the clerk of a certificate shewing the absence eta indge iron; the jadicialadistitict, or the éivisien of the district, at his sickness, er inability te act; (4) perform aneh part ef the dntiee, except ae to qneetiene arising ent of the applieatiena » of bnnkrnpts ·for cempeeitiens er diwharges, as ere fhy this title eeurerrea on cenrtst of bankhnptcy and ee snail be scribed by rules. or erders et the eeexts efzbankrnptey of their respective districts, except as herein otherwise provided; and (5) uportthe abplicatiea at the trustee dmjing the examinatien of the bankrnpts, er other proceedings, authorize the exnpley- znent .0f eténegxraphers at the expense of the estates at ag eeae pensation not te exceed 10 cents pe1j‘»fe1ie» te: Lrepertiag ami transcribing the proceedings. (Jnly 1, 1®S, e,. 5451, it 38, 39 67. Same; duties.--(a)_ Referees shall (1) declare edivgeientis anti piepe re and delivetjl tetrustees dividead sheectsehexeixza the dividends declare:} and te jvhem payabie} (2) examine all schedules efppreperty and lists et erediters ated by ebankrapts andf cause such as are incomplete br ~de‘feetive to be ameaeed; (3} furnish. stxchinfermatien eencerninxg the estates ie pseeees of 8i1II1i!1IStl.‘8.ti0i1_ befere them as amy be reeneeted by the parties in interest; (4) give netiees te creditors as herein provided; (5) make up reeerds sembedying‘the eeicieace, er the substaxxee~tl1ei·e0f, ¤S`ag¤ee;1‘upe¤`·e;¤ the parties te all eea·- reetea matters arising before them, whenever reqnestea te de ee by.either· of the parties thereto, tegethe: with their matinee therein, and transmit the1n`te th_e·»;judgm; (6) prepare end file. the eschedaies of . prepe;·ty_ and lists et ereaiiters reqnired to be ·il1ed» by the bankmpts, er_ cease the eame ze be ’deneQ when the bankxsnpts {eil, refuse, erv neglect te de ee; (T) ` safely keep, perfect, and transmit to the `clerks the yrecerde, herein required te be kept by, them, when the eeees are Teneludegi; ’(8)L transmit to the clerks such papers ae may be en Hlel before them whenever the same are needed ia any ·p»re-V ceediugs in eenrts, and in like manner secure the return et such papers. after they have been deed, er, if it he inxpractieable tetrenemit the_ ex·iginai papers, transmit certified copies theeeef 1 by nxail; (9) upon. applieatienh of nny petty in interest,.pi·e— ~ serve the evidence taken of the substance thereof as; agreed