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§ 14 _ — *’ . V TITLE 29.-» their working ccmditi us, increase their-e$cieucy, and advaucé their cppmitu-1 {Hes, f r pmiitable employmexxt.: The said `bgxrcau ; shall have awh0i·ity 0 -i;1_vc.stigat& had rep0rt_t0 the Départ-` lhvlit. of Labor upon al. nigtters téiuiug ·t0 ti1€.,_W€1f3f€'Uf _ w.umen "fz; indxgry. The tm·- és said b11m&u`may‘f1·0m fiuw tc; fimé. publish the restilts of these juvestigations in Such " a“ 13].8-¥ll1{*1"3l1d_ to suchnéextexxt as the Secretary of Labor may pxféscribe. (June 5, 1920,}:. 248, §_`2,_ 41 Stati 987.,) ·_ ‘ _ “ . - ‘ 15i._Assis§a11f dircctar of burcgh; appoin'tg¤ent ;_ salary; du¥ies.—¥T}zex?a‘.siZ’il1 bé in the $VO1l1(211:S- Bureziu ‘=an..z1ssista11`t ilirsxitqr, tanbc appointed by the Saecxetayy 0 f Labor; who shall -4 raaéspive &111`&1i§1i1&I”C0m[3€B»Sati011 of .$3Q500 and shall perform. suéh duties as shulybe prescribed by the direptoxg am}, zipprovgd hy thé %x·étary df, Labor. _ (June 5,..1920, c. 248, § 3,. 41 sm:. QS?). V * __ ` ~ , - 15. Employee` of bureau;’ c0mpensati9n.—T11eréf is heréby ‘ i authorized ,t0 cazyiployced by the \V0meu`s Bqréau .21 `chiéf _ clerk. aud. sac}; speéiar agénts} uséistqrits, clerkSQ `&¥1(1' Ot fe vmpl<>ycé$ gi: Sych rates .0f compensafibp and in such-numbers  ; és V-Congress may f}:0m time to tipxé provide by) &p`p1*0priations.> (June 5, 1920,.,0. 248, § 4, 41 Stat,987.) U _ . , . _ ‘ 16. Quarters fof }rur¢a§1.—f1‘11é.See:retary bf Lahore is hereby nlii·$ct+e·d to? furnish sufficient quarters, ‘ ofiicef furniture zppgl , éq1iipmcm‘,_ for the work of the _\\vOm8D,S__BUI€&U. (June 5, . 1929, c. 248, § 5, 41 Stat. 987.) _ " ‘ ·' Chapta; 3.+—NAfI‘IONAL TRADE-UNIONSQ ~ __ 31. Deénition. I _ _· ‘ 22. Inmrpuratign. `. _ · " ·* `. 1 ‘1 23. C‘<m`sti·t1?ti0i1, 1*Q]QS,' and byilaws. AC, — . gy 24. Omcexjs, b:·$iucheS,- and subunixms. ] E5. Headquarters. I ~ " A _ " Section 2l;·De|°i13ition;~—Thc· ·te;rn1 Wnational tfade-u iun," . in the mezming of Qthis chapter. shall signify any asgqegation _] af wmjkiug people having two or more branches in thé Suites ·· >r Tc1·£:{t <;ries of the United States ft)? the purpose _0f·ai¢ling‘ its`. 1 awxizbers to becrm1e.m0;·c Skiilfuhanil eiliciergt. workers, fha ; pmmcticm of their general intelligence, the elevation ·0f their ·; +1g.$r:1ctgx·, tha regulation _0f their jvavges and their hours hud,] ?fH1di_ti0!X·S df. 1-sibor, tlxeuprotecticn of their individual rights in 1 me ]$l‘(}S¤9(?\}t·iQH of their trade or trades, the raising bf funds g For the l»er; 0H@ of sick, ¢l§sz1l_»lékl, 01* unemployed mémbérs, QI? 1 the families of gleséegsedg1i1éml.>grs ; or fof SiiCh“0t1l€1° objecnt or e

>b¤je<·ts fm·.xvhich wmkiiag people may 18wful!§v`c0mbine, hav- Q

lug in (view theixf mutual protection or benefit. (June 29,- 1886, I

·.;'56Z,§1,24Stat. 86.)·, _ ‘ “I- Q U ·‘ 4

22. Im:0rp0rati0¤.e——1Yationa\l trade·un‘i0ns shall; upon ming 1 their articlés`,obinizorporaticwxn .111 thevoffice of die 1·éc0;·dei· été 1 the Dist1=jct‘ §;>f*C0lumbiza, becohm a· corporation 1inda1‘.the’ m<·lmi<·:1l I}21l11(‘ hy which said'miti0hz11 tl`Hd€—UI'li0Il. desiresqtc ` be km>$~.·n to thé trade; mic} shall have the iight t0· sua and be e s·:1x€·<I, t0`i111[iI@:`ad and be implgeadcd, `tq grayit and receive, in its I vmgxariite ·m· te<·lmic·a1 hmne, property, real. RDél‘S0’I1§1l,· &I1d“ _4 zzxizwil, zmkl `tc use said property, and the proceeds and incémue · !i1e >1*€·0f,.for the objects of said corporation as in it]§_Qh&1°(€l‘ 4 sk·ti-mai: 1’mz ·id<·d ; TIRSCVPHCII union umy`h01d' only so much' .· r0§1l`0sta1f<~?_:i$; may be req1;ire<l for, the immediate purposes df 1 its iI$C(3}’]!(31`£3.Yi{)l1. (June 1386; c. 567, § 2,‘24· Stat._86.)' -3 23.* Cunstitutimn, rules, and byg·laws.·————An §11c0rp0`ratcd¢na- 1 timml tmde~11 nic11`s11a11 laixye power to .mz1ke and, establislxgguch ,4 constitution, 1;1l}§`S, a11¢l£b3‘—law$ as it may — deeh1 proper to éarryl 1 out its 1awfur objects, and thqsama to alter, miéend, aqd to, : or repeal' atj phaasurk. {·;l1I1€_29, 1888, c. 567, ,§ 3, 24 Stat. 86.) 1 24. Oféceré, Tbm¤1chea,’[a;id si1bm1im1s.—···—-AujincQrp0»rati;+d»ug— _· tional, trzndeqmioxn- shall have p0vi·cr't0_ dedpg the duties and I powers of all its officers, and prescribe _$,h£?i1" mode of election · and term bf 0mce,_t0 establish branclms and subimioyis in any •

-LABOR,_‘· °' Q 948 Ierniitory of the United States. (June .29, 15386, c'. 567, §,-4, 24Stat.86.) `"‘» _ { . ~ j ~ 25. ‘Headquartcrs.¤·——Thet lnemlquartefs of xm iuécrperatéd mtti0ua‘l trade-uhibn shall be _}0cz1ted` in the District of Columbia. (Jtme_29,_1886; c. 567, § 5, 24 St:.1t._S6_.} f .& Chapter 4.--5-\’OCA'EI0I?£-Qt; REHABILIIQATIGN OF PER. ` __ SONS INJURED IN. INDUSTRY.; ° = M { 3LZ·App1·0priations fo1·`_use·0f ;St& vecmicnal rehabiiitatimx nf · = ·‘persons injured in indust.ry· orcccupatieng __a1tgtxt=e¤t. · 32. Conditions pre<éedent· te and limitations- an expezuiiture ot appre- T prtatious; civil employees ot Unitedt States ts: receive benefits. 33., Domrietitms. · 1 . _ 34.; Acts required ot; étatesxto swxrre benefits of s’ppx·0pri$tion$.,_ 35.·Fedgi·al Boax;d.for Vocattmml Education; cc#>per&ti0iz with Siege ·_ bourds;" rules ami reguh1tiems.__ = _ " 36.,Furtl1er powers angl dutfesof Federal boeufi; deduetinns from ur - ‘ · Warithhoiding atlptments to' States;} · . · , 3]; Payment of allotments to `States; menmm·¤¤»¤¢ by States. 38..-Report Federal- h9ard"t0 Congress. * ` 39. .Appi·0priation for use. of Fesleml board; I 105; Report of expenditures of boerde _ . A _ 41*. Federal hoard aut_h0riz<·d to gcceive gifts and donations; 42.- Gifts. or ,d0‘}l$ltiO!IS to=‘<*<mstitute speciahfund; use ef. 43. Repqrt of gifts- ori donatiqns, · _ ” _ ij!. Ifr0hibition_·0f discrimination -£0r or hguinst persons entitled te , ‘ beneiitsnot .c.ha,pter. _ · - - . .* $5. Provieiong of ghapter *extemli~<t to 'I'errit0ry_ of ffawnii. A ‘ Sehtiont 31Q Appropriations for use of States for vegstioeal rehabilitation of persons injured in industry nor bccupdtient; aIIOtment.——In ordeP` tojpruijide fmjthe prmu0`t_i•Q>xi of vocatimmi rehabilitation of pers0ns*di.s&nbled ’in`i11dustry erin any legiti= mate occupation <axid_ their return! to cixil employment! there is herq}y_y`autl1brizec} to be `sqmrqpriatecl for the use of the States, subject to the provisions of this chapter, for the ‘put·peee of ?Ot}[)§I‘&tiI}g` with them nil} the hxztinterxanee of vo<:eti—om1l_ Ee habilitatiou of" mich, disabled e persons, / and in retzimiug vocatiqhally -rehal»iIIt&ted .persergs to` <:ivil~eu1pI0§3*mer1t fm: meh ‘0~f the·~f1s¤cral fyeqrs`-ending Jmxé/30, 1926, aint June 30S [927, wand thereafter for a period of three yeeré, the sum ef BL000,000. Sai;} sums al_l0tted_ to the “States` in the.? e proportion xxjhich thei1j pépulatini1"heéreto the tem} ;¤};1x1_l:1tig£¥x in the United States, not including 'ferritexzies, _¢mtlyi»ng° pesQ · ses§i0ns," and the‘Dis€1·`ict of Coiuxhbiag an-mrding ‘to the last preceding United States censtf1s: Prm>Edcd;,_Th&t the allotment of funds to any State shall not he.less._tlmn _& .1}1iDiIIEl}Il1 ef

 fo? auyyamx yea}-. And- there is -hex·e_hy mxtlmxjized Pte

be appropriated for the Hawai- years ending Jtme 30, 192i} and 1927, the sumiof $34,00Q,· qv s0—.1¤tx0h—there0f· és nm; he needed, which shall be used Vfef the pm·»p0><e of providing the mi1gi11um‘all0t1i1eut to the States provided fox·` ih this seetigm. (Jmw 5; 1924, c. 265, 43 3m; 43;) _ · t — ; _. h . 32.* Conditions {precedent tin égnde limitations gm expenditure nf ¤ppx·épriatiE»¤q;“'¢iviI·cmpluyeeseqf United States td receive bene_iits.——<A1l'111<»:1eys expemiéd under the previsiqné of thig chapter from appropriations authorized by mtiew;31 `shz1II‘bc lllwllzthé COH_di€i0I'l. (`I);‘_e&ch wlexllstrl of Federal money BXDé~I1d€*d·hUl€1’é shall be expendedmin the`Statc under the su;>e}·— vision and control of the State b0£1l’[l_Ht least an equal amount fof the same purpesei Provided, That xm -p<>rtioe et the apprepriatiixnzs autlmrjzed by i—his$chaptei· shall he used by any institution fur lmrxdicapped pérsohé except. fo}: the Special training nf suqh individuals entitled to the heneétsxif this chapter as slmll _ be determixied by the Eeclerzzvl hoard; (2) th‘at.the State lmzud shall amzmally Submit to the Federal beepdl for apiiroval ghms { sl1ciwing·_ (a)"the‘ki;1d§·0f vocatienzql reh_ahilitetioi1 and sclxemee of plaeement fof it is ppoposetl the agihroprietien ¤h:1lI_ be used; (b) the plgm ofgduxixiistgtztioxx and eupewyision; (c) courses ofstudy; ‘(dTméth0ds of iiistmction; `(e);qtmIiHcz1ti0¤~ of teachers, supervisops, diiectors, and Other `necessary admf11-