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SIXTY-NINTH, couennss. sm 11. cs; mm. 1:122.. 1239 thence westerly lineof said. township- to the northwest corner ocfwection 1, `dr township ;· thencdnortherly elongarest lim of·sectio1r·86} township 81 ndrth,lr " 1 east,-to a· point onvhalf mileisouth o Jthe centerslixiemf thelgu ` survey assrnepped and stalaeedby u18·B¤1‘B&Hl0i*PUl)liCf&d1l2i!lg theeiieldseason oi 1925; thenee··ln-·d£uorthwe¤terlycdir¤$ion»;fcdlSowing a »line,·;which maintains o;e&l§lf1·niIe·so•sth gent fof ithe r· me . i` surveyl i " 'tm;w' : I r0)ected` ‘» seetionrline between what probably fwill; be·.whea—nsrveye<l)seot:ion¤ elses 2lB,~-townslnpiw-no c »2»·west»; thence westerly, along pr0jeeted—seotionTl:n:¤es.thro ‘ »tohVnabips;3B’¤ortb;r•nges , 3, and 4 westyto ;its~intersecti¤en with the upper west rimef Havasu (Gatsraetétlnycm; thence northwesterly said‘§er rim, crossing L ual? c Oanjron- _ to Wescogame; continuing _ northwesterly asggiut rim to,Wat¤houxigie Fointi; thence due north< eng t rtep —-‘€I‘il'ldg8;$8¤.·dld’AD®r0f approximately three+fourths:m we milcto the goint ofxsaid»·ridge,·the··el¤vntieu of which is given es four thousen eight hundred.-and.ersi¤y·6ve~·£eet; thence ,‘crcssing· Beaver Canyon; to . Yumtheske Point and continuing mort westerxgfollowingi the lower ,i‘l.B\/0f¤Y\1!1$ll0Bk$ Peint,.—emssing;the·q>ro] ‘ reiéeime between-r•uges;&imd.¤ewe¢ ”° to tbeedivrdeggie =ot ,H•·vasu» . rcek; thence northerly $l¤&Qi§¤·1d. divide to the €bank·of.;the·(3¤loredo-River; thence along said bank to tbwdivxde Ta _ Greek;. tbenoe;not·theesterly·alo°¤£g and (llY1d0,—1D dang the •utlx•e,d;uuege i area on the northside Tepaats Creek, td this pemketewbnch this divide touches theeledgezof crow-bedded as theGpeon1nol;sendqnne; drew .§le¢g·s¤a4l»¤•pdst0ne ledge to its Junction with the*G1la_»•nd;<S•lt _.#’ _ r aeridmn; southerly along the i Gilmiud Salt? RlVG!»»\D$i"ld1lIlz$0a$·h8.<+l\0!thW¢B$ corner of what will probably be' when surveyed 18,_t_c1ynehip 34 north, range 1 east; thence easterl along éection 11nes to the northeast corner of sprobeb y when surveyed section 14, township 34_north, range 2 eest; thence southerl along pr<>ié<2t¤<1 ¤¤<=¢i¤¤ 1¤¤,!=¤ ¢h¤S¤¤¤¢ ¢s>¤¤¢¤.<if~‘¤¤i·1F?€;t*£¤°*%1·¥s — thence alongprojeeted lines, e lspprbxi-. mately six m1 es`to e` oint on the divide between South tnyon and Thompson`~Gnn_yon; ce eouthedsterlymlong 8tld_Kll'!id8,;lR¤l11d§1g the entire dr-a1mgefs1*ea..of—(»·.'1lhosnpson »Cpny0¤ Ne•1»<Spruag* I, Csnyon,·to4theinter¤ect1on~rvitlrthetnpp¤r uxmtohthei thence easterly; hl:-ns·¢t}z•.»·v»m•ut»—hydmg¤tphlc edrvadei no ‘ Nankoweayégreeb tIattle.»Nn¤kym tmitmmtenseetnon with; the erode River, •pvpro¤m%:¤d2¤ theiim“1;..»o£·;§Iittle gan·?;twga·;;*C$•;1?yhm Et•lfen¢e;·d1x§”;eost£—sm·0es ;th•¤¤Gol »BnFem·tm B · B: 0* BY" will " · bank,.to;the y alongi of Lnttle~Color•do».Rmvtr <$°l$;l¤lQ!I&tlQ1\"W l . what lprobably will be .tl!e;%e•¤Qi11heg·0£=q•t£i¤n»i8§Iy towns i 38 north, range 6 east, or tho,e•st@ 82 mrtg; e!st;ithenee;son1therlK;1&on€;'§§oi’::’etedipect;qn)L»nes L · to; the.¤northeaet~seomer of mhetiprb yi when! surveyed ‘ °` · section c 8,, township screens, y reagent eaetwthenee-1 perojectedlseetion lmiesttothelsouthugeeteooximr ofwhst , r ‘ when seetion¢;6,it0wnsh·¥> §0.north,.rs¤gec Least; nee eoutherly ue; e 13.»t¤y¤¤l¤;»,80 myth; ranged; eastythenoeevvesterly to the northwestcorner of sudieeetxon 13; thence southerly to··the·~s6uthw¢$t·cerner- of said B6¤§i0¤2:·l3; thence westerly elongrsectnou hues to mpemt mne hundred and»6fty feet west of the next eastcorner of;seot1en·22,-said township.; thence V 5 due south a distance of one thousand three hundred and twenty feet